Farmer's Daughter Enjoys Being Topless Outdoors Doing Chores
Mother says to daughter, "Jenny, I know that you like to walk around the farm half naked when the weather is warm but you are twenty years old now and shouldn't do that anymore. Your brother Jason turned eighteen recently and most likely interested in girls, so you are unnecessarily teasing him. I want you to start wearing a shirt beginning today."

Daughter replies, "He's definitely interested in girls."

Mother says, "How do you know that?"

Daughter replies, "Just from the way he acts around me. You should have seen him when I pulled down my shorts and told him to feel how smooth I was after shaving. He got really excited."

Mother says, "Oh my God, I want you to stop doing things like that too! Anyway, why do you and Jason go out to the barn every morning and spend about an hour there?"

Daughter replies, "We feed the livestock and other chores."

Mother says, "For some reason I suspect that you and him are doing more than just your chores together. Listen, I don't see why you should close the large sliding doors. Leave them open from now on and just close them at night. I want to be able to see from my kitchen window what's going on in there."

Daughter replies, "Mom, is it okay if I start wearing a shirt tomorrow?

Mother says, "I suppose so, but why can't you do that today?"

Daughter replies, "Because Jason and I are going to ride our horses over to the pond and go skinny dipping. I would put on a shirt but then just have to take it off a few minutes later."

Mother says, "Skinny dipping? Oh my God, you are going to give me a heart attack. No more skinny dipping young lady and no more pulling your shorts down. If you want to go swimming with your brother then you must wear a swimsuit. Go to the house and put on your bikini."

Daughter replies, "Is it okay with you if I wear just the bottoms?"

Mother says, "Jenny, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say. Forget about the conversation we just had. You are twenty years old and can do whatever you want. If you choose to walk around the farm wearing only bikini bottoms and go skinny dipping with your brother then that's your decision."

Daughter replies, "Mom, are you angry with me for some reason?"

Mother says, "A little bit, but only because of frustration. I'm fine now. Dinner will be ready in
about two hours, so don't be late."

Daughter replies, "Okay."

Mother says, "Jenny, I just noticed that there is only one horse here in the barn. The other is way out in the pasture."

Daughter replies, "Oh I just remembered that Jason said we should take off our clothes here at the barn and ride one horse bareback to the pond. We have never done that before and it sounds like fun."

Mother says, "I hope that's the only thing you and Jason are doing bareback. Anyway, if you are going to ride the horse naked with your brother then sit behind him because he may get an erection."

Daughter replies, "Oh, he always gets an erection when we are naked together. I was going to sit on his lap facing him with his hard cock all the way inside me. Jason says the gentle bouncing up and down on the horse during the fifteen minute ride to the pond will be the best sex we have ever had. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it."

Mother says, "Oh my God... At least you have decided to start telling me the truth instead of giving vague answers to my questions. So, let me ask again what you and Jason do every morning in the barn."

Daughter replies, "We do our chores like I told you before then we get naked and fuck."

Mother says, "I thought that might be happening. Well, have a good time sitting on your brother's lap on the way to the pond. I'm going back to the house."

Daughter says, "Mom wait. Why don't you come with us? We could have a threesome."

Mother replies, "A threesome? What do you mean by that?"

Daughter says, "You know, a threesome. It's when three naked people get together and have sex. Jason has told me plenty of times that he thinks you have a beautiful sexy body like I do and would like to fuck you. He says that you are just an older version of me."

Mother replies, "Jason said that he would like to fuck his mother?"

Daughter says, "Yeah. You should come with us. Jason's erections last a long time and he has enough stamina to give both of us a good fucking. When you are laying on your back and Jason is fucking you I will sit on your face so you can lick my pussy. After a while we can switch positions then you can sit on my face. Jason says I taste good and I bet you do too."

Mother replies, "It sounds fascinating but think it would be totally inappropriate for a mother to begin having a sexual relationship with her son and daughter. Thanks for asking though."

Daughter says, "Mom, please come with us. It's just casual sex and there's nothing wrong with that. It will be a lot of fun. Besides, Jason will be really disappointed and his feelings will be hurt if you don't come with us. My feelings will be hurt too. Please come with us."

Mother replies, "Well, okay. Get the other horse while I go back to the house."

Daughter says, "Awesome. Why are you going back to the house?"

Mother replies, "I'm going to take off my clothes and bring a beach blanket to lay on at the pond."

After mother leaves Jenny says to herself, "Here comes Jason now. I can hear the tractor. He was over at the pond mowing down the tall grass so we can play the game where I tell him that he has to catch me first before he can fuck me. I begin running then Jason will chase after me while slapping my naked ass and his big hard cock will be excitedly bouncing around with anticipation of fucking his sister. I'm going to secretly tell Mom about the game then Jason will be chasing after her today. Going to the pond is going to be a really fun time for all of us and watching Jason fuck our mother will be extremely erotic. Especially when he suddenly stops then ejaculates inside her for the first time. That will be awesome."
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