Father Knows Best
I stepped into the shower like a gymnast about to perform a trick

My companion was a shiny red dildo which I appropriately named Dick


The audience were there already sitting all charged up in a row

Victor the vibrator, Peter the pleaser and Teddy the tickler below


The water was my music and I heard "Lets Get It On" playing

Dick was the first to the stage and my pussy lips he was splaying


Next was the pleaser stimulating and pleasuring my swollen clit

My legs became shaky and I shouted OMG Peter holy shit


And last was Teddy the tickler who would bring the show to a close

He worked his magic on my G-spot and I gushed like a garden hose


Exhausted from our performance we all laid on the shower floor

As my fucking luck would have it I heard a knock on the door

I jumped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel

I answered the door and standing there was my Pastor Father Powell

Telling me in gibberish he needed something in my attic

Up the attic stairs he went still blabbering about some static

I proceeded to bedroom and plopped myself on the bed

The floor joists were creaking with the Pastor right over my head

He walked to the bathroom where he seemed to take a break

I went in there too and grabbed my Dick for a needed retake


By the time he came down the stairs he was sweaty as could be

I was dressed, sexually satisfied and I made him a glass of iced tea

About a week or two later there were police cars surrounding his house

The papers called him a voyeur and the neighbors called him a louse

I wasn't the only one he had pictures of on the world wide web

But because of my x-rated pics I was considered a real life celeb

What they didn't know was we gave him permission for the thrill

He serviced each of us and we gladly signed with our own free will

Once during bible class he even fucked me on my kitchen table

If memory serves me right we were studying about Cain and Abel

Some of the women were nervous and jittery but I didn't really care

Because of my gymnastic abilities I became "Porn Star of the Year!"
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