Feeding Her Inner Slut - Part 1
Nina had always been the good girl, always done what was expected of her. First by her parents, then for her dullard of a husband, who couldn't make a woman cum even if he had written instructions on how to do it. When her husband had left her, ironically saying she was boring, she thought finally she could have some excitement, sexually speaking. But the only lover that she'd been with thus far in six months was her trusty vibrator, who she had laughingly named Mr. Stiffy.

She desired men, it's not like there wasn't anyone that she wanted, but getting what you want for a good girl is harder than she thought it would be. Take for instance the college aged bagger at her local grocery store, she would love to fuck that young buck, but couldn't even look at him without turning three shades of red. Or the man who does her gardening, she would love him to whack her weeds, but always chickened out at the last moment before hitting on him, worrying that he may turn her down. Or the Fedex man that delivers occasionally to her house, she would love him to give her his package, but had no idea how to approach him without embarrassing herself. So she continued to be stuck with Mr. Stiffy, her battery powered lover.

One day, sitting at a restaurant she overhead a woman, obviously pissed off, talking loudly to a group of her female friends in the booth behind her. The angry wife was telling her girlfriends about a place she'd unwittingly found out her husband had been going to when she'd emptied his jacket pockets this morning to throw it in the wash. He'd stupidly forgotten about the matchbook he'd acquired, idiot that he was, and left it in his pocket for his wife to discover.

When Nina heard the name of the place it told her nothing, but judging from the horrified gasps from the booth behind her it meant something to them. They proceeded to tell story after story about the place, she wondered how they knew these things, but for obvious reasons couldn't ask. What she'd heard was shocking, but also exciting to her, in a forbidden kind of way; the more she heard, the wetter her pussy got. Arriving home, she threw her coat on the couch, almost running for her bedroom and the relief that Mr. Stiffy could provide.

Nina can't believe she's even considering this, but since she'd heard about it a week ago she hasn't been able to think of anything else. It's even been invading her dreams for the past couple nights, waking her up and making her lose sleep. No amount of time spent with Mr. Stiffy is cutting it, even combined with her favorite bukkake movies. So she decides to make a visit to this sordid place, to satisfy her inner slut, allowing her to feast, so to speak. Nina hopes it will bring back her peace of mind. Little does she know the huge changes this will bring to her life.

Not wanting to be recognized, Nina after much debating, finally settled on a black leather trench coat, large sunglasses, and a black fedora hat. The name on the sign, THE SPOT, leaves everyone in ignorance as to the business conducted inside. But the XXX in the front window, lit in neon red, gave some clue, but definitely didn't tell the whole story. Upon entering the establishment she went to the front counter and paid her money to the seedy looking male cashier. She felt his leering gaze traveling up the back seam of her shapely sheer black silk clad legs, almost as if it were his hands caressing her. She knew many women would be insulted at his ogling, and in truth usually she would have been too. But tonight it excited her, having a stranger fantasizing about fucking her.

Nina went to the back of the store and into the booth number the man had given her. The movie had already started, but that's alright with her, because it's only background noise anyway. As soon as she closes the door to her little cubicle, she takes off her sunglasses, then hat, and shakes out her long blonde hair. She takes a couple towels out of her purse, puts one on the chair and one on the floor next to it, then strips off her coat. Luckily it's fairly warm in the building because the only thing Nina has on under her leather trench are thigh high black silk stockings, with a lace band at the top.

She sits down in the chair, her anticipation mounts as she watches the couple in the movie about to fuck. Never in her life has she done something this bold and reckless, but she's tired of being the good girl. She wants, for once, to know what it feels like to be the bad girl, a slut, at least for tonight. Nina hears the little door next to her slide open, there's a rustling and a large set of balls are stuffed through the hole in the wall, the women at the table had referred to it as a glory hole.

"Lick my nuts," a low urgent sounding voice pleaded.

Nina painted the man's shaved, heavy sac with her saliva, tongue eagerly stroking over his bare skin.

Then his balls were gone and a hand was sticking through the hole.

"Let me feel you," the voice instructs. So she puts her tit up against the man's hand. "Holy shit, you're a woman!" The man's voice sounds shocked, but happy, like a child receiving the best present ever. Naively she wonders what he expects, not realizing that it's rare for a woman to come here, and the man expects to feel a cock. If he's disappointed though you sure can't tell from his voice.

He strokes and kneads her breast, lightly running his fingers from the outer regions of her large mound inwards. Reaching her nipple, he pinches it lightly, then harder, then harder yet until she cries out, shocked at how good this rougher treatment feels. She hears his breathing get louder and heavier with each passing moment. His hand leaves her, and again there's a rustling as he pushes his cock through the glory hole. It's probably smaller than average, but ramrod straight and hard, which Nina likes.

"Suck it, please suck it," his voice has a desperate edge to it and she suspects he's not far from exploding. So she takes his full length into her mouth, then sucks hard and fast. Her head bobs back and forth on his pole, until she feels him swell, she takes him deep into her mouth and moans. The vibration around his cock is the final straw, and with a loud, shaky moan he empties his load into her mouth. She's a little surprised at how much cum he has, her ex hadn't even filled her mouth once, but this man must have been saving up, because she had to swallow three times so that she wouldn't lose any. Pleased, she licks and sucks him until he's soft in her mouth. She hears a quiet, "thank you," then his cock is gone and the door closes behind him.

Nina watches the movie while she waits, a young stud, hung like a horse, is banging the hell out of a squealing, petite blonde woman, whose large tits are bouncing up and down. She'd always wanted her ex-husband to fuck her like that, but of course he'd only made gentle love to her. UGH! It's good to be all loving and romantic. But truthfully, sometimes a woman just wants to be grabbed and fucked so well and hard that she can't even remember her own name. That's definitely on her bucket list, she thinks with a quiet giggle.

She misses the arrival of the next man, not hearing the scrape of the door sliding open over the almost deafening screams of the woman in the film. If she hadn't seen the size of the man, she could have accused the blonde of overacting, but Nina suspects if it were her taking a man that large, she might sound the same way. It isn't until the man whose cock is sticking through the glory hole loudly clears his throat, that she even notices he's there.

"Oh how cute," almost bursts out of her when she sees this man's dick, but she manages to bite back that opinion at the last second. Nina's smart enough to know there's not a single man on this earth that wants to hear that statement in regards to his member. It doesn't matter how true it may be.

This man's not much larger than her brother's. She'd accidentally seen his when she walked into their shared Jack and Jill bathroom one day while he was drying off from a shower. They were both adolescents, and it was hard to say who had been more shocked. After that equally embarrassing incident, they started putting a sock on the doorknob from the other's room into the bathroom to indicate it was occupied, so not to just to walk right in. Thankfully, that did the trick!

Hmmmmmm this would be the perfect cock to try anal with for the first time. Nina quickly dismisses the intriguing thought. That activity is not on the agenda tonight, plus the wall between them would make that impossible anyways. While he may not be large, he is arrow straight, and she can see a vein just below his skin's surface pulsing wildly, so she satisfies herself with inhaling his dick. Nina easily takes his full length and sucks him hungrily, hoping that he packs a large amount of cum into his small package.

She's never felt such a greedy need for men's semen before, but she's almost feverish in her desire of it tonight. It's a chant in her mind, "cum, cum...GIVE ME CUM! MUST GET CUM!"

It must be the setting and the sheer wantonness of her actions. No night out on the town getting to know a man, no deciding if she likes the way he acts or looks. In fact, she has no idea what he looks like, or he her, and neither care. For the man it's all about a mouth willing to suck him, and allowing him to shoot his load down their throat. And for Nina it's all about a hard cock, and a man wanting to use her as a receptacle for his cum. Being used in this way, like a common whore, excites her, as does the anonymous nature of it all.

He could be her dentist, doctor, her girlfriend's husband, or the nice little old man that lives next door to her, and the not knowing adds to the excitement. In fact, the towel underneath her is soaked, and she's craving cum like a junkie craves a fix.

Quite a change from good girl to sucking off this stranger, she thinks as her head moves back and forth on his hard pole. Nina sucks harder and faster, needing to taste his seed sooner as opposed to later. His moans, get louder from the other side of the wall, telling her just how much he's enjoying the blow job she's giving him. That's a big turn on, her ex had always been so quiet that she could never tell if he was enjoying what she was doing, until he came. So to hear this man's obvious pleasure makes her feel powerful and sexy, something she has never felt before.

She feels him swell in her mouth, and his moans get louder and more urgent sounding to her ears. MMMMMMMMMM YES, Nina thinks, knowing she's seconds away from getting what she's been craving. She runs her tongue up and down his throbbing shaft, moaning in anticipation. That does it. That vibration surrounding his swollen member gives him so much pleasure that he just can't help but to explode.

"OH FUCK! Oh baby! Yeah you fucking slut, swallow my load!"

Then words are no longer possible for him, only strangled moans and grunts escape his mouth as his creamy load shoots down Nina's throat. She's surprised, but pleased at the volume of sperm coming out of this man's undersized cock. How she wishes his cum was being pumped out all over her face, instead of down her throat though. He starts to soften almost before his river of cum stops, and pulls away from Nina the second he is done. No sticking around for this guy, she thinks with an inner chuckle. But his quietly spoken, "perfect," as the door is slid closed once again, tells her he was pleased with her performance. And that one word of praise, even though coming from a stranger gives her a warm feeling of pride. Something she hasn't felt in a long time. Who knew that getting used like this would make her feel so good about herself?

Nina doesn't have long to think about that as again the glory hole door slides open, and another cock pushes through. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM more cum, she thinks eagerly!
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