"I can't believe it is finally happening." Was all Kathryn could think as she drove the long, winding, road that led to her weekend retreat. Her weekend with him. Their weekend.
Liam was someone she had met online, only a few short months ago, but in the short amount of time they had known each other, she had found herself, and found the man that captivated her every thought. He was a journalist with an inquisitive mind and youthful spirit that made her feel alive, even more so than the very air she breathed. Though separated by miles and complicated lives, the connection they had to each other was straight out of a fairytale. He knew her thoughts before she voiced them, and had ways to soothe her with his voice that she never knew possible. For the first time ever, Kathryn knew....knew that she had found that someone that made her feel whole, and this weekend, they were getting to meet face to face for the first time.
She pulled up to the small cabin that was to be home for the next couple of days. It was small, almost more of a cottage. Smoke was billowing out of the chimney. The caretaker must've came by and started the fireplace as she requested. She could almost feel the warmth.
After gathering her bag from the backseat, she headed for the door. It opened with a haunting creak. The warm air greeted her like a familiar stranger, and she smiled as she shut the door behind her. The kitchen was small and would be perfect for the two of them to cook dinner that night. The living space had the old, stone fireplace and a matching couch and loveseat that looked inviting. She imagined they would spend some time there watching a movie or two. To the right, a black, iron spiral staircase that led to what she assumed was the loft bedroom. She grabbed her bag and headed up the stairs, almost in a childlike state of excitement complete with a skip in her step. She had been waiting for this time alone with Liam for far too long.
The loft was everything she imagined it to be. A small bathroom just as you entered....and a giant four poster bed with tons of white linens and pillows to match. There were floor to ceiling windows that let in just the right amount of light. As she noticed the sun beginning to set, she glanced at her watch. She expected Liam to arrive soon.
Kathryn knew she wanted to look her very best for the first time the love of her life laid his eyes upon her. She went into the bathroom and glanced at herself in the mirror. She brushed her long, raven colored hair and noticed her pale white skin was flushed, perhaps from heat the fire gave off, or maybe her own anticipation of what was to come. Liam loved her eyes that were the color of clover, so, she applied an extra coat of mascara to make them really stand out...and draw him in. She changed out of her traveling clothes, and into one of the fluffy robes that were hung in the bathroom. After grabbing a red nail polish to do her toes, she sat on the windowsill and began trying to make sure she was everything he dreamed her to be. It was then she heard the sound of a car door slam. He was here.
With no time to change, she headed out the door and to the top of the staircase. The door opened. There stood her knight in shining armor in all his glory. Liam was tall. Just what Kathryn liked. He was dressed in dark jeans and a pale blue shirt that matched his eyes that were the color of the sea, but, they were if somehow, the sight of her lit them up. She couldn't help but stare at his lips as a smirk creeped across them in sync with her own. Almost as if he knew what she was thinking, he spun around and let her look at all of him.

"Well, do I meet your standards, gorgeous?" Liam said, with a chuckle.

"I do declare, that you pass them with flying colors, darling!" said Kathryn in her usual flirty tone, followed with the giggle he had heard so many times before on the phone.

Looking up at her, at the top of the stairs...he asked her what was taking her so long to come to him. Kathryn rolled her eyes and began the descent. He watched her every move. Even though draped in a robe, he could still make out the curve of her body underneath. The contrast of her dark hair and the white of the fabric was enough to drive him insane already. She made her way towards him and he reached his arms out to welcome her.

Without hesitation, she cuddled in for the embrace. It was perfect. She could hear his heart beating and it was as though time stood still in the moment. He felt good. He felt safe. He felt...right.

She wanted to kiss him. For so long, she had yearned to feel his lips on hers. She had imagined it thousands of times over. She pulled back, and looked in his eyes. As his hand touched her cheek, and put her hair behind her ear, she took a deep breath. He smiled at her and pulled her face close to his. A peck at first, but, one that lingered. Her hands ran up his chest, and to the back of his neck. She pulled him in. She wanted him closer. As their lips parted, and their tongues met, a sigh escaped her beyond her control. She felt her knees weaken and he held her tighter...supporting her, as he had always done when she needed it.

Countless, breathless kisses continued. The could both sense the hunger for one another. He broke away and turned her around so her back was towards him. She felt him reach around, and untie the robe. The cool air she felt on her exposed skin was met by his warm hands He slid them under where the robe rested on her shoulders, and it fell to the floor. Knowing how self conscious she was about her body, he moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck and told her how beautiful she was. He could feel her cheeks tighten and knew that he had made her smile. His lips moved from her earlobe, down her neck, and to her shoulder, while his hands reached around and cupped her breasts ever so gently. She let out a slight moan.

He turned her back around to face him. The way the light from the fire hit his face, made him appear almost angelic and Kathryn knew immediately just how much she was in love with this man. She had told him many times..but....right here, right this moment...she felt in in her soul. She craved him. She needed him.

She kissed him hard. Her tongue split his lips open and found his. She bit his bottom lip and her hands grabbed the bulge that had appeared between his legs. He sighed.

He was rock hard. For her. She could feel it through his pants. She couldn't get them off fast enough. She undid his belt, and pulled them down along with his boxers in one swift move. She could see his cock pulsating and wanted to taste him. She got down on her knees and grabbed him with both of her hands. Her tongue grazed the tip and was met with the taste of pre cum. She looked up at him and licked her lips as he watched her. Her hands massaged his balls as she went to town on his member. She felt him grow in her mouth as he slid past her lips and to her throat. She could feel his breathing getting heavy and was happy to be pleasing him and making him feel good. Her hands reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer so she could take all of him.

"You're killing me, woman!" Liam said, half jokingly as he pulled Kathryn up from the floor and pushed her against the wall. She chuckled, and then he pinned her arms up over her head and kissed her fiercely. She struggled to breathe, but didn't care one bit. She felt his cock pressing against her body and gasped. Almost instinctively, she lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist, inviting him to enter her. He tugged her bottom lip with his teeth and she came undone, angling her hips to find him. She wanted him inside her. Now.

With one thrust, she felt his cock fill her wanting pussy. Her back arched and she screamed in pleasure. One of his hands still holding hers against the wall, his other, tracing down her face, neck, shoulders, and stopping at her chest. He pinched her nipple and felt her whole body tense in pleasure. They were both close. The heavy breathing and begging from her were a tell tale sign. Their eyes met, as if to make sure that things were timed just perfectly. She bit her lip and stared adoringly at his face. His hand went into her hair and pulled on it. They both moaned in ecstasy as she felt him explode deep inside her.

He collapsed against her. She felt the sweat from his forehead on her bare skin and ran her fingers through his hair. As they both caught their breath, Liam stood up, once again brushing her hair from her face...

"Hi, babe." He said.

"Hi, darlin'." She said back to him.

It was going to be a great weekend.
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