Finally Fucking
Married women, holy shit, how can guys not be fucking their wives?
That's a problem my little bitch wife and I have never had. She's gets wet in about two seconds and my cock is hard for her hands and her mouth and her pussy every damn day.

If a woman friend ever starts talking about how her husband seems to spend more time watching sports these days than he does giving her the physical and emotional attention she needs, well to me that's practically like an open door to her bedroom, and I carefully find out how far she wants to go to get what she needs. Not all of them are willing to cheat of course, but jesus fucking christ some of them are practically ready to fuck on the floor right there in the coffee house. lol

There is this woman in her 40's, almost 50 I'm sure, Helen, and she and her husband are good friends of ours. She is not good looking. Her face is happy and confident, she's highly intelligent, but if I didn't know what a great person she is and I saw her, I'd probably think she was plain and unattractive. Good body like hell, but totally unattractive face. We've worked together in a big office for years, with lots of people around. Over time we got to be close friends, so close that we talked about our sex lives together. Like on a Monday if I saw her I might say, "Hey Girl how was your weekend?" and she might say, "I fucked all weekend and it was some great shit, how was your weekend?" Then she'd look into my eyes and smile.

Good body, like I said, and whenever she said "fuck" or made a joke about my cock, I would really notice her great tits and narrow waist and her perfect ass. Her body was damn hot, and I know she fucked around a lot in college because she told me she did, sometimes she told me in great hot detail like good porn.

One time we were talking about how a lot of women have difficulty getting a good orgasm, and she started telling me how she masturbates, how she has this little silver bullet vibrator and how powerfully it gets her off, and it's even so much greater when her husband is sucking hard and tight on her nipples at the same time.

No shit, she talked about it real openly and my cock was hard in my pants sitting there at my desk listening to her dirty talk. We trusted each other totally, and that's why she was so open with me. And I'm sure it turned her on talking about her sex with a man besides her husband. Gave her some of that "cheating excitement."

We teased each other about being horny and about fucking too. She would say things like, "Shit, you know you want to fuck me. And one of these days we'll probably do it." Then she would smile and walk away.

It was years before anything real happened, but man when it did—holy fucking christ.
She called me one night and said, "I'm alone and drinking too much wine, and I'm horny as hell. Can you come over?" I laughed and said she was drunk and to stop teasing me. She said she wasn't teasing this time and no shit, could I come over. I still didn't believe her, and I said so what if do come over, what then? And she said, "I want to suck your goddam cock and ride the shit out of you."

It was then I knew she probably wasn't kidding and omg I got an erection still listening to her voice on the phone.

I said are you sure? I mean, is he there? And she said no, he's in fucking Dallas on business, so get your ass over here, and do it quick. I've already masturbated twice and I need your cock for real.

My cock was hard, my head was buzzing and I wasn't sure what to do. And my wife was out of town. So, yeah, I wanted Helen's body naked with mine, whether we actually even fucked or not. I knew her well enough to know she was aggressive in bed, and her phone call really got me turned on omg.

Their house is close to ours, so in like 15 minutes I was standing facing her in the dim light of her living room. She was wearing a long body-hugging white t-shirt that covered her ass. No bra, obviously, because her nipples were hard poking through the fabric. I assumed she had panties on. Her bare legs were so nice, very sexy, and she had her hair up and it was already kind of messed up some. She looked damn hot, and her burning eyes were staring into my face, every few seconds glancing down at my body and looking me over.

She wasn't nearly as drunk as she sounded on the phone, but she was standing so close to me looking up into my face I could smell the wine on her breath. She asked me if I wanted some Scotch to help me relax, and I said no I don't think I need it, maybe I'd have some later. That was when she reached her arms up around my neck and tilted her face up to mine. Our faces slowly came together, and my god she gently kissed my open mouth in ways that were so erotic my hard swelling cock felt like it was about to bust out of my pants.

Maybe it was partly the wine, but my dear friend Helen was horny as shit and she wasn't hesitant at all about letting me know what she wanted. This chick wasn't just fooling around, she looked amazing and she knew it, and she was fucking hot for real sex. We stood there making out, mouth-fucking really wet, and I slid my hands up the sides of her body till my thumbs were stroking the sides of her soft fine tits. She exhaled heavily into my mouth and a tiny groan escaped her lips. We began pressing our open mouths together more passionately and she leaned her body forward, mashing her tits into my chest.

I got one hand under the bottom of her t-shirt, pressing it into her bikini panties and started gripping and feeling her round ass. At the same time my other hand covered one full breast and I was so turned on that I couldn't help but be a little rough, aggressively feeling both her fleshy tits, lifting and pushing them up, pinching and pulling on her nipples as we were eating our mouths together.

At that point we knew we were gonna fuck. We had passed the point of no return. She pulled my shirt off over my head, then worked hard at unfastening my jeans and yanking them down below my ass, freeing my hard cock.

She was looking down, staring at my thick fat-headed cock as it fell forward and was sticking straight out, pointing at her belly. When she saw my long hard cock she stared at it and involuntarily half-whispered and half-groaned one word, "Shit." She quickly stripped off her white t-shirt, carelessly tossing it away, and I saw her gorgeous breasts for the first time, holy fuck. Her tits swayed side to side a little as she moved, and she was absolutely goddam beautiful and sexy as hell standing there in front of me wearing only those tiny tight panties. Fucking amazing woman. Horny sex-filled woman wanting my cock, and who knows what all she had in mind.

I got out of my jeans and boxers, and stood there naked with her, my big hard cock still bouncing around from when I stripped off my pants. The room was overwhelmingly full of the sexual tension and desire between us. We could smell the sex. She stared at my thick cock and said, "I know size isn't everything, but man you've got a good cock."

Helen took my face in her hands and gave me one more deep lasting kiss, and I felt her nipples grazing against the hair on my chest. Then she turned and walked away from me, presumably to the bedroom, and my god she looked incredibly hot. Perfect in every respect, and I watched her swaying hips, staring at her moving ass, full of the lust she had aroused in me. Wisps of hair that had come loose from the top of her head were floating around her neck, and they added to her feminine sexiness. My god, she was obviously enjoying herself, loving all the feelings of the sex we were creating.

She turned to face me and took a few steps backward as she lured me in, softly saying, "You coming?" and her voice was a richly sex-filled invitation. As I took my first steps following her she turned back around walking to the bedroom, and I couldn't take my eyes off her fabulous body, her perfect sexy figure, that bikini covered ass. My wagging cock was shit-hard, and I was eager to touch her skin, dying to take her, to spread her creamy thighs and fuck her.

We had enjoyed so much foreplay, kissing and stripping, teasing and touching, that we were both burning with a powerful lust and ready to fuck. She was laying on the sheets and I crawled over her and yanked her wet panties off. Oh fuck, I smelled her wet pussy and it flooded my mind and body with a raging animalistic need to screw her. To fuck her hard and fast with my hands and mouth all over her. She was married, her husband was my goddam friend, but none of that was important. Besides the wicked thrill of cheating on her marriage, nothing was important to either of us except fulfilling our burning desires for each other.

Finally naked in her bed together, both of us humping our asses, bucking and fucking in perfect sync. My hard cock plunging deep in her sopping wet pussy, ramming our bodies into each other fast fast fast fast fast, fucking the shit out of each other in dirty positions all over the bed. Hours and hours of exploring every kind of nasty sex act, she was fearless and we were a fucking hot match.

There were magnificently delicious 69's omg. Oral pleasure beyond our wildest dreams, sucking and tonguing excitement, her tangy tasting slick pussy riding my eating mouth with her naked breasts hanging above my face. Helen's bouncing, flopping, jiggling tits crying out to be man handled and eaten, her nipples needing to be licked and sucked, pinched and stretched.

And jesus fucking christ she came and came, soaking my cock, soaking my fingers, squirting in my face. This sex-crazed, cock-sucking whoring bitch was the purest definition of what a fucking Slut is. Unashamed, and addicted to sexual pleasure, she rode my thick cock fucking hard off and on for hours that night. Her body is made for sex, and she exults in the power of her nakedness and in the excited sexuality of touching, kissing, licking and sucking. This woman fucks for the sheer excitement and the intense pleasure of it.

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