Finally Having You
It was late, I had forgotten my umbrella and the rain soaked me relentlessly. I was not feeling sexy at all even though my white dress clung to every curve revealing my soft pink cotton bra and matching panties that were now acting as a second skin. My hair soaked against my head and my makeup almost all gone.

Who would have expected I'd turn a corner trying to duck into a covered door way and run into you there...literally you almost knocked me down.

How long has it been? Five years, 6 maybe? Your compliments are flattering, but how can I still look as good as ever soaking wet? The embrace is much more sensual than friendly.

We had always had that sexual tension between us, those long hours we use to work side by side, never giving into our urges...Tonight I felt like making up for lost chances. I was wet, in a strange city, all alone and horny as hell.

You concur and lead me to your hotel room, we are kissing hard and fast as we ride up the elevator. Getting wet at the thought of finally having you. Your cock growing and pressing against me, I reach my hand down and caress as your hands roam over my breasts and our tongues invade one another mouths.

Finally, fumble our way to your room kissing and fondling. As soon as we slam the door behind us our clothes are off, my damp dress and panties falling to the floor. Your wet jeans a bit of a struggle, but I get them down and kneel before you, taking you in my mouth and sucking, your hand holding my wet hair as you fuck my mouth. I reach down and start rubbing my wetness as I suck harder.

You lift me up and toss me on the bed, throwing my legs up over your shoulders and start licking up all of the goodness you have created. Your fingers slowly fucking in and out creating more cream for you to suck up. I arch my ass off the bed and start grinding into your mouth. Your tongue licks from clit to my ass as your fingers explore deep inside. My moans get louder and my hips move faster. My body quivers and I release a nice amount of cream for you to devour.

You lick up a few more drops, place your slippery fingers near my ass and tease me. I'm begging you to be inside me, but you make me wait. You sit up and start to stroke your cock in front of me, denying me the pleasure of sucking for the moment. I watch you stroke and my hands wander over my breasts and hard nipples then to dip into some of my wetness. I slide one finger in as you stroke faster and move closer to me, hovering over me you release yourself all over my belly. I massage it in and move up a bit in bed so I can put my mouth around your hard cock and slurp the last bit of goodness.

You lay me down on my back and kiss from my breasts to my stomach then to my sweet pussy, your tongue licking up and down, probing in and out. I cum one more time as you finger my ass and suck on my sweet coated lips. You move up to kiss me,we share a taste and then you move down and begin kissing and nibbling my nipples, my legs wrapping around you, wanting you inside me...needing you inside me.

You smirk, and sit up to slid the tip of your cock up and down, coating it with my cream then sliding in slowly, as deep as you can, making me moan and gasp. Feeling amazing. You slide in and out a few times so slow, so teasingly. Then you pick up the pace, thrusting in and out, fucking me hard and fast, slapping against me, I arch and moan, grabbing my breast to stop them from bouncing, pinching and teasing them as you fuck be continued.

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