Finally The wait is over !
It was a long time in coming. The on-line sessions were great but they both knew they wanted more. So, finally after she was ready arraingements were made for thier first meeting.

Going to meet her was like it was the first time.The excitement was incredible the long awaited time was here and I couldn't get to her fast enough.

I got to where we were set to meet and was there before she arrived ready. A single red rose sat on the seat just to make her know how special to me she is.

I heard a car approaching and looked and saw her in person for the first time. She was as beautiful as I envisioned her as she exited her car.

Pretty face, built perfect, large full breasts and just the way I thought she would look. She smiled as she saw me and I got out as she strode over to my car. Handing her the rose her face beamed with excitment.

I put my arms around her and said hi gorgeous and kissed her cheek as I squeezed her tight to me. She pulled back and said that just won't do and pressed her lips to mine.

We both just went to another place as my tounge intertwined with hers and she moaned softly as we kissed long passionately and deeply.

She purred softly as our kiss deepened and I could feel the need inside her as I'm sure she felt mine. The wait finally over I now had her in my arms.

I held her face in my hands as i kissed her cheeks and on the foreheadand then just held her in my arms not wanting to let go. Our breathing rapid I suggested that we move inside to the room I had rented. She agreed and holding her by the hand I led her to the room.

As we walked we made small talk but, we both knew the reason we were there. The lust burning through our bodies needed to be extinguished. Arriving at the room I asked her to give me a minute.

Ok baby you can come in now.She walked into the room and her eyes widened as she saw what I had setup just for her.Candles all over the room, fresh flowers, the bed covered with rose petals. Her beautiful smile beamed as the glow of the candle flame lit up her face.

This is all for you it's what you deserve and I want to make love to you now. She didnt say a word just walked over to me unbuttoning her shirt and let it fall to the floor followed by her black lace bra.

Her full breasts heaved as she undid my shirt and pressed her hard tipped nipples into my chest and and kissed me her tounge sliding into my mouth. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her tightly to me and pushed my swollen cock into her.

She reached down and rubbed my stiffness moaning softly as she felt my cock. My hands went to the button on her pants and I popped it open and slid the zipper down and gently brushed it down over the soft curls of her bush.

Kissing her neck and running my tounge up and down the nape of it and down to her tits. She had my pants open and I heard her gasp as her hand wrapped around my cock and squeezed jerking it up and down slowly. She hissed as she she sucked air through her teeth my lips closing around one of her hardened nipples.

Her hand squeezed tightly on me as I worked first one nipple then the other. My hands worked her pants down over her hips and she stepped out of them kicking off her shoes.

Finally this woman gorgeous in both mind and body was standing before me naked. She pushed my pants down and I kicked off my shoes alsoand we were both naked lost in the embrace of passion. I couldn't get close enough to her I wanted her bad and I could tell she wanted me too.

I laid her down on the bed and kissed her my hands wondering all over her body barely touching her. This made her crazy and I could feel the electricty and want running through her.

Her hand worked my stiffness slowly as I began to kiss her cheek and down her neck my hands still roaming all over softly barely making contact with her body . I kissed lower down onto the top of her full rounded tits and licked all the way around the nipples that were stiff and erect.

I kept going down my tounge leaving a wet trail down over her belly. I went to her mound and stopped there kissing from one leg to the other. I pushed her legs apart and saw for the first time her slit a beautiful well trimmed pussy with perfect swollen lips already dripping with lust.

I brushed my fingers lightly down her slit and she moaned softly. As I kissed further down I moved down between her legs and ran my tounge down the insides of her thighs. One leg then the other softly just enough that she could feel the wetness of it.

Moving back up I ran my tounge up and around her pussy lips and her body shuddered. My fingers seperated the swollen lips and I ran it up the entire length of her hot juicy hole. She pulled her legs up and I went down pressing it into her tight ass.

Her hips lifted off the bed as I pushed inward eating her hot ass. It was time I licked my way back up and wrapped my lips around her clit. She practially screamed as I began to suck and lick her at the same time. I wrapped my arms around her legs and held on tight as I gave her head and in moments she cried out as orgasm wracked her body her hips thrusting into my face as I lapped up her cum.

As she started to come down I intensified my efforts and she came again her legs locking around my head as her body convulsed as she cried out and I gave her all I had. Her spasming pussy drenching my face. She came down and I kissed my way back up her body and laid down beside her pressing my lips to hers she sucked greedily at my tounge tasting her cum.......... TBC
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