Finally getting Mark
Amber is a 5'6", 34c, one hundred twenty-pound stunning blonde. At twenty-three years old, she has been with her current boyfriend Mark for three years. She is sexy, beautiful, but a little prudish when it comes to sex. Her idea of sex is behind closed doors and traditional. Mark is her boyfriend, 6 foot tall, chiseled like an Egyptian god who works out daily to look hot. He is twenty-six years old and works in the construction business. Being outside also gives him a great tan.
Amber will every once in a while share the story about sex with Mark. It all sounds like Mark has a wild streak and likes everything naughty. Problem is, Amber will not go all out the way Mark wants her too .

For example, she has never had anal sex with him or indeed anyone.
Amber also knows how wild I am and has always been curious about my weekends. We girls often talk on Sunday about who I fucked as well as all the naughty things I did. My revelations always get Amber excited. We have been friends for three years and over this time our conversations have become very explicit. We share every little sexual detail. Bottom line, Amber knows I am up for anything, and I know she needs a lot of help to get over her sexual inhibitions. But what Amber does not know is that I have always found Mark hot, and I would do anything to bend over and have him fuck me. I started to develop my plan to get Mark to fuck me about a year ago. Amber and I had started to get comfortable with each other. We started to spend a few Sundays a month together sharing sexual stories. During those stories I would often walk around in my thong or naked. Months of these conversations finally aroused her enough that it translated into her first girlgirl experience with me. We did everything sexual to one another, even starting to use toys during our afternoons. While all this was happening, Mark had no idea. I even got Amber interested in having one of my fuck buddies join us for a threesome, but at the last minute Amber developed cold feet.

We continued our special conversations and I always reminded her of all the fun she may be missing. Finally it was time that I made the move. I told her that she may want to have a threesome experience with Mark as her partner, as well as bringing another girl into their bedroom (namely, me!). Amber was very excited about the idea and mentioned how that would make Mark so happy and excited and increase their sexual fun in the bedroom. Then all it took was a few drinks and eating her pussy and I was invited to be her first threesome with Mark.

I could not have been more excited. Finally I would be able to fuck Mark with no guilt. The Saturday of the upcoming weekend would be the magical night. Amber happily broke the news to Mark. I even received a few flirty text messages from him once he knew what was going to happen with the three of us. I realized he also had the hots for me so I knew that even though the first night together would be about getting Amber over her sexual inhibitions, it was becoming more about Mark and me finally hooking up. I took a picture of myself in my thong and texted Mark the Friday evening before, asking him if he was ready for this incredible experience. To answer, Mark sent a delicious response to me showing his hard cock in his hand. I knew that the next evening would be wild.
Finally, Saturday afternoon was here! To look drop-dead gorgeous, I dressed in my backless top, tight skirt, pink thong, fuck me knee-high boots and a jacket. The plan was we would meet for drinks at a local bar at 9pm and Amber would sit between Mark and me at the bar. When we finally met, as we slid into the booth, I got plenty of flirty looks from Mark. I made sure there was no turning back, so we gave Amber plenty of her favorite drinks as I did not want her to back out. At one point during the preliminary part of our evening, Amber, who was becoming quite tipsy, touched my boobs looking at Mark and asked if he wanted to touch them! I smiled and grabbed Amber's boobs in return and kissed her. The next few minutes Mark learned how we girls had been having fun behind his back, watching us French-kiss and fondle one another. Mark was very excited to learn about our sexual escapades with each other. It also made Amber feel better with his knowing about her bisexual encounters with me. Amber now relaxed knowing there would be no more secrets, so she started to really enjoy the evening. Mark and Amber were fondling and kissing each other as I watched, but I wanted his tongue in my mouth. So I winked at him, excused myself pretending to go to the rest room. I went in the direction of the ladies room but stayed outside. On cue Mark wandered back to me out of Amber's line of sight. When he finally came up to me, I pushed him against the wall, standing on my toes kissing him. His hands were immediately on my ass, almost lifting me as we kissed as we made out in the corridor. One guy who had seen the three of us realized I was hitting on Amber's guy. But Mark had no idea just what was going to happen next. After a few minutes of deep, delightful kissing, we both made it back to Amber in the booth and continued drinking and laughing and flirting. We started playing Dare, quite innocent in the beginning. But before long, I dared Mark to kiss me in front of Amber. We all knew where this was headed and
Mark had no problem coming around my side of the booth and giving me a wet one, better than the kisses we exchanged in the corridor by the ladies room. People at the bar could not help but envy Mark who had two blondes fawning over him. There were other girls in the bar who would have loved to have Mark fuck them, but he was ours tonight. It was soon midnight, time to go back to their place and for me to advance to the next stage of my plan to really enjoy Mark. He drove with Amber sitting in the passenger seat. I was seated behind her
and soon had my arms wrapped around her exposed boobs as she had her legs spread wide touching herself. Mark was encouraging both of us to show more. I did not want to show him anything as I wanted to see his reaction up close and personal. The thirty-minute drive ended with a great orgasm for Amber, wet fingers and flirty conversation. We pulled into the driveway, hopped out of the car and headed for the house. Amber ran eagerly ahead, unlocking the door, and rushing to the bathroom to change. That left Mark and me to make out. I pushed Mark on the sofa and straddled him kissing. My pussy was on his crotch and I started to grind on it as we made out. He slid his hands up and under my skirt playing with my ass. He pulled my top down, hoping to suck and bite my nipples. I moaned as I felt his mouth on my nipples. It must have been a while where Mark enjoyed my breasts. Amber was finally standing topless, Scottish-plaid skirt and fuck-me heels ready to play, asking to be eaten. I got off Mark and pushed Amber to the carpeted floor. She opened her legs as I knelt forward, starting to work her pussy. While I was on my knees eating her I was
totally exposing my ass to Mark. Before I knew it, Mark was naked, behind me kissing my ass, pushing my thong to the side and wanting to finger fuck me. I pushed him away, dropped my skirt over my ass and closed my legs. He protested but I was not letting him be in control. I continued doing Amber like my many times before. Soon she was cumming with her first orgasm of the night. As she relaxed from her orgasm, I moved away from her and took Mark's cock in my mouth. Still on my knees I was sucking his hard cock. He stood there, hands in my hair pushing me to take all his cock in my mouth. I know how to take big cocks and soon I had his entire shaft wrapped in my hungry mouth. Amber lay there watching me suck him. She was back to touching herself as I sucked Mark. Soon Mark was ready to cum. I sadly stopped sucking. I stood up, pulling off my top and dropping my skirt. Now I was standing wearing just my thong and knee-high boots while Amber was attired in a sexy Scottish skirt. And our prize for the night stood there naked with a raging hard on.

Amber asked Mark to lie down next to her on the carpet. As he stretched out beside her, she threw one leg across his waist, raised up on her knees, straddled his cock and took him in. I moved to Mark's face and squatted over his mouth. He kept his hands busy pushing my thong to the side to see my shaved tight pussy for the first time. I spread my legs wider, lowering myself onto him and he
started to eat my pussy. It felt so good. Squatting on Mark, face to face with Amber who was riding his cock, it would be impossible to say it was Amber's first threesome. My hands were now on Mark's chest as my knees started to become weak due to the orgasm building up within me. I was pushing down hard on his face, his breath, his tongue felt so good! Soon he helped my pussy explode on his face. Amber on the other hand was having her own orgasm. We both got off that hunk and now it was finally my turn to have Mark fuck me. I looked at Amber and she gave the approving look to both of us. Finally I get to feel his cock. Mark was still lying on the floor begging me to suck his cock more. I went down on him and could taste Amber's pussy juices all over his hard cock. I stroked and licked him and Amber came behind and pulled down my soggy wet thong off me. Bent over in my thigh high fuck me shoes sucking a cock, it felt so good. It was time to be fucked. I asked what position Mark would like and he wanted to fuck me doggy style. So I went down on all fours and next thing I knew Mark was behind me. And then I felt his hard cock push his way in my wet pussy. God it felt so good, better than his mouth. Mark grabbed my tiny waist and pulled me as he shoved his cock in me. And soon he was fucking me hard and quick. Amber was playing with his balls as he fucked my tight pussy. I was moaning loud and Amber was encouraging Mark to fuck me harder. Mark needed no encouragement and he kept his pounding at a constant pace. After many minutes of that constant fucking, Mark mentioned he wanted to cum over our faces. He pulled out and I turned around and squatted next to Amber. Mark stood and stroked his cock till he started to cum, his hot semen sprayed on our faces and into our hair. We licked as much of his cum as we could.
We all took a little break, grabbing drinks, sitting while kissing and fondling each other. I kissed and sucked Mark's cock a little more. God, I loved his meat in my mouth. Amber played with my clit. Mark was touching Amber all over. We kept the sexual energy going as we finished our drinks. Then it was off to the races again.

This time I wanted to be fucked good. I asked to ride Mark's cock this time. Him on his back, I straddled his cock and took it in. Amber sat on Mark's face now and we girls kissed as Mark got two pussies to enjoy. I was having a great sexual experience riding that hunk. It was years of dreams finally coming true. I wanted to cum that way and one of my hands made it to my clit as I rode him.
Soon it made me reach the point where I knew I was going to cum. As I did, my pussy squeezed his cock harder. It felt so wonderful to finally have Mark's cock where I wanted it all along. Once I stopped shaking from my intense orgasm, Amber replaced me quickly. It took no more than a minute of her
riding on him when he came in her pussy. That also made Amber cum.

When Amber pulled off him, I sucked his cock clean. Mmmmm. He tasted so good with our juices mixed with his. We all lay round chatting and drinking till it was time to leave. Amber went to the bathroom leaving Mark and me alone. Mark grabbed me, kissed me deeply and told me how much he always fantasized fucking me. Especially hearing about my wild side (evidently Amber was telling him all) and having seen me by the pool often in my sexy bikini, it seemed that this was mutual after all.
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