Finally having you...2
Waiting several years to have you was well worth it. It seems tonight we were going to live out every sexy moment we had both thought about for so long.

I cum at least 3 times to your one and you assure me that is quite alright, you enjoy your cock being coated time and time again. You especially enjoy the times I clean you up and suck you hard again.

We move from the bed to the shower knowing we have a bit of a mess to clean up. You smack my ass as I climb in and you quickly follow, the water so hot it's steaming and making our skin red, but feels so good. Your hands move up my sides over my breasts, you pinch my nipples and make me moan again. I move in to kiss you, but you hold me back, there is that smirk again. You move your mouth from my neck, nibbling as you reach my erect nipple and gently put your teeth around one then the next, you grip one breast with your hand covering as much as you can with your mouth, swirling your tongue around and nibbling then swirling again.

I start to talk and you cover my mouth and keep sucking and nibbling one and slightly pinching the other nipple. I moan and lean back as the hot water runs over our bodies. Your fingers slide inside...deep inside my wet pussy, making me gasp with pleasure.

Spreading my legs you finger harder while the other hand grips my hair and pulls my head back while you nibble on my exposed neck. Finger fucking me until I cum hard and breath heavily. I need you inside me again. You know I need you. You look at me and move your eyes down to your cock and wiggle your hips. I know you want to fuck my mouth first and I can't resist. You back up and lightly push my shoulders down to get my mouth level to your hard throbbing cock.

Your body blocking most of the water, but a small amount dripping down your belly to your cock, warming it even more. I slide your cock all the way into my mouth, til I feel the bottom of your shaft against my throat, I swirl my tongue around the tip and slide my mouth back up, then down, and up, sucking so hard and slow. Your hands move through my hair pushing me further into you, I gag a little and keep sucking (loving it) as you place both hands on the sides of my head and move my head the speed you want. Speeding up as I suck harder and you throb, moving your hips fucking my mouth; the harder I suck the fast you move.

You moan and grab your cock out of my mouth and stroke to finish on my chest as I watch you explode, one hand on the shower wall as you moan loudly and your body quivers...I lick up some off the tip of your cock and as you relax a moment I gently suck you clean. You stand me up and kiss me hard, the hot water and releases make us both exhausted. We exit the shower and wrap a towel around each of us and fall upon the bed.

Your hands caressing my skin as we lay there in silence gathering up a bit of energy....I start to kiss your side as I lay next to you, my hand running over your belly and up your sides, back down, slowly running my finger tips around as you take a deep breath...I kiss you and run my tongue over your lips to your neck and nibble your ear...I climb on top, straddling you, just above your cock, leaning down to kiss you softly, wiggling my ass down past your cock and upper thighs as I kiss down your chest and stomach...above your hair line, gently licking and playing with your semi hard cock.

You look down and smile and motion me to move up, whispering you need to taste me while you harden up a bit more...I smile as you pull me up your body until I'm practically sitting on your face. Your hands spread me open and your tongue goes deep inside, licking all the way out, again deep inside and your teeth nibble my clit as you move your mouth. My knees on each side of your head, I lean up a bit so I can watch your tongue lick up and down my wet clit, I moan and hold myself up just a bit as your fingers move deep inside, I lean back and brace myself with my hands on each side of your hips, grinding my hips toward your mouth as you finger fuck me and lick up the juice you create. You move one finger in my ass and slide it in and out a few times, making me moan and whimper as you suck on my clit. You suck harder and finger deeper.....I can feel my body quivering and another orgasm rising...your tongue goes in deep, curly up the tip to consume every bit I release.

To be continued...
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