Finding Lynn, Part 1
Meeting Lynn was quite by accident. I just happened to be online and she just happened to be reading one of my stories. After six months of the most intense fucking of our lives I can honestly say we were made for each other. Her soft neck is right where my lips come to rest when I bend forward behind her. I love lifting up her hair and kissing the nape of her neck around under her ears and down to her collarbone. When she turns around her beautiful breasts and hard nipples are always in line with my pecks. As she teases me when we kiss the pleasure ripples across my sensitive nipples. I love to slowly kiss down her neck, around each nipple, across her cleavage and around the other nipple. I wait for them to swell with anticipation until I clamp my mouth around her nipples and suck them hard between my clenched lips. When my beautiful Lynn wears her 4" heels her wet pussy, and slick thick rosy lips, are always right at my finger tips. I wet my fingers in her juices and then trace the little V of hair she left for me as a direction sign to her swollen clit.

Her past lovers had treated to the world of BDSM and now she was teaching me. Lynn was a very obedient sub and was up for most any kink we could come up with. The first time I bound her breast I took my time slowly undressing her, kissing each patch of exposed skin. By the time she was naked her nipples were firm and the petals of her pussy lips were hanging open, cover in a fine sheen of moisture. She sat in a big chair, with a cushion behind her back to move her sex forward of the end of the seat cushion. Her arms restrained by Velcro to the arms of the chair and her legs were firmly attached at the ankle to the claw/ball feet of the chair. I did not blindfold her, or put in her gag, I only needed to put a finger to her lips to demand her silence. I spent a lot of time wrapping the new white rope under her breast, around her back, over her shoulders and around each breast three times. Each time I completed a loop I cinched the rope a little tighter causing her breasts to elongate and her areola's to swell. As I worked she kept a thin smile on her lips, afraid to show too much excitement and then have me stop,

As I completed the first tie I slapped each breast to watch her nipples swell.

"Do you like that baby girl?" I asked as I slipped a finger deep into the wet folds of her pussy.

Silently my new sub nodded her head to gaze at the redness on her breasts. She spread her lags as far as the chair would allow indicating more contact was needed. As I began the second wrap of the cord I was amazed at how pliable her breasts were. I made a figure eight around each breasts. At the end of the second wind the visible ends of her tits looked like the puffies of some teenager.

Slapping each breasts I intently watched Lynn's blue eyes as they flashed with pleasure after each contact. Rubbing my hand over her bound breasts I pressed and pinched each nipple as the fingers of my left hand again invaded her wet slit. Two fingers down each side of her clit, three fingers between the folds of her slit and one finger would slide across her clit, again down the folds of her lips and up inside her wet velvet tunnel. Twisting and turning my hand I feel and stoke the walls inside her pussy. Lynn gives a low purr as I take her right nipple, and almost the entire protruding end of her tit into my mouth. Pressing my tongue into her nipple my thumb rubs around to each side of her clit.

Squirming in her seat Lynn lifts her ass off the seat to press against my palm for more contact. I slowly withdraw the finger so I can trace her lips with the wetness of her own juices. Lynn then opens her mouth so I can place my finger upon her tongue.

When Lynn finishes licking my finger clean I kisses her deeply as I place it, and my index finger back inside her box. She squirms when I place my thumb on her clit and goes tense as I open my fingers inside her like a pair of scissors and begin to scrape and caresses her sensitive walls searching got her G spot. As I begin to stoke her wet pussy Lynn sucks my tongue into her mouth as a surrogate for my thick had cock. Her tongue dances and twirls around mine as I curl my fingers back towards her tummy and come across the ridge of her G spot.

"Mmm..., Ah, Mmmm" is all that escapes her mouth as we continue our passionate kiss and I press my index finger firmly on her sweet spot.

Breaking our kiss I asked her, "Do you want more baby girl, do you want to cum?"

Avoiding eye contact she breaths softly as her pelvis begins to rock against my invading fingers, "Please Sir, Yes, oh please."

Slowly I pull my fingers out of her, taking care to rub all along the area of her G spot, while stimulating her clit. Her body resonates with disappointment, at the loss of all stimulation, and her eyes lock on mine with both the fire of desire and a plea for release.

I undress in front of her, watching her eyes trace the reveal of my hair chest and then my very thick and swollen member. I lean forward and rub some of my pre cum across each nipple and then touch a drop to her lips.

As I knelt down between her parted thighs I could see how the arms were digging into her legs as she tried to open herself further.

"It's ok baby girl" I spoke softly into her pussy, "PaPa is going to take good care of you".

As I extended my tongue, to gain my first taste of the sweet honey dripping from the folds of her pussy, I brought four fingers up to the tease, pull and caress the heavy folds of her lips. Licking around each side of her clit I brought my fingers to the press against the still tight entrance. One finger again slide inside easily. Stroking her with the one finger I licked around her clit my tongue pressing firmly against the area drawing the hood aside. As I inserted the second finger Lynn squirmed like she was impatient for more. I licked and sucked on her lips as I introduced my third finger. I could sense Lynn tensing her legs as this caused new pressure at the opening of her Virginia.

I slowly moved my fingers in and out allowing her to become use to this spreading of the entrance. When I felt her relaxed I removed all three fingers.

A disappointed "Ohh" was all that escaped her lips.

I immediately replace the three fingers with all four and pressed up inside, with a firm push till the third knuckles were restrained by the tightness of her entrance.

"I'm not finished" was all I said as I sucked her clit into my mouth and her it tight between my firm lips.

I could hear her nails against the arms of the chair as I began to push and turn and twist my hand at the entrance.

"I don't know" was quickly met with a slap on her breast and a pinch of each nipple.

As her juices flooded out of her, to coat my hand, I felt my knuckles gain passage and soon they were all inside with my thumb adding even more pressure as it too demanded entrance. I curled my fingers together making my own knot for my beautiful bitch.

I released her clit long enough to order "Cum for me, Now!"

Dutifully, with a rocking motion I thought would tear the chair apart, Lynn rotated her pelvis and fucked herself on my fist as I sucked, licked and bit down upon her clit.

"Oh, Ohhhh Dam..., oh Fuck Yes!" she cried as the wave of her climax washed over her.

As I sucked hard on her clit I reached up to pinch her nipples. I continued to flex my fingers inside knowing the pressure upon her cervix, G spot and entrance would send additional waves of after-shocks to follow her climax.

As I reached down to steady myself I was rewarded with feeling the end of her foot and that her toes were curled as tightly as my fist.

As I withdrew my hand I watched her tunnel slowly close like the iris of a sexy eye.

To be continued

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