Finding Lynn - The Climax
Holly got up off the bed and surveyed the two exhausted loves. Lynn was a sweaty mess with lots of hair plastered down over her face. As she fell off Jim's thick cock she managed to catch his balls in one outstretched hand. Even as Lynn lay there, near exhausted sleep, Holly could see the gentle kneading of his scrotum.

For his part Jim was still splayed out like a sacrifice to the sex Gods. However, one ankle had come free while he was bucking his ass to deeply penetrate and fuck Lynn. That leg was now bent while the restrained leg was firmly tucked under the cuddled Lynn. Holly could see the thick chest hairs moving from each breath, as Lynn's head had come to rest with her lips scant inches from his left nipple.

With each heavy breath Lynn expelled more of Jim's cum. Holly could not resist tracing a long milky white rope off Lynn's inner thigh, tasting it, and then rubbing it back into the freshly fuck cunt from where it had come. She bent over the side of the bed, her breast coming into contact with the sweat on Lynn's side. First she dipped her fingers deep inside and pressed three coated fingers into Jim's mouth. Then Holly opened her mouth and clamped her lips tight with a hard suction. With the expert teasing of her tongue, she began to nurse on the thickening nipple. Holly returned her three fingers to Lynn's wet labia. Her fingers became more urgent as she once again teased and probed the sweet folds of Lynn's pussy.

"That feels so good" mumbled Lynn as she positioned herself to open her legs wider. She tighter her grip on his testicles while her tongue darted out to part Jim's chest hairs and tease the nipple before her.

Released from her sub role Holly whispered "Please" and begged Lynn as her gaze met Holly's eyes and then moved towards Jim's restraints.

"Mmm Hum awa... k" was all Holly could say, without releasing her firm lip and teeth lock on the now swollen nipple bud.

With her one free hand Holly reached up and released one of the restraints on Jim's wrist. Although Jim, as evidenced by his semi erection, was enjoying the gentle teasing of his balls he had other active plans for their remaining time together. Jim quickly released the restraint of his second hand.

Jim became very aware of the heavy combined scent of their sex. Holly had positioned her self near the head of the bed, but still within reach of Lynn's wet tunnel and firm nipples. The term freshly fucked took on new meaning for him that day.

Rolling towards Lynn he found he could use his left hand and reach Holly's bald pussy so he began to to gently caress the outer folds. With his right hand he stroked Lynn's wet hairs and caressed the breast that Holly was nursing on. Each touch sent new pleasure cascading through the linked lovers. Lynn squeezing Jim's balls and rubbing the base of his shaft, Holly sucking on Lynn's nipples and pressing her fingers deep in to Lynn's vagina and Jim's light probing of Holly's smooth sex, which made Holly begin to thrust her fingers harder as she began pressing her hips forward to gain more contact.

There were many things each of them could do, individually, to heighten the pleasure they were giving, or receiving. However, no one wanted to break the linked spell. With unspoken agreement Lynn's touches and kissing of his nipple continued helped Jim's cock again to swell once again to it's full girth. Lynn felt the quick touches of her G-spot, re-enforced by the hard pull on her nipples building a new climax inside of her. Holly, like a dog in heat, raised up on her toes and felt her needed pleasure build as Jim trapped her clit between his fingers. With her urgent air fucking Holly began to pleasure herself.

Lynn's legs began to shake, a clear indication her climax was near. Holly, standing on the very tips of her toes, was shaking so hard she nearly fell on top of Jim.

"I'm so... so, fucking... close" Jim exclaimed.

Then as if they had some sex scene director shouting orders, the three quickly moved. Holly was first, stepping up on the bed and planting her wet exposed pussy on Jim's face, while taking his cock down her throat in one deep suck. Lynn tightened her grip on the base of Jim's cock and released Jim's nipple. She then grasped the new rip breast offered to her open lips. Jim was overwhelmed by the velvet hot mouth nursing the head of his cock and shaft. He took Holly's clit between his lips and teeth, clamped them hard to trap the nub and then pressed his hot wet tongue hard and fast across that swollen bud. As Holly began to buck against Jim's face, from this extreme pleasure, he plunged a thumb into her arse lubricated with her own juices.

From observation it was impossible to tell which climax began first or who sent who over the top. Lynn clamped her legs tight while sucking a nipple and half of Holly's left breast into her mouth. Jim lifted him self, Lynn and Holly off the bed as he tried to ram his entire shaft down Holly's throat. For her part Holly squatted hard on Jim's face rotating her hips in an impossible frenzy as she sucked the cum from Jim's ball.

"Uh, Hugh, <cough>" escaped Holly's mouth as a mouth full of cum sprayed out of her mouth and onto Lynn and Jim.

"Holly shit" screamed Lynn as she clamped down and bucked so hard Holly thought her hand would break.

Jim could hardly breath and he slapped Holly's sides hard. Jim nearly passed out from the suffocation of Holly's squirt, the folds of her pussy blocking his nostrils and the explosion erupting from deep in his balls.

Holly slid down, allowing Jim to catch his breath, as he pulled his thumb from deep in her ass. She then kissed Lynn with all the tender love she could muster. Lynn return the kiss with an urgency only another woman could perceive.

"Thank you" Lyn offered her new friend.
"You too" Holly indicated Jim by playfully pressing her stretched bum upon his nose.

No one could move, nor did they want to,for a very long time.
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