Finding Lynn - The long good-bye part II
Lynn had just experienced a strong, albeit quick, climax when her lover had texted her about their upcoming rendezvous. Simultaneously her husband had managed to slip unannounced into their home.
The phoned buzzed with additional instructions, "Don't forget the Plug!"

Lynn just had time to turn over the phone, close her laptop and slip her pink vibrator, covered in the aroma of her cum, into her desk drawer before her hubby burst into the room.

Looking at his naked wife, his distracted greeting was "Going to bed early?" Since it had been weeks since they were intimate this was not the desired expression of a come-fuck-me opportunity she would have rather liked to hear.

"No" was Lynn's dry response as she arose from the desk. "I was just getting ready to shower and had to answer a call." She did not believe he noticed, or cared, that her nipples were bright red and her lips glistened with her juices.

Completely ignoring the nude state of his wife, and missing the scent of cum in the air, he turned to head towards his connecting den. Speaking over his shoulder he dismissed his bride with "I'm heading to the club in a bit. I will catch dinner there."

"Fine with me," replied a disappointed Lynn as she gathered up a bath towel, "I'm heading out for drinks with my cousin, Sarah."

Hubby turned back to face Lynn with a beaming smile. "Sarah?" he asked "Is she the redhead?"

"No, you ass, she is not the one with the big
freckled tits and cleavage you like to stare at." Then she added "You think I don't notice."

"Whatever," he replied "I'll see you latter". Grabbing a package from his desk he turned to head down the stairs.

Lynn turned on the shower and closed the bathroom door to where only a small crack remained open. From that vantage point she had a clear view into her husband's den, and his computer display. Within seconds of her turning on the shower, and loudly closing the shower door, her husband quietly returned to his den and turned on his computer. It only took a few seconds for him to link to his favorite Live Cam-girl site.

Lynn could not hear the dialogue but the woman's massive breasts filled the screen as her hubby deposited electronic coins. She could see him pull out his small thin cock and begin to furiously stroke it while standing next to the monitor screen.

Lynn found her hand involuntarily reaching into her still inflamed pussy lips as the red headed woman pulled back from the cam. Now resting on a bright red quilt, with her legs spread wide, she began to penetrate her shaved pussy with a very large and very long black dildo. A deep red butt plug was visibly contracted with each stoke of the massive cock. Her husband visibly shook with excitement as the red head lifted her massive breast to her lips to suck on her own elongated nipple.

Lynn felt a tinge of resentment that her hubby had never shared his black cock fantasy with her. She experienced a pang of embarrassment, and envy, that her C cup breast would never allow her the joy of self nipple stimulation.

As the woman continued to perform she took more and more of the massive black toy into her well stretched pussy. Lynn completely ignored her husband and his frantic pumping. She began to rub and pull on her own nipple as her fingers explored the warm wet area around her clit. Lynn gently pulled and rubbed the little gold hoop that was through the hood over her clit. Jim had her install it as the termination point for her submission chain.

As her tease began to build her mind drifted away from the spectacle before her back to the memory of the first time he had pulled up on the chain while she stood standing enjoying his ministrations. Kneeling before her bound body he had carefully licked and pulled up on the chain. Her knees buckled as she recalled how the first lifting of the hood fully exposing her clit before he took it completely into his mouth. The tug on the hood coupled with the complete exposure of her sensitive clitoris to his hot wet tongue and lips was the most erotic feeling, of her life. She had struggled with her bindings and begged him to stop all while pressing her pelvis forward to invite even more direct contact and stimulation.

Just as she had done that very first time Lynn began to shake as her climax built inside of her. Her legs became weak and she braced herself against the bathroom door frame, her fingers clutching at her clit. Lynn had to bite her hand to stifle the "Errrr ... arrrr... Ahhh" moan coming from deep inside her sex.

As the clenching within her womb began to subside her eyes began to focus just in time to see the final inch of the massive toy become surrounded by the woman's thick pussy lips. Suddenly a small squirt ejected from her hubby's cock. No wonder she could never feel him Cuming inside of her. Fearing he would be caught wet handed she watched him frantically close the screen, grab the sheet that had collected his minor ejaculation and rush out his den door with his deflated dick still hanging out of his pants.

Still feeling her afterglow Lynn realized she had time for only a quick rinse so she carefully kept her hair from becoming too wet. Jim had never commented on her hair so damp curly was just fine for tonight. As she washed her breasts and her sex she relished the sensitivity of her body. When she began to towel herself off she could tell, whether she liked it or not, her kitty was betraying her excitement of the upcoming meeting. She was going to remain wet, and wanting, so she had best get use to it.

For Lynn, dressing always stared with the shoes. Reaching up on the top self of her shoe closet she pulled down her special come-fuck-me red 4" heels with their red patent leather ankle straps.

‘I might as well look the part' she mused to herself. As she laced the shoes and stood upright she knew her legs would be nice and taught and her ass was well presented, no matter what she wore.
Lifting one leg, to rest her shoe on the edge of the tub, she carefully, with an extra dab of lube, inserted the expected butt plug. Jim had developed a special affection for her ass. She was wondering how much more of this stretching exercise would be required before her gave her the long promised deep ass-fuck. She felt a tingle inside as she re-imagined the feel of his cock spurting his hot juices deep inside of her brown chute while his hands pulled on her hips to slam that wonderful think cock deep inside.

Also inside the shoe box was the very delicate "submission chain". Lynn carefully lifted the chain out of the small black velvet pouch that held it. Smiling, she first hooked the small clasp onto the gold hoop that was put through the hood covering her clitoris. She pulled, very gently, to confirm that the delicate chain still held the strength to lift the hood and expose her most erogenous spot. She then carefully laid the chain between her breast and up her neck to connect into the small hole pierced in her right ear for just this purpose.

Lynn turned to face the mirror. Adorned only in her red pumps, gold submission chain and her regular gold chain, holding her mother's gold heart pendant, she like they way she looked. Turning her head slightly to the left she felt the small tug above her clit. This was Jim's intention. When he stood behind her to nuzzle her neck, and caresses his favorite breast, her pussy would be told more stimulation was coming.

A red thong, with fine red lace was her panty selection. It could be easily unsnapped, eaten through, or just pushed aside, depending on his urgency.

The dress was the hard part. One additional reason for the chain was Jim knew she could not wear a bra without risking breaking the chain. He always demanded immediate access to her breast and especially her thick nipples. She decided to wear her red strapless and sleeveless ball gown with its plunging neckline and open back. Normally the dress was floor length but with her heels each step would reveal a well turned ankle. The top was built like a bustier with red lace material and a thin neck strap. The dress cupped and held her breast while the material gently teased her nipples as she moved. A small nude panel zipped into the back of the bodice to keep the dress together while giving the appearance of a nude back completely down near nape of her ass. No one she cared or knew would question what she was wearing. For tonight, if it was to be their last night, she wanted to look special.

Before she fitted her dress she added a little bit of make-up and a lot of Premiere by Gucci perfume under her ear, under her each breasts, on each ankle, on each wrist and of course on each side of her pussy.

Covered with a red lace shawl her drive to Arlington was uneventful. At each turn the dress shifted slightly giving her extended nipples a little tease. She blunted any more calls with a short text ‘On my way, be there when I can.'

Lynn pulled into the Hilton and enjoyed the appreciative look she got from the bellman as she was helped out of the car. Before she entered the lobby she glanced across the street to see the strip club that had been the start of her last adventure with Holly. Although she had loved the tease, ‘gawd could that woman eat pussy' she thought, tonight she really wanted to finalize one last encounter with that awesome and talented cock that was waiting for her.

Standing in the lobby she sent a short text ‘Here' while the desk staff took in the fact that elegant lady arrived without any luggage.

‘829, end of the hall' was the short reply.

As Lynn rode the elevator up to the eighth floor she recalled her last trip upstairs, in this very same elevator. That night she had just been seduced by the bi-sexual stripper Holly. Her legs had been weak and coated with cum, her pussy still dripping and her sensitive nipples where raw from that unbelievable series of lustful lap dances. Jim had held the palm of her hand against his zipper so she could tell, from the swelling of his cock, his penetration of Holly, while she had licked and sucked Lynn's pussy had not sated his desire.

Lynn approached the door to 829 and noticed that the door was partially open. As she entered the room she scanned the spacious suite to see that numerous candles where sending flickers of shadows across the room. The bed had been remade with black satin sheets and pillow covers. Upon the bed lay a large pile of black rope, a black satin sleeping blindfold, and a device she had never seen before. It was a short pole like device with what appeared to be knee pads on each end with brown leather straps and silver buckles.

Taking her hand from behind Lynn was startled as Jim spun her around and immediately began a long deep kiss as he pushed the door closed. Responding to his probing tongue and the seductive naked body surrounding her she felt her determination immediately begin to falter.

"Mmmm, Please Jim" she stammered as she broke their kiss "we need to talk."

"And?" was his response, with a cocked eyebrow.

Bowing her head Lynn tried again "Sir, we really need to "

"Shush" came his command cutting her off in mid sentence. Gripping her hand he pulled her back towards the bed while saying "We Will talk, but latter!"

With her head still bowed Lynn could feel his eyes upon her. The first lingering kiss on her bare shoulder told her he adored her dress and definitely approved of her selection. With his second soft kiss of the opposite shoulder Lynn felt a slight flutter of butterflies inside and she smiled inwardly. Lynn then turned her head to the left and back offering her neck while feeling the slight tug of the chain. Jim kissed up her neck and flicked the chain connection with his tongue to indicate he noticed and approved.

Breathing heavily into her ear Jim then paused. His desire for her was apparent by the rock hard erection at her finger tips. As was their unspoken custom Lynn had only to disconnect the chain and their Sub/Dom relationship would end. If she made no move to remove the chain then she was acquiescing to whatever he had planned for their evening.

Lynn was tempted, but did not move and immediately felt his firm grip again on her arm.

"Wear this" he instructed as he handed her the silk eye covering.

As Lynn slide the mask over her eyes her other senses became instantly more alert to the sounds around her. His touches to her arms and shoulders were amplified.

She could hear him picking up the rope and was not surprised when he drew her arms behind her back. His normal start of her bondage was to cross her wrist and allow her elbows to bend. For today he turned her hands so that the palms of her hands and the insides of her wrists were together. This was not comfortable and she started to make a small protest. Jim dropped the rope and walked away with her arms still held behind her back. When he returned next to her it was to place a silk tie into across her mouth and firmly tie it behind her head. It was not aggressive or hurtful; he only did it as a reminder that her comments were neither needed nor welcome.

As Jim continued to firmly bind her arms at the elbows it pulled her shoulders back and accentuated her bust. Lynn heard the rope drop in a pile a second time. Jim then forcibly disconnected her neck strap. Lynn realized had she not gone strapless his lust for her would have destroyed the dress. The dress fell forward and down. Lynn could tell her breast and probably most of her areolas were now visible and available to his touch. The upper dress was only held in place by her nipples. Jim kissed across her shoulders and then down her spine and stopped. With no care for the delicate garment he unzipped and pulled away the offending panel to continue his kisses to the crack in her ass.

Jim slowly touched her back as he unzipped the gown. He seemed to enjoy watching as more and more of her delicious ass came into sight. As the dress fell to her knees Lynn jumped just a little as he slid the hot swollen head of his cock down the crease of her cheeks, spreading his pre-cum along the way. Recalling his past spurts of pre-cum Lynn knew the dress would need cleaning. Jim then kissed down the back of her right leg, firmly pressing just above the knee, to have her step out of the dress. The delicate material was all around her feet and he made no move to pull it aside or help her avoid stepping on it. He left it up to her to lean forward and scoot the dress aside so that she was left standing with only with her gold chains, red thong and shoes.

Lynn heard him pick up the rope and was excited as the first bind was brought under her arm and around her right breast. A similar bind was then applied to her left breast.

‘Gawd, that feels so fucking good' thought Lynn as he tightened the second turn causing her breast to balloon out from the bind.

Slapping each breast, till a bright redness showed, Jim checked to make sure her bindings had pulled her arms against her back and her hands were now aligned with the top of her ass cheeks. He then methodically wrapped each breast, always careful to go under her submission chain each time he crossed her cleavage. The final loop went around her waist and through her wrist bindings. This final bind pulled her breast out and down as well as her wrist against her bum.

As the ropes tightened on her breasts Lynn could feel how more aroused her extended nipples had become. The wet juices leaking from inside were ready evidence of how much she enjoyed his attention and the discomfort of the bindings. In a silent beg for his attention Lynn leaned her head back and turned her head from side to side pulling on the hood of her clit.

Lynn heard the rustle of the silk sheets as Jim sat to admire his work. He then reached out to her hips and turned her towards the bed while pulling her forward. ‘He is finally going to touch me.' Lynn prayed silently.

Lynn had learned how much he loved to suck on her nipples to get her juices flowing. The sucking and biting of her nipples was one her favorite parts of being bound. So she was not surprised when Jim pulled on each nipple and twisted them roughly, seemingly to test the works of the bindings and to see if any additional length could be gained. However, the anticipated sucking did not begin. Instead Jim pulled her delicate thong down to her ankles and used his feet to push Lynn's legs further, and further and still further apart. When she tried to pull them back, to better gain her balance, she felt first one pad, then the other, shoved between her legs, just above the knees. Lynn felt the pressure of the cold leather straps and could hear the tinkle of the buckles as Jim synced the device in place.

As Lynn struggled to gain her balance "Don't fall" was his admonishment.

Lynn again heard the rustle of the bad covers and felt his hands on the back of her legs edging her forward, inch by careful inch, until her knees thankfully made contact with the bed. Looking down through a gap in the eye cover allowed her to see Jim flat on the bed placing some sort of pad from the edge of the bed over the bar between her legs. Its purpose became readily clear as Jim scooted to the edge of the bed, flipped on his back, and laid his head upon the pad. He immediately grabbed her ass cheeks and sucked the folds of her labia deep into his mouth.

The sensation of his hot tongue and the sucking of her lips sent Lynn up on her toes, pulling her lips out of Jim's mouth. Disappointed with the loss of contact Lynn carefully squatted back down to allow her lover free and complete access to her kitty. As Jim continued to lick and suck on her lips he pulled up on her chain to expose her clit to a long brush of his tongue. For her part Lynn struggled to remain in place in this awkward position feeling pain in her arms and then joy on her clit. She tried grinding herself down on his face and found, much to her frustration, that the bar between her knees and the thong around her ankles actually restricted her freedom of movement.

As Jim continued to lick and tease she felt his fingers begin to explore her inner sanctum, and then move up to moisten and tease her rose bud. She loved the feel when he fisted her and hoped that joy would be met again today. But, the fingers did not go beyond the 2nd knuckle. That was deep enough to tease and caresses her G-spot but not deep enough to fully fill and stretch her vagina, let alone hit her cervix.

As Jim continued to lick and tease she heard movement behind her. Jim must have sensed her distraction because he reached behind her legs holding her fast against the bed and his face.

As Lynn became aware of a mixed scent of musk and lemon another pair of hands began to massage her palms, finger tips and the crack of her ass with a hot slick lubricant. Just as she began to climax from Jim's ministrations her butt plug was swiftly, and without warning, removed, reinserted covered in the same hot oil and then removed again. Confused Lynn was a little frightened by the feel of a cock head slowly sliding between her finger tips. Slowly, but deliberately the large mushroom head passed between her bound hands allowing only her finger tips to sense and measure the gift being presented to her.

"It's Leon, my good friend, be nice!" was Jim's only comment regarding the new player in their game. He then pressed his fingers deeply inside her while pressing his tongue on her sensitive love button.

As Lynn relaxed, a bit more of the new cock was now sliding along her cheeks and completely between her palms. The girth was massive and because of the bindings she could not completely grip it. Given the time it took to transverse her hands, till the base and balls hit the bottom of her palms, she was easily holding a 10' cock. The owner of the fat cock, that she was now masturbating, closed the gap between them. She could feel the heat of his legs against hers. On the next long stoke two massive arms reached around her bound arms to cover and mash her elongated breast and nipples. Lynn was turned on by the feel of his warm, smooth chest on her arms, the feel of his nut sack slapping at her stretched bum and the firm pressure he was putting on her breasts. Peaking through the slit of her mask Lynn saw the hands, gripping and pulling on her milky white breast, were as black as the sheets on the bed.

As Lynn continued to tease the pulsating stroking cock she wondered how his hot cum was going to feel upon her back. Being fucked by a big black cock was not on her bucket list. But as long as Jim kept sucking on her vulva and ‘Leon' stimulated her sensitive nipples, while using her as a live fuck toy, color did not matter. As the slick fat cock slipped from her hands Jim began to chew her clit, causing her legs to again shake uncontrollably as another climax spilled over her. Distracted it took Lynn a few seconds to realize the new person had begun to lightly push against her anus.

‘Fuck' thought Lynn ‘there is no way that fat cock is fitting in my ass.'

"Naaaaw... Naaw.. Iaaw... " was all she could manage with the gag in her mouth.

Leon completely pulled away from Lynn as Jim stoped sucking on her clit and completely pulled his hands from within her pussy. All stimulation stopped and silence filled the room as the near peak of her building climax regretfully began to pull back. Disappointed, Lynn felt the gag removed from her mouth.

"Girl, I ain't raping you" breathed a deep rich voice inches from her ear.

"I know" said Lynn still shaky from her last climax and disoriented from the sudden lack of any stimulation. "I just got scared."

As Lynn stood in silence she felt Jim unbuckle and then remove the pole between her legs.

Lowering her head Lynn breathed softly "Please sir... Please daddy... make love to your little girl. I will be good, if only... Please, May I have some more?" She then kicked off the stretched red throng that was a further annoyance and hindrance to love making.

With silent agreement on how to next proceed Jim flipped around on the bed as Leon spread more hot oil down the crack of her ass and across her already wet lips. Loving the feeling of Leon's two fat fingers poking inside of her Lynn lifted her head slightly to get a peak of Jim now facing her. Sitting on the pad, with the backs of his knees hooking the edge of the bed, Jim's ball sack was lifted supporting his swollen cock pointing up and out like a ready flag pole.

Without any warning Leon lifted the weak kneed Lynn effortlessly with his meaty hands placed below each cheek of her ass. Her bound arms came into contact with his warm, firm and very smooth abs. Using her very wet and needy labia Leon began to rub and coat Jim's cock with her juices.

"Oh my!" escaped her lips the first time her inflamed clit was touched as he moved her across Jim's cock head. He then positioned her so the firm wet cock was brought to slightly pierce her opening.

Jim pulled her forward with his hands around her hips so he could begin to suck on her needy nipples. Immediately a fire with more desire made Lynn begin scratching at Leon's chest. Lynn and tried to close her legs to grasp the slightly penetrating thick cock that had been the focus of her thoughts for the last few weeks.

Holding her legs firmly apart Leon spoke softly in her ear "Fuck him good, girl."

Without any further comment Leon dropped her down upon the waiting dick. Jim, grasping her bound breast for leverage, forced her completely in contact with the base of his thick root while thrusting deep inside.

Lynn clasped the sides of Jim's legs fiercely as "Oh Fuck, Yes!" came out with the last breath forced from her lungs. She began to move and buck bringing her clit hard against his root. She saw stars as her pussy contracted trying to milk the hot cum from within his nut sack.

Jim struggled to keep her nipple in his mouth as Lynn bounced, squirmed and pressed her bound exposed breasts against his face. As her climax again began to rise she knew her lover was holding back. Determined to feel the flood of eruption on her cervix she pressed even harder against him.

Lynn hardly felt the ropes being removed from her numb arms and wrist. Free from restraint they fell weakly to her sides sending a new rush of feeling as the blood flow ignited tingles up both her arms.
Leon silently lifted her stinging arms up and draped them around Jim's neck. Jim immediately wrapped his arms around her and fell back onto the bed, ripping the nipple under suction from his mouth.

Lynn leaned into his mouth, probing with her long still tongue, for a deep kiss. She continued to grind against him even though her movements were slightly restricted by Jim's tight embrace. So near her orgasm she barely felt the slight prod of her stretched and oiled anus by Leon's fat, slick and rock hard cock.

"Awww SHIT" Lynn exclaimed as Leon swiftly pushed half of his cock into the exposed ass. Unable to stop her thrust back on Jim's cock, she engulfed another third of the tool sliding inside. Pinned by Jim's arms, Lynn was exposed, without any strength to move her arms to gain a resisting purchase.

Lynn felt Jim's deep thrust, hitting her cervix, which coincided with Leon impaling the final inches of his fat black cock inside of her. She became wild from the multiply points of stimulation and sensations hitting her all at the same time. Her vagina, or her ass, had never felt so full. Leon's cock, pressing her inner walls against Jim's cock provided new ecstasy she had only read about in double penetration stories.

Jim's lips sought hers for a hungry kiss while Leon coated her back with his warm sweat as he lay down upon her, crushing her clit firmly on Jim's pulsating root.

Lynn could only lay there, sandwiched between her lovers, as the two viral men competed for their pending climax. Jim was the first to cum and with all of his strength he lifted the three of them the necessary few inches to explode his hot cum against her targeted inner wall. Leon lifted himself off her back and grabbing her hips roughly he began to bang that long fat cock in and out of her ass with deep, powerful stokes.

"I'm Cuming... oh ... Oh Fuck, I'm Cuming again" screamed Lynn as Leon explode his hot jizz deep in her ass.

The two throbbing dicks, coupled with the feel of hot semen pouring out from her ass and pussy, to mix and cover her lover's nut sacks, was a mind blowing event.

Leon just stood there. His throbbing cook, deep inside of Lynn, stimulated the continued climax of both Jim and Lynn. As Leon slowly withdrew his softening member Jim slipped from within her leaving Lynn with a noticeable empty feeling inside.

With a heaving breath and sigh Lynn rolled off to lay on her back, her legs splayed apart to await further attention. Rolling on his side Jim's wet cock came in contact with her thigh as he reached over to slowly unbind her breast. Leon dressed and slipped quietly from the room.

As Jim softly kissed and caressed her elongated breast and nipples. Carefully he disconnected the chain from her hood and anxiously asked of her one frank question "Sweetheart, are you leaving me?"

Wrapping her arm around her breast, trapping his head against them, she took his soft wet and thick cock in her hand. Squeezing it she replied softly "No, my love, I'm never letting you go."
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