Finding Lynn - the Long Good bye Part 1
It had been three weeks since their three way with Holly. Lynn had gone back to her husband and immediately felt guilt for all of her self pleasure, fear that she was losing herself, a desire to be that free to love and be loved, anger that her husband did not recognize or care he was losing her and a depression from not knowing where to turn for pleasure.

When asked about their next meeting, or long sex chat, Lynn had offered Jim every possible excuse including busy with work, busy with company, focusing on herself, focusing on her marriage and even the big lie, that she was no longer really interested in exploring her submissive side anymore, especially with another woman. She probably did not realize she no longer offered any comments regarding her adoration or need for his continued affections.

Sensing the cooling of their relationship and afraid he was losing her Jim dropped out of his Alpha mode and finally sent a short text 'Baby, what is really going on? If it is another man, well just tell me.' He then sat back anxiously, holding the phone and waited...

Lynn, still at work, read the brief text and quickly realized the message was a mix of concern and fear. Not wanting to lead him on any further, nor wanting to let him go, her neutral reply was 'Nothing much. Why do you ask?'

Jim looked at his phone and was dumbfounded. For weeks they had texted night and day, stolen away moments for a quick phone tease or to exchange naked pics. Everyday he had awoke to a new idea to bound, tease and please her. Now that he had stripped her naked, bound her hand, breast and thigh and introduced her to every possible pleasure he could conceive of her nonchalant 'Nothing much.' floored him.

Had she fallen for Holly? He thought not. Holly was hot and beautiful with firm tits that defied gravity. When he slid his cock into her gyrating pussy is was more like being jacked off by a warm silky tunnel. Yes, she was bi-sexual and hot but she used people as disposal sex toys and had no interest in any ongoing relationship.

Maybe she had fallen back in love with her husband? Again he dismissed this thought quickly. All during their tryst she had constantly moaned "Please touch me there", "gawd I needed this" and "Oh... Oh... O'shit, I never thought this could be so fucking good". The look when she slipped back on her wedding ring had not been of happy anticipation.

That leaves she found another man. Thinking out loud he said "I'm not letting go, not like this."

So he opened his phone and texted 'Ok, I'm glad things are good. Meet me at the Crystal City Hilton on March 26th at 6PM.'

Lynn felt a nervous rush, but also a sense of trepidation of falling back under his spell. Her reply text was short 'Can't, have plans with a girlfriend after work.' She almost added 'I miss you' but stopped herself.

His immediate response caught her completely off guard. It read 'Was not a request!'

Lynn felt her face flush and her nipples involuntarily stiffen like little finger tips. She realized she was holding her breath when her eyes started to blur. Her heart raced as she read, reread and read again his message 'Was not a request.'

'Oh my gawd', she thought to herself, 'he was not kidding.' Her mind raced back their early discussions when she nearly begged him to become her Master. gently, but firmly he had warned her "Baby girl, this is not something you can turn on and off like a faucet. Being a true submissive, and enjoying all of the joy and pleasure that comes with that role, means you give me control. I will be considerate of your other life, but on my terms!'

'What have I done' thought Lynn. She had made promises, more serious than her wedding vows in that she actually intended to keep them. To demonstrate her resolve she had invited him to make little hidden marks upon her body marking his ownership and demonstrating her total submission. Lynn cupped her right breast and knew if she inspected it she would find the little hickey he had left. Rubbing her left ear she easily found the little extra hole that was where her gold submission chain was attached when they sex chatted or when they were together. She again wondered why her hubby had never question the little gold loop Jim had attached to her outer nether lips. This was the anchor point for her delicate submissive gold chain and a testament that she was not wearing panties.

'I just can't right now' was her reply, pleading not be called upon.

'Not a request' came the repeated reply.
'No panties' was added with a :)

After a short pause came a further send. 'What happened to Sir?'

Lynn instinctively lowered her head and typed 'I'm sorry, Sir.'

'Friday, 6PM, don't be late.' was his last send for many days.

One one hand Lynn felt even further out of control. On the other her Alpha male had, as she had been telling him she need for over a year, took the decision of her hands.

On the date of the scheduled meeting Lynn had just arrived home from work. This was her "me time", before her dull husband arrived home. Time to take care of her personal needs including checking her private e-mail and sex chatting online.

As soon as she logged in 'What's up sexy lady' came the private message from Frank. Frank had become Lynn's safe sex chat friend. Not demanding, and very accommodating, she had come to enjoy watching him stoke his long fat dick while she massaged and penetrated her pussy with her pink vibrator. With Jim it was always an intense situation where her role as the sub drew many lines for her to follow. When she was good, which she normally was, the reward was pure bliss. When she failed the mark of his disappointment on his face always muted her enjoyment. With Frank it was an easy fuck and go.

Pulling off her skirt she typed her replied 'Hey bay, how are you?'

Lynn knew she only had an hour to prepare for her meeting with Jim. She thought a quick cum would calm her nerves and strengthen her resolve.

Turning on her cam and microphone her screen was instantly filled Frank's semi rigid cock and a small windowing that that showed her quickly undressing. Upon seeing her drop off her bra Frank immediately began his practiced stroke of his long thickening cock.

'I love those titties babe, please pull on those sweet nipples.' Came his immediate send.

Pulling off her skirt and panties Lynn thought this was Franks most enduring part, NO foreplay, just straight to wanking.

Lifting her milky white breast towards the cam, for his inspection, Lynn pushed them together and then let them fall, only to be held by the pinch of her elongated nipples. 'This what you want baby?' she cooed as she leaned back to spread her legs.

"Oh God yes' came Franks reply as his reaction was a pause in his stroking to allow her to see his pulsating cock and nearly blue mushroom head.

Lynn open her personal drawer and pulled out her curved pink vibrator. Although it was not as thick as the girth she was wanting, it served her well by reaching inside to immediately touch her G-spot.

Watching Frank stoke his cock, and seeing his tightening ball sack, she rubbed her clit and ran the toy over her fat lips. As she felt the tingle build inside she pushed the vibrator fully inside and watched Frank focus on her pussy as he increased the speed of his strokes.

As her climax neared Frank let out a moan and shot a huge thick rope of cum onto his camera. The effect on Frank sent Lynn's legs shaking with her climax and she fought to keep the vibrator inside as her Kegel muscles tried to expel it.

Fast and strong, that was Frank and what she loved about him. Closing her eyes Lynn enjoyed the warm wash of pleasure of her cum flowing down her neck, over her breast and down to her kitty.

'Buzz, Buzz' came the notice of a text on her cell.

'I'm waiting' was all that Jim needed to say.

"I'm home" came the announcement of her hubby who had slipped into the house without a noise.
to be continued
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