Finding Lynn Part IV
Naked and aroused Lynn looked nervously around the room. She carefully kept her eyes averted from direct eye contact with her restrained Master, now completely naked, venerable and silent. She also avoided eye contact with Holly, the young beautiful red headed Dom, now sitting on the bed a few feet from her Master. Lynn glanced at Holly's young firm breast and rosy colored areolas and then back at her own C cups and tiny nipples.

"I said come, sit here between us." Holly's voice was low and inpatient while patting the silver bed spread next to her.

Broken from her trace the Sub within Lynn made herself move, knowing she had no choice but to please the Dom. Willful Obedience had always been her path to pleasure.

As Lynn moved between them, her warm smooth skin was in immediate contact with both her Master and the Dom. His reaction was a quick swelling of the thick cock she had desired all evening. She restrained herself from reaching over to caresses his hairy chest, lick the head of his cock and kiss him deeply. Holly, for her part, smiled at the contact as her thick nipples swelled with new found desire. Leaning down on her left forearm Lynn settled between them and spread her legs to create further skin to naked skin contact with the lovers surrounding her.

A low "mmmm" escaped his lips as her Master strained against his restraints. Holly, reading the increased contact as an invitation, moved on top to crush Lynn flat on the bed.

Kissing the passive Lynn fiercely Holly went wild with rapid pecks on the lips followed by kisses to her neck and down between Lynns breasts. Holly snaked one arm between them so she could rub and explore Lynn's smooth Mons.

"Tease me, you little Sub bitch" demanded Holly as she sucked one sweet nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue around the extended nipple.

Lynn, feeling the suction sending a tease towards her cunny, now penetrated by Holly's teasing fingers, complied. Slowly and softly she began running her hands up Holly's sides, under her breasts, cuping them and caressing them like delicate flowers.

"MORE," demanded the red head as she quickly moved to straddle Lynn's thigh. She then gave Lynn a lustful look before pressing Lynn's breasts together. Taking the other nipple deep into her mouth Holly began to suckle like a hungry baby while rubbing herself on Lynn's leg.

Closing her eyes, to further isolate the pleasure of her nipples, Lynn squezed both of the red heads breasts, like firm rip melons. She then slipped her fingers, toped with bright red nails, across the face of the offered breasts and then pinched both swollen nipples, Hard!

"Damn" screamed Holly as she sat up straight further scooting her wet kitty towards that of Lynn.

Having received no other instruction Lynn kept her eyes closed as she continued to squeeze and pull on tbe nipples between her fingers. To add to Red's pleasure she lifted her leg and began to move it slightly from side to side. The stimulation, pressed hard against Holly's moist slit, spread her thick lips wide and coaxed her clit out of hiding.

Red/Holly was now on fire. Professionally she could not allow herself to enjoy, let alone consummate to a climax, the teasing at the strip club. Now all of the evening of teasing, especially with these two, was building like a great volcano of pent up sexual frustration.

Lifting Lynn's leg Holly turned her on her side so she could expertly bring their sex into contact. Lynn's eyes snapped open at this new sensation of heat, moisture and velvet stimulation like she had never know.

"Have you ever had been tribbing, baby girl? I'll bet not like this," purred Holly as she used the leverage of the splayed leg to grind herself against the passive Sub. "Do you like my nub fucking you?" she continued making reference to her thick clit that was slipping across the folds of Lynn's pussy. "Your boyfriend really did as he fucked me from behind!"

As Holly kicked her tribbing into high gear, Lynn braced her self by holding onto the thigh of her Master.

Holly, her beautiful red mane now down across her shoulders and breast, was bouncing in the air as sweat was pouring off her brow and down between her breasts. She instructed her new found Sub. "Take it! I know you want it. Stroke his cock, but don't let him cum, not yet."

'Finally' thought Lynn as she reached out to grasp the thick member begging for attention. She loved the feel of his cock and the pre-cum that quickly coated her fingers. Closing her small soft fingers slightly, and making her arm stiff, she allowed the grinding and pounding of her pussy by Holly to move her body. This in turn stoked the throbbing cock of her Master.

"Oh God" escaped his lips before he could clamp his mouth shut tightly.

The Dom stopped her fucking of Lynn, just long enough to satisfy herself that the Master was not receiving more pleasure then she intended. Reading his pain and lust correctly she moved back to stroke Lynn's right breast and then slide three fingers up inside of Lynn.

"Keep stroking him, lightly" demanded the Dom "I did not say you could stop."

Wanting to comply Lynn slowly brought her fist up to his bulbous cock head, taped on his pee hole. She wanted to taste him but had not be instructed to do so. She slowly slid her hand down the shaft twisting and turning her fingers like she was wringing a wash cloth.

Holly noticed the strain on his restraints as the Master tried in vain to rise up and increase the stroke on his needy cock. Seeing he was not going to cum anytime soon Holly stopped stoking the velvet walls of Lynn's dripping wet pussy. Touching herself she savored the taste of their combined juices. Looking at the Sub straining to tease, but not please, the manhood in her grip Holly once again brought her sex into direct contact with Lynn's and renewed her tribbing.

Lynn was once again bouncing across the bed from Holly's thrust. She found herself sweating, and gripping her breasts, as her attention was split between the rising desire in her loins and her need to comply with the instructions to tease but not to the point of release.

"OH Fuck me, Fuck me, baby girl!" exclaimed Holly as her first climax neared.

"Quickly" instructed the Dom as she released Lynn's leg and began moving to the head of the bed. "Put yourself over his cock head, bitch, do it NOW!"

Lynn was happy to comply and as she positioned herself above the long desired cock she kept her eyes averted from his eyes. She took in the Dom as she straddled her lover and placed her slick cunny right on her Masters face.

What a sight they made. Holly, her red hair and pointed breast hanging low as she bent forward to grab the Master's cock. Blond Lynn, teased to the point she could hardly think, was hovering above her lovers cock with her juices dripping down to mix with his pre-cum. Gripping the cock, across the extended vein and just below the purple crown, Holly began rubbing it across Lynn's thick lips. At the same time she spread her own legs to slide down to cover his mouth and nose with her sex.

"Mmmm, that feels so good," she purred while wiggling her taught ass to slide her wet lips and extended clit back and forth across his mouth.

"Lick me good" she instructed while looking at the wet pussy and solid member in her hands.

The Master must have begun to comply in earnest because Holly rolled her eyes and arched her back to give him better access to her clit. Lynn's legs began to shake from both the tease and staying in the squatting position.

"Slide down and take him deep inside, but do it very slow." Was Holly's next direction.

As Lynn began to descend upon the rigid cock she felt Holly's fingers touching her nether lips. Deftly she played across Lynn's enflamed clit while stroking the cock that was slowing sliding up inside of her.

Lynn, finally impaled upon the desired cock, let her weight drive the throbbing Masters cock deep inside of her. She felt the head of the cock pressed up against her cervix and she was delightfully stretched and full in a way her husband never could.

"Kiss me, but do not move," Came the next direction from the Dom. "And you" speaking between her legs to the Master, gasping for breath while licking her leaking juices, "Are you ready to cum?"

A tongue thrust deep inside of Holly, combined with restrained arms and legs straining at their bindings, was all that Holly needed in response. "Then Fuck us, NOW!" She commanded.

As the renewed pleasure exploded from the tongue, lips and nose teasing Holly's sex she gave Lynn one last instruction. "Baby girl, make that cock explode." Then she grabbed her head and kissed Lynn deeply.

Wave after wave of deep seated pleasure washed over Lynn as she pounded up and then down upon her Masters cock. As it erupted inside she could feel his hot spunk coating her insides like never before.

Kisses from Holly, combined with the pinching of her nipples and the constant caressing of her clit, made Lynn explode with a pleasure never before felt. The intensity of her climax, triggered by the hot cum spurting hard against her cervix, made her legs shake, her heart race and nipples swell like finger tips. Holly bit Lynn's lower lip as her own climax, triggered by the tongue fucking she was getting, again washed over her.

As her shaking body began to subside Lynn found herself silently crying. She cried for the joy of pleasing both her lovers. She also cried with regret realizing all the married years combined had never risen to such pleasure and satisfaction. She wanted to trap the Master deep inside her, forever.

Holly just fell forward, her head coming to rest between Lynn's heaving breasts. "Oh Fuck" was all she could say.

"You are released" came the final command from Jim as his cum finally began to drip out of his lover. "I do love you" he added.

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