Finding Lynn part II
As I sucked hard on her clit I reached up to pinch her nipples. I continued to flex my fingers inside knowing that the pressure upon her cervix, G spot and entrance would send additional waves of after-shocks to follow her climax. I twisted my hand from side to side stretching a caressing the velvet walls with my knuckles and her legs shook, bound by the ankles.

As I reached down to steady myself I was rewarded with feeling the end of her foot and that her toes were curled as tightly as my fist. She was straining against the restraints to bring even more of her body in contact with my teasing fingers

I pumped my hand slowly so I could watch the pleasure wash over her face. When her legs finally began to stop shaking I withdrew my hand slick with her juices and climax. I slowly licked my fingers as I watched her wet, slick, tunnel slowly close like the iris of a very sexy eye.

As her vagina returned to near normal the escaping air sounded like a whoopee cushion.

"Sorry" she said.

I stood there and looked her. Her hair was matted from the perspiration of her struggling. Her bound breast were a light shade of blue and I could tell the ropes would leave a mark for her to hide from her husband. The raised marks from my slaps were like a solders strips she had earned for being a good sub.

Rolling her head back against the top of her chair she spoke to the ceiling. "Gawd, that was so fucking good."

When I did not respond, or move, she looked back at me.

"Like what you see?" She asked as she rolled her tummy like a belly dancer, enticing me to come nearer. She then quickly realized the demand for information was out of character for a sub.

"Please sir," she tried again with her eyes lowered "May I please you?"

The solid erection in my pants was demanding attention. Thoughts of all of the possibilities ran through my head like a fancy sex manual.

"What ever you want, love," was her instruction to me, upon our arrival at the Hilton, before she fell into her sub role for the night.

Although I needed her, badly, I was not finished with preparing her for my climax with her. No, not just yet.

As I knelt down to remove the Velcro from her ankles I slid my hands up each lag and pulled on the thick lips hanging down. I could sense the unspoken question, when was I going to fuck her?

Silently I removed her restraints and she stood up, at first a little unsteady. She breathed deeply as I kissed, licked and finally unwound the many turns of rope that had bound her beautiful breast.

"Don't touch" was my only correction as her hands naturally reached to caress her elongated nipples and her breasts filling again with fresh blood.

"Get dressed," I instructed "but leave the bra and panties behind."

This instruction drew a very quizzical look, but not a sound of protest. As she pulled her sun dress over her head I could see the hard nipples would be very visible through the thin materiel. The low cut bodice was not going to hid our love marks on her cleavage.

As she slipped on her heels I noticed her firm taught legs drew attention to the short hem just barely covering her ass. Any wind at all would espouse her lady hood, just as I had intended. I held her hand as we entered the elevator and could feel her clutching my fingers tightly.

The glass half moon elevator looked down upon the lobby. I moved her to the back which put her body against the glass wall. This was now her first test.

"Spread your legs sweetheart." I instructed her from behind softly, but firmly holding her hand.
Lynn complied and shifted her weight to put a foot a space between her feet.

'ding', we passed the 10th floor.

"More I demanded" while pressing my thumb into the palm of her hand.

Lynn responded with a three foot spread and a enticing look over her shoulder into my loving eyes.

'ding', we passed the 8th floor.

"Don't move" I instructed as I lifted the hem of her yellow sun dress above her waist. I had asked her to wear her husbands favorite dress. It seemed appropriate that she should so willingly please me in the dress her soon to cuckold husband loved so much. I could feel her legs stiffen as the hem of her dress rose and she clutched my hand harder her eyes riveted on mine. I brushed the back of my hand, still holding hers, up along the inside of her spread legs so my knuckles could brush along her thick lips. I was pleased at the moist lubrication on my hand from the ample juices of her anticipated pleasure.

I knew she was thinking of a past story where a lover was ravished in just this same manner, in this same elevator.

I smiled an offered a tease, "Not yet, my sweet, not yet".

'ding', we passed the 4th floor.

Satisfied a few onlookers had an ample opportunity to view and enjoy her very bald pussy I let go of her dress, allowing it fall across her bum.

As the elevator slowed I pulled her around to face me and stand erect.

As I kissed her softly I said "You deserve a special reward."

As we exited the Hilton we quickly crossed Lee Highway at 23rd street. After a two minute walk I ushered into the Crystal Cafe. Known for its young strippers and good steaks this facility had been dubbed the "Crystal Ballet", long ago by the military folks who needed a lunch release of tensions while not wanting to reveal a high end strip club just blocks form the pentagon.

Upon entering the club I scanned for my friend and offered the doorman the customary $20 each "entertainment fee".

"The lady is free of charge" replied the bouncer as her viewed my sweetheart from ankle to forehead and back again. "If you are looking for Leon he is backstage dressing one of the girls for a fancy visitor." As I nodded with a knowing smile he pushed all my money back at me saying, "If you are that guy, man you have already paid, in spades."

A we sat down in the VIP section facing the center stage I watched Lynn's eyes as she nervously looked around to room. I could tell from the clutching of my hand that she was nervous being the only woman not "working". Even with plenty of cleavage, readily apparent, she was clearly overdressed for this establishment.

The thumping music was so loud I had to get very close to her ear to say, "Remember swetheart, this is for My pleasure!"

Hearing those words Lynn visible relaxed. Knowing what was expected of her pleased her. As the center of attention, both from me and the strangers in the room, she blushed while her her nipples soon became apparent, straining against her thin sun dress. Looking towards the stage Lynn finally saw the young blond twisting spinning down a long brass pole. Hanging upside down, her long blond hair created a golden halo between her head and the stage floor. Lynn was a little started when she quickly sank towards the floor and then her ankles expertly slowed her decent causing her breast to uplift then and fall back towards her neck.

The young lady, just barley 18 with firm breasts and a very flat tummy, continued to grind her body against the pole. I wondered if Mommy and Daddy know how she was putting to good use all those many cheer leading camps. As she slide across the stage she lifted and rocked her legs as if she was in the midst of colitis with an invisible lover. Knowing this song would soon end the men rose to bring her tips at the edge of the stage.

"Bring her this" I instructed while handing Lynn a ten dollar bill while separating her hand from mine. "Wait," I said turning her back towards me, "Woman can only tip using their teeth".

I watched with a big smile as Lynn moved to the stage, waiting for all of the men to tip the young girl and leave. Most put their dollar offering into the garter, high up on her hip, or the side strap of the very thin black mesh thong. She smiled sweetly as each took the opportunity to briefly caress her thigh.

The blond dancer finally took notice of Lynn, and the ten dollars pursed between her lips. That prize was equal to all the tips of the other men and generated the desired effect.

"You like my dancing, honey?" Her eyes had locked on Lynn, and the ten dollar prize, as she scooted towards the edge of the stage.

Lynn just nodded and bent froward to deliver the offered gift. Much to Lynn's surprise, and my pleasure, the dancer flung her legs over Lynn's shoulders and drew her closer. By arching her back Lynn, the blonds young pussy with the thong pulled tight between her lips and the ten dollars were just centimeters apart.

"Come on honey, it won't bite you" urged the young dancer as she pulled her thong away from her pussy. This exposed her completely, and probably illegally, giving Lynn the money shot every man in the house would die for.

Bending a little further Lynn braced herself with her hands on the stage as she turned her head slightly slipped the ten between the thong and the shaved pussy.

"Thanks" the dancer spoke as she flexed her pelvis up and gripped Lynn harder with her legs to bring Lynn's face and lips in contact with her young shaved slit.

"Yeah", the entire room cheered at the sight of the two ladies entwined.

Lynn quickly rushed back to our table, her expression was a mix of wicked pleasure and concern she had crossed some bound. Kissing her softly I put her at ease telling how much she had pleased me and that I liked the taste of her new lipstick.

"Don't" I instructed as I stopped her hand, holding cloth napkin, from wiping her face and mouth. "I may want to kiss you again."

Lynn smiled and took up the Grasshopper drink that I had ordered for her. Not knowing her tolerance for alcohol I had made it a double.

Satisfied that she had really pleased me Lynn sat back to watch the new girl take the stage. I noticed my friend Leon off to the side of the stage, near the dressing room where the girl had just emerged. Giving me a thumbs up I knew that this must be 'the one'.

"Please put you hands together" came the loud announcement. "Gentlemen, and Lady, you are in for real treat. Please welcome to our featured stage the one, the only, Barbra Lynn, but we all know her as our very own RRREEED!"

As the scattered applause came from around the room a red headed beauty crossed the stage in two steps and leaped upon the tall brass pole like it was her long lost lover. She was aptly named. Her hair was a mane of red hair, and copper glitter, like the lady in weird science. Her thick poutey lips were painted in the same firecracker red that flashed from her 5" leather heels as she spun around the pole. Her only piece clothing was a one piece body thong that just barley covered her tick nipples and disappeared between her long slim legs in a very thin red line.

Everything about Red was in motion. Your attention was constantly shifting from her floating head of hair, touched by the occasional hands adorned in long red nails to her constantly spread eagle legs and her clutching butt cheeks. At one point Red froze on the pole with her back arched in an unbelievable pose 4 feet off the floor. Every eye in the place was focused on that thin strap, pryaing this time it would let go.

I watched Lynn as Red continued to twist and turn offering her ample breast to the audience like they were part of an erotic feats. More than once I caught the briefest of eye contact between Lynn and Red.

As Red concluded her first dance she pulled the thin straps down to fully expose her 36D breast, saucer like areolas and finger like nipples. Lynn was mesmerized and downed the last of her drink. As Red continued her second number Lynn did not notice the second drink deftly placed within reach. Having never allowed herself to think sexually about another woman she was enthralled with the opportunity where her inspection was clearly expected.

As Red finished her second number a very enthusiastic line of customers jockeyed for position next to the stage. Many were regulars and were rewarded with their faces pulled between her breast in acknowledgement of their tips. Sipping on her second drink Lynn looked at me for an indication it was her turn to tip the young lady.

"Wait" I said restraining her free hand but not interfering with the hand holding her second drink. Lynn slumped back in her seat, clearly disappointed, and took a long draw on her drink.

As Red finished collecting her tips she returned her straps to the cover position and then made a bee line to our table. As the young red head approached Lynn sat up, still sipping from her drink.

"Hello" the soft voice said as Red extended her hand of welcome, not to me, but to Lynn.

Gingerly, holding the offered hand with the long red nails Lynn offered a short "Hello" in reply.

Not waiting for an invitation Red slide into the seat next to Lynn. I could see her bare thigh was in complete contact with Lynn's leg.

"You are beautiful" came Red's next remark as she looked down the front of Lynn's dress.

"Ah, thank you" she replied.

"No!" I said as I caught her hand when she instinctively went to close a second button.

As I released another button Red laughed, again took Lynn's hand, and said "Honey, in here everything is ok".

As Lynn took another swig of her drink Red stood up and took lynn by the hand. "Come on honey" she urged Lynn to her feet. "Your boyfriend bought you a VIP lap dance, so we are going to play." As Lynn started to move Red looked at me, crooked her finger at me and with a very wicked smile added, "Come on handsome, you paid for it, so you can watch."

As I followed the ladies to the back VIP room I relished how my sweet allowed herself to be led by this young woman who radiated sex in every direction. All the men we passed smiled or winked at Lynn knowing something hot was about to begin.

As we entered the dimly lite lounge we first encountered a very large and stern looking bouncer. "It's ok Ronnie" Red said as she pulled Lynn through the entrance, "They are with me and they have paid."

"Ok," came his gruff response, "I'll be here if you need me."

Red then led us to the very end booth area.

"This is nice and private" claimed Red as she drew Red and I into her private performance area.

As our eyes began to adjust to the darkness I could see a very comfortable love seat/recliner, covered in red leather. The low arm rests looked slick from use. Next to it was a small drink stand with a box of tissues and below a simple pink waste basket. Red indicated that my seat was to be metal folding chair, next to the entrance of the alcove.

Lynn looked a little hazy from the her buzz and the swiftness of this situation.

"Sit down and get comfortable." Instructed Red.
She half pushed Lynn onto the couch causing her feet to fly up as the love seat partially reclined.
"We wont need these," she continued as she quickly removed Lynn's shoes, caressing each foot with her hair as it come free.

As the music began to play Red pulled down her thin straps once again allowing her firm breast to swing free. Before Lynn could utter any response Red climbed on her lap and kissed her deeply. It was not a friendly kiss, it was more of a kiss to Lynn's soul. Lynn's hands found their way to undulating hips and held the girl tight. Just as she had on stage all of Red was in motion rubbing, grinding and teasing every place the two were in contact.

Reluctantly breaking their kiss Red began to press her naked breast against the thin material of Lynn's sun dress. "This won't do." claimed Red after a few rubs back and forth. "I hate your buttons, they hurt," claimed Red, "Please get them out of the way."

Lynn looked my direction and seeing no direction, against of for, she turned her gaze back into the green eyed lady on her lap and slowly unbuttoned her dress. My cock was straining for attention as I watched the buttons reveal more and more of my lady. As the last button came undone, and Lynn's beautiful breast were completely visible, Red took Lynn's and and placed them on her own firm breasts.

"Together." Demanded Red as she caressed and rubbed her breasts on the naked cleavage of Lynn. She had managed to spread Lynn's legs apart so her knee was in contact with Lynn's sex. Leaning back, while still gyrating on Lynn's leg, Red grabbed Lynn's hands, full of her young breast, and demanded "Suck them baby, suck them good, it is what your man paid for!".

This time Lynn did not bother to look my way. She leaned forward and brought one swollen nipple to her mouth and began to lick and suckle it like it was her favorite ice cream cone. This contact sent Red into high gear bouncing and rubbing on Lynn like she was an artificial dildo.

As the first number ended Red jumped off Lynn's lap and laid spread eagle next to her. "I don't know about you but I need a break."

Taking this is a cue for the end Lynn, face flush red with the tease and the drink, began to pull her dress together.

"Where do you think you are going?" Red demanded teasing. Tossing me the box of tissues she added, "Here you are really going to need these."

As the next song began Red leaned across Lynn's lap to take her right breast into her hands. "Mmmm" escaped from her throat as she expertly sucked the nipple, and part of Lynn's breast, deep into her mouth.

"Oh, My God" exclaimed Lynn as she first experienced the hot tongue of a woman who knew exactly how to please and tease a nipple. After a few minutes had passed "The other?" was Lynn's encouragement to pleasure both her ladies.

"Why of course" came Red s reply as she pulled the nipple from the suction of her mouth with a loud 'plop'. She immediately latched onto the other breast while Lynn grabbed her head ensuring complete contact was established.

As I wanted this erotic scene play out I noticed that red had pulled the red thong down around her hips, exposing her slit and sweet bum for me to see. As she sucked and rubbed against Lynn the contractions of her outer lips were plain to see.

The second thing I noticed was Lynn had taken one hand and was pulling the hem of her shirt up higher, and higher and higher. Even in the dim light I could see her juices glistening on her swollen lips.

"Did he pay you, enough? questioned Lynn as she gently pushed Red off her suckled tat and towards her wanting sex.

"Honey," came Red's soft reply, "He paid me more than enough." Then said she dove between Lynn's out stretched lags and began to nurse on the swollen clit she quickly encountered.

Pulling my swollen cock from my pants I allowed my thick manhood to relish the sex before me. Lynn was stiff as a board shaking with every lick to her slit and deep sucking of her clitoris. Red was thrust two of her long thin fingers, roped with her long red finger nails, deep into Lynn's cunny.

"More," demanded Lynn, "more fingers."

Red heard the need in her voice and quickly began to stroke Lynn's swollen puss with four thrusting fingers. Her thumb continued to rub the finger like clit between long licks and lips latching onto the elongated clit as if it was another nipple.

"I'm going to cum ,oh gawd, I'm going to cum" cried Lynn as her legs continued to shake sending her tits swing in little circles.

Red stopped briefly, looked my way and made a hand slap on her ass. I need no further invitation. As Red returned to her snatch munching I positioned my thick cock head against her young, tight, entrance.

"Now" screamed Red as she pressed her booty back towards me swallowing my thick manhood in one slick gulp.

"Yes, Oh Gwad, Yes, N O W!" screamed my sweetheart as Red responded to my thick intrusion with a lip lock on Lynn's clit that sent her over the roof.

"Come on baby" urged Red as she bounced expertly back upon my swollen cock, "The last song is almost done..., make me cum you bastard ... make me cum, NOW!"

As the tight velvet walls contracted and milked my cock Lynn searched for my hand and eyes. She could barley move from her own climax, but wanted to enjoy mine while she could.

"I'm coming" I groaned needlessly. The explosion from my nut-sack deep inside her her hot young pussy, spoke for its self sending gushes of our combined cum, flowing down her legs with each hard thrust.

"Red," called the bouncer from the small hallway, "time is up girl.

As Red stood up my semi-hard cock slipped from her hot wet pussy. First giving Lynn a deep wet kiss she pulled up her thin straps and then gave Lynn a lick of her fingers covered with her cum. As she handed me the tissue box she gave me a peck on the cheek and my cock one long pull. Red quickly departed with "Later baby?"

To be continued ...
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