Finding Lynn part III
As Red stood up my semi-hard cock slipped from her hot wet pussy and I could feel our mixed cum pouring out of her pussy, down her slit and onto my shaft. Wiping herself with a tissue Red smiled at Lynn and gave her a deep wet kiss. I watched intently as she ran her fingers up her slit and across her swollen clit. Turning slowly towards me she offered me her index finger and a taste of our mixed climax. The other hand pulled up and adjusted the thin straps of her costume. As I sucked her finger into my mouth the warm nectar made my cock begin to again thicken. She then turned away and wordlessly offered her remaining cum covered fingers to my lady. I t was a turn on to watch Red pinch her nipples and as Lynn licked the offered fingers like they were an ice cream cone. As Red handed me the tissue box she gave me a peck on the cheek and my slippery cock one long pull.

Red quickly departed with a sultry "Later baby?"

Lynn was in a state of total bliss with her hair and clothing in complete disarray. I let her sit there, sprawled on the love seat, her legs still splayed open and her breast exposed as I cleaned my semi-hard cock and placed it securely back in my slacks.

I offered Lynn my hand and said "Come on baby girl, we have to go."

Slowly to recover Lynn eyes fluttered as she brought me into focus. "That's was so fucking good, Sir."

"Yes I know, for me too," I replied. With a soft smile I added "there is still more to tonight."

Reluctantly Lynn sat up, covered her breasts, stood and smooth down her dress. She had not bothered to try in the least bit to wipe the mixed juices off her inner thighs, or the dribble of the mix cum that Red had left on her chin. Dutiful she followed me out of the booth and down the dimly lit hallway to where the security guard station.

"Nice job, buddy" he said with a broad smile. He then handed my five one hundred dollar bills and added "The boss said to give you this."

Lynn, who had began to regain her senses, gave us both with a very quizzical look, but did not say a word. As we exited back into the main lounge every eye was on Lynn and a few even clapped. Lynn nervously hid her head behind mine and clasped my right hand tightly.

As we exited out side of the club Lynn pulled my hand back towards her saying "Please, Sir?" Her gaze was on the cash still visible in my left hand.

I turned towards her pulled her close and began to assure her how pleased I was with her and what a good girl she had been.

I explained saying "The club participates in a series of high priced, select feeds, to private clubs and individuals." You can think of it as the U-tube of sex." Stroking her cheek I continued "I am very pleased with you. Tonight we were selected for a live feed and this is our reward for making the top ten for the night."

"Others saw us," she stammered "and it was recorded?"

Giving her a very disapproving look I released her hand and stepped back. "Do you want me to give the money back? Do you want to go home, to your husband, now?"

Quickly Lynn realized this was a test she had best no fail. "No Sir," she spoke softly as her eyes lowered and she reached for my hand. "I'm glad I pleased you... and your friends."

Without another word Lynn snuggled close as we walked hand in hand across the highway, back to the Hilton.

This trip on the elevator was full of young men returning from a night on the town. It was clearly evident, in the close confines of the elevator, that Lynn and I smelled of sex. The attention Lynn was receiving made her nipples swell and sent a charge of energy to my cock.

"Show them" was all I needed to say.

Lynn released my hand and pulled the top of her dress down to expose her beautiful breasts and firm pink nipples. A collective gasp of delight was the only sound the young men made. I bent my head down to lick and draw one swollen nipple into my mouth as Lynn held my shoulders to keep her legs from buckling.

'Ding' The elevator announced our floor and play time was over. We departed with Lynn pulling her dress back up but only partially coving her exposed bosom.

A collective "Holly shit" was heard from the elevator as the door closed.

When we reached our room I drew Lynn into my arms. I kissed her with abandoned force. My tongue urgently piercing her soft lips teased and played with her tongue like two snakes in heat.

Just as suddenly I released her, stood back, and instructed her to go shower. "Put on the red silk gown with the black lace I selected for you." With a smile I added "and don't take long."

Lynn looked a little confused but dare not question her instructions. Dutifully she stripped off her dress. She stood naked before me, her nipples firm and juices once again wetting her cunny, hoping I would change my mind and take her right then. When I made no move to engage her she turned away and headed for the shower.

When Lynn returned from the shower I had dimmed the lights, turned back the bed and was waiting for her and the middle of the bed. Her damp hair had released all the curls that I loved so much. The short red gown ended just below her ass cheeks and the black lace accentuated her cleavage and framed her pointed nipples.

It took Lynn a few seconds to realize I was tied to the bed, spread eagle, with the same black rope that had bound her breasts so tightly earlier. On the night stand was the five hundred dollars.

"Sir??" was the only thing Lynn could say.

The another voice softly said "It is now your turn, baby girl."

"Red?" Lynn exclaimed as she turned to see the young dancer standing off to the side of the bed.

"When I'm off the clock it is Holly." Smiling, as she began to undress, she continued, tonight, for five hundred dollars, I'm definitely off the clock. By the way, you look beautiful."

Once she was naked Holly embraced Lynn and began to kiss and caresses her in a series of soft sensual kisses to her face, neck and shoulders. Her hands caressed the silk, covered body while she breathed hot kisses onto her lace covered nipples. Looking at me for some sign Lynn began to return the kisses and to enjoy the naked embrace of this young and beautiful woman. She had never felt the naked skin of another woman's firm ass and her hands shook at the first contact.

Releasing Lynn, Holly held one hand as she sat upon the bed and patted the side next to her. She then said "I was going to gage him, but I need my clit sucked and my swollen pussy licked good, so I made him promise not speak, at least not until I leave."

"I don't understand" Lynn said looking from the sensual Holly, to me, and back again to Holly.

"It is easy" said Holly. "You are now My baby girl, at least for next few hours. Do you understand?"

Moving to come close to the bed Lynn replied "Yes... Mama?"

"Very good" Holly almost squealed with delight. Taking my semi-hard cock into her hand she continued, "This" and then reaching to touch and caresses my lips, "and these, are for OUR pleasure."

"Yes" Lynn answered quickly. Sitting on the bed she leaned past Holly, and while taking my hardening cock into her dainty hand she added "Our pleasure."

As the ladies laid upon the bed, and began to embrace, my rock hard member throbbed with anticipation.

to be continued...
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