Finding relief..
We've been chatting over the last few days after meeting in line at a coffee shop and exchanging #'s. Things started slow but have now warmed up and our shared thoughts have taken a fun new twist.

Today we cobbled together a scenario of 'accidently' running into each other at a bar, both showing up with our respective group of friends. Eye fucking one another across the room, brushes against each other at the crowded bar waiting for drinks...and finally, when we can't take any further teasing, sneaking out to a storage room and taking each other fast and furious. Bodies intertwined, belts snapped, buttons popped, panties shoved to the side, cock pumping, fingers swirling, tongues dancing.

After this heated exchange you need to sit down behind the closed door of your office. Feeling flushed from our discussions, you're so wet you swear you can hear a squishing sound when you have to walk. You take a chance to sneak a rub in through your jeans and feel a jolt as you press against your already stimulated clit. You leave your hand in place and rock your hips and get waves of pleasure in need more.

The top button of your pants comes undone and the zipper slowly lowered enough to gain access. Your hand snakes down, past the soft tufts of curly hair on top to the smoothness of your pussy below. It's drenched, both your panties and pussy at this point...and you finger slips easily between your lips, searching for satisfaction. Again you rock your hips to allow your clit to travel against the length of your finger while gently swirling your finger tip at the entrance.

This won't take long at all, you are on such a crest of the orgasmic wave already. Jolts of pleasure are coming now, you can feel yourself starting to spasm and legs involuntarily clenching. You bite hard on you lip to keep from crying out and alerting other to your coming ecstasy. You now swirl your fingers over your swollen clit to extrude as much pleasure as possible for this moment...and the wave crashes.

You suck in breath as though coming up for air after being submerged in water. Your body twitches even though you are trying to will it to be still, lest prying eyes are peeking in. Your fingers are now covered in your sweet nectar and you can smell the musky scent of your just completed ride. New waves of aftershocks hit you as you draw your hand out, eyes closed...head revel in the much needed release, but in the back of your head you know this is not enough to truly quench your thirst. More is needed...and you know where to get it...
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