Fingered her inside the resturant
Always had a fantacy,of taking a lady out to eat at a resturant. Ordering food,then a few drinks,to get rid of the fear of being caught.she is dressed in black skirt,pink pantys,white low cut blouse,no bra.side by side we set,as i reach over to kiss her hot red lips,our tounges tangle. My hand eases inside of her blouse,taking one of her breast in my hand,as i fondle her titty,and pinch her nipple. Looking to be sure no one is watching us. I slip my hand down between her legs,she reluctantly spreads her thighs,giving me the room i need to make contact with her slightly hairy cunt,rubing my fingers inbetween her lips,that have become dripping wet,make sure no one is coming,i say to here. She will say to me,im going to be the one that that will be coming if you keep THIS UP!!! Thats my plan i say to to her.just as i slip my fingers inside her hot tight wet pussy,the waitress shows up,as if were ok? Yes i tell her,ask if we want another drink,bring me a double bourban with water,.my lady wants a pina she walks off,i push my fingers deeper inside of her.causing her to moan pretty loud. Shhhh not so loud.waitress brings our drinks,sets them down. Looks at my date with concern,and says are you ok? Yes she replied,just a little buzz,she tells her. I hand her 20.00 tell her we want need anything else for awhile,we need to be alone so we can talk.ok just call my name when you need me.her name was maria,lil mexican she disappears,i kiss her deep with fingers slowly push in and out,rubbing her clit with my thumb.juices flow from her hot sticky wet pussy. Atleast 10 minutes of finger fucking her tight pussy and rubbing her enlarged clit,her hips buck she buries her face into my shoulders,i hear her saying ooohhhh fuuuuck im cumming.her juices gush onto fingers onto my hand inbetween her thighs,the walls of her š§cunt squeeze my š fingers i can smell the sweetš¬ aroma from her sex.trimbling she pushes my hand away telling that was most intense orgasm she ever had from getting fingered.licking her juices from my fingers,i told her,that her pussy was the best i ever tasted. She tasted her juices,and agreed,she tasted good. Submitted by:

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