First Time, The End - Part VI 'First Tribbing'
This last posting is very personal and was very hard to write. Every moment is as fresh in my mind today as it was so many years before. Each draft I wrote seemed bland compared to what I experienced and I needed HELP! Many thanks to Tara for loving me without conditions, Ellen who wore me down with her constant demands/encouragement to finish the story and to Diamondjim who helped make The End finally a reality. I hope you enjoy the baring of my soul.

I did not want to move and break the magic spell Jenn had weaved around us. I held Jenn's hand against my cheek savoring the warm contact while drinking in the smell of our sex. I was overjoyed with the tenderness she had shown me and afraid to move lest I wake up in my bed, once again alone.

Jenn continued to hold me and had actually begun a gentle rocking motion combined with a low humming, like you would do with a beloved child. I was damp like I had never been before but I resisted the temptation to move even though my calves ached from the tightness brought on by my extreme climax.

"Jenn?" I murmured softly into the small of her neck planting a soft kiss on the exposed skin below her ear.

"Yes love, what is it?" He voice was soft as she caressed my cheek and pulled my hair back over my ear with such tenderness I almost cried.

I snuggled a little closer to feel the warmth of her breast against mine. "Was it like this for you? You know, your first time with another woman?"

Jenn chuckled a little and pressed her hand on my head in a tender embrace. When she replied it had a tone of sincerity and confidence.

"Sweetheart this is just the warm up!" Then pushing against my reluctance to move she sat forward and pressed against me making me sit up.

"Nooo" I protested. My inability to move was partly from the wine and partly from the recent climax from Jenn's expect ministrations.

Opening the door she said firmly "We really need to go inside."

Walking was not on my mind. Since I could not imagine a climax beyond what I just experienced sleeping WAS on my mind. I figured I could do it in the car, in Jenn's arms, just as well as in the house I hated.

As if she was reading my thoughts Jenn opened the car door fully, then told me flatly "Don't even try pulling that "I'm too tired" trick on ME." Then she chuckled again while pushing me off her lap, out the door and onto my unsteady bare feet.

I remember standing there in the driveway feeling the hard cool pavement under my feet and staring at the house. I felt, rather than heard, Jenn stand up out of the car behind me. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt her firm breast and thick nipples though the shear material covering my back.

Jenn did not press me to move forward. Her embrace was supportive as much as it was enduring.

"What are you thinking?" asked Jenn without any pressure for a reply.

"What am I thinking?" I thought to myself.

Reaching up I crossed my arms over hers, pressed back against my new lover and turned my neck to invite a kiss.

"I was thinking how much I have hated living in this house, feeling both rejected and lonely and...."

"And want? came the encouragement from Jenn as she kissed my neck softly accompanied with a tight squeeze of my breasts.

Releasing her arms I lowered mine to my sides and reached back to caress then grasp her hips. Pulling her against me I replied "...and... how much I want you to kiss me again and again."

Pressing me to move forward Jenna steered us towards the front door, still wrapped in our embrace. If the neighbors peeked they probably saw two tipsy woman struggling towards the door. Little did they know we were two lovers drunk on each other struggling to maintain physical contact.

As we reached the front door I smiled thinking of the chilled bottle of wine waiting for me and the yet to be identified lover I had planned to snag at the reunion. I surly did not expect Jenna to be here with me. I had thought she would have left with someone close to the Asian beauty with the perky breasts and silken long hair.

For some reason I suddenly had a panic twing of jealousy thinking of my redheaded Jenna entwined with another lover, especially an imaginary coupling with the raven beauty.

Griping her dress off each hip I cried out "Promise me you will NOT leave me tonight,... promise me Jenna, or I won't go inside."

We had reached the front door but neighbors be dammed Jenna ignored the porch lights and pole lamp illuminating us and silently spun me around. before I could protest she put her hands on my cheeks, drew me in, and kissed me with more lust and tenderness than I had ever experienced before. I would have been lifted right out of my shoes, had I been wearing any.

Suddenly releasing me Jenn still held my face in her hands and pressed her nose against mine. "I'm not going anywhere" she said "Now open the fucking door before I rip off that dress right here on the porch."

I do not recall how we got the keys into the door lock or who went in first. Suddenly we were just in the foyer kissing and I remember the feel of the black slate against my feet. I can recall the blur of my dress falling off my shoulders, past my hips and onto the floor. As my dress surrounded my ankles my right nipple became engulfed by Jenn's hot hungry lips.

Jenna was kissing me like I was about to run away. "MMMMMMMM ... I have.. (sucking pressure and slurping noises) have wanted ... WANTED you for so.... so... fucking long"

We were walking backwards slowly towards the carpeted great room. My hands wrapped around Jenn's neck pressing her firmly against my breast. I was neither surprised or repulsed when Jenna cupped my sex in her right hand and deftly inserted two long fingers deep inside of me again. I did find myself walking up on the tips of my toes while relishing the full feeling within my sex.

Stopping just a few feet inside the room on the carpet I began spreading my legs to ease her access. While pulling her off one nipple and onto the other I pressed my pelvis forward to increase the pressure of my dripping pussy against the palm of her hand.

Not knowing the proper sexual banter between two woman, I improvised. "Yes mommy, please, please your little girl" I cooed to Jenna "Make me nice and wet!"

Suddenly Jenna showed me she was not out of surprises. She released her suction hold on my nipple, dropped to her knees and pressed her hot wet lips around my swollen pussy lips.

The sensation froze me in place and my hands reached down and clutched at her soft red hair. "GAWD... JENNA... WHAT ARE YOU DOING? J.E.N.NA ... GAWD ..I'm going to fall."

Breaking contact Jenna looked up with the eyes of someone on fire. "Loving you, as you Should be loved" was all she said as she again clamped her mouth back around my sex.

While her tongue continued bathing my slit and clit with rapid spikes of heat, her fingers spread wide with each stroke, her long nails scraping and hitting my G spot like never before. To steady me Jenn hand moved her other hand up to the crack of my ass, her fingers now teasing and probing that virgin territory.

Still shaking on my toes "I'm going to CUM Jen." somehow croaked out of my mouth.

Jenn completely released me and I collapsed panting and teased beyond words. Before I hit the floor she caught me in her arms, like a rag doll, and laid me out alongside her on the rug. Feeling her naked thigh I realized Jenna had also completely disrobed and her thick nipples were bright pink and her areoles were flush, rose colored and inviting.

My body was on fire, my legs were shaking and I was desperately in need of my climax. I reached up and pressed my palm against her full breast hoping to restart her teasing. Squatting next to me Jenn leaned over me and offered me one nipple, then the other, as she gently lifted the sweat soaked hair from off my eyes.

As she moved her breast down over mine she kissed me softly. I clearly remember hearing her say, "Do you want Mommy to please you?"

"MMMM .. Maa.. MM.. Ma, please" was all I could say pleading for her renewed touch.

"Enjoy baby girl" was the last verbal communication from Jenna to me.

Turning me slightly towards her Jenn lifted my left leg into the air and moved herself to squat between my sex covered thighs. From above we must have looked like like two pairs of scissors intersecting at the crossing.

At first I was only aware of her hands just above my ankle and the heat of her spread thighs on my left leg. Then her sex hit me and I was exploding with sensations.

There are no words for the feel of hot slick lips caressing each other as your exposed clit is hit by an equally sensitive and protruding nub. I could not tell you how long Jenn continued to rub and grind and twist and press and slide her slickness against mine. All I can recall are the rising flames within me and the joy that it was NOT going to end with some dick shooting off in, or ontop of me, with no release for me.

Twisting to gain some leverage on the floor I pressed my sex back hard against Jenn and was rewarded with "Oh YES... FUCKing ... YESSSSSS." escaping from her lips.

As my climax took over I froze in place. I mean I literally locked up. I could not move and I could hardly breath. Fortunately this just energized Jenna who took over the grinding for both of us.

As Jenn's climax over took her she squeezed my ankle so hard it left a lovers bruise. She was absolutely silent in the throes of her eruption but I felt a second wave take off brought on by the clamping of her legs fast around mine. I tried to fit my fingers between us to tease her clit but there was no space to be found.

Our climaxes cycled, first in sync then separately triggering a new wave in each other. Jenn sat there, pressed firmly against me, for many minutes and the second and third aftershocks made her body shake causing her mons and free flowing juices to further intermix with mine. When she finally could break herself free, her shaky legs barley supported her movement to lay prone next to me.

Jenn had just enough strength left to draw me next to her. I remember how she kissed me softly and held me as we both drifted off to sleep.

The bright morning sun found us exactly as we laid after our sex. We were in each others arms, breast pressed close together, legs intertwined, and our lips just inches apart, awaiting that first morning kiss.

The End!
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