First Time
One summer a long time ago, I must have been about 12; I hung out with the same six or seven other boys. We would do things that all boys did, build forts, climb trees, etc. As the summer progressed, one of the boys told about his older brother and some of his friends having found a place outside of town where they went skinny dipping.

The spot was in a creek under a railroad trestle. The older boys had built a makeshift damn which resulted in a pond about the size of a swimming pool and about five feet deep. My friend told me that the older boys would get naked and swim around and play water games. He did not know any more details.
We decided one day to find the swimming hole and experience it for ourselves. After about a three mile hike along the railroad tracks we found the spot. We had been keeping quiet in case the older boys were there. Sure enough, as we got closer, we could hear voices and my friend recognized one as his older brother.

When we got closer, we sneaked up slowly to see without being seen. We looked through some bushes and saw the boys jumping around and having fun. They were indeed all naked. We were close enough to see their soft dicks bouncing around as they jumped up and down playing a game somewhat like water polo, throwing a ball back and forth. After watching for several minutes it kind of got boring and we left.

One of the other younger boys that was with us made a comment about seeing the older boys' dicks. He thought they looked rather large compared to his and he wondered if his would get that big. We stopped and one of the other boys asked him to show us his dick so that we could compare. The younger boy (about 10 or 11) dropped his short pants and underwear to reveal this little penis about the size of an adult man's pinky finger. It was hard and bounced up and down. He took hold of it and waved it around. Everybody was laughing as he played around with it.

Another of my friends then reached over and gave it a flick with his finger, which brought another round of laughter. No one seemed to be bothered by what was taking place and we all assured him that his would grow as he got older. He then got concerned and was not so sure we were telling him the truth.

Then to prove the point, the boy that had done the flicking (he was 13) dropped his shorts and as he pulled down his underwear the younger boy gasped as the dick in front of him was hard and was about five inches long and about as thick as a D cell battery. Almost instinctively the younger boy reached out and took the bigger dick in his hand and wrapped his fingers around it. At that instant, everyone got quiet as we all watched. The younger boy, with his pants still around his ankles and his little boner pointing straight out was standing there with the older boys' dick in his hand. He squeezed and pulled on it out of curiosity.

The older boys' dick seemed to get even harder with this other boy playing with it. You could see that he was breathing heavier and started moving his hips a bit as the boy moved his hand on his dick. The younger boy then took his hand off the older boys' dick and grabbed his own. He went back and forth between his little boner and the older boy's bigger dick, almost clinically, not sexually at all. I do not think either boy was thinking of this in sexual terms because none of us had any real sexual experience. It was just a matter of having their dicks out in front of other people and having someone else handle theirs.

Just then we heard voices and realized the older group of boys must be leaving the swimming hole and coming in our direction. The two boys pulled up their shorts and we ran off into the woods to hide. We waited and watched the older boys walk past and waited until they were gone before we came out of the trees and headed back to the swimming hole.
We decided that we were going to experience skinny dipping as well. When we go there, it did not take long for everyone to shed their clothes and head for the water. As I looked around, I noticed that nearly all of us were semi-hard. The experience of watching the two boys earlier was apparently still with us.
One of the other boys caught me looking towards his cock and he smiled at me. With that his cock seemed to get a little hard, as did mine. We continued into the water and did not say anything. Since we did not have a ball to play with, we just started horsing around with each other, trying to dunk each other, etc. Since we were all somewhat hard, the physical contact with the other boys made out cocks even harder.

After several minutes of this horseplay, the youngest boy stopped and realized the various sizes and shapes of the hard cocks. He started talking about how this boys' was bigger than the others and one was uncut and one was fat, etc. Then we all realized that we were standing in shallow water up to about our knees and looking at each other's cocks.
The youngest boys little boner even seemed a bit bigger as he was obviously turned on having the contact with other naked bodies and seeing all of these cocks. As he was standing there looking around, he absentmindedly began playing with his boner. He was casually pulling on it first with one hand, then the other.

It was then that the oldest boy (the one with the biggest dick) asked the younger boy if he had ever jacked off. The younger boy had no clue what he was being asked and said no and he asked what it was. The older boy then said that what he was doing was sort of jacking off and he proceeded to wrap his hand around his own cock and begin stroking. He told the younger boy to watch what he was doing and then do it to.

The rest of us seemed kind of stunned as we just stood there and watched. The oldest boy and the youngest boy and their vastly different seized cocks, standing there masturbating. No one said a word as we watched. After a few minutes, the older boy said, "Now watch, I am going to shoot soon." I had jacked off in my bed before and shot a little liquid, so I knew what he was talking about, but it appeared that some of the other boys were as clueless as the youngest boy.

Just then the oldest boy slowed his pace and two or three squirts of creamy liquid shot out of his cock. Right away the youngest boy asked if he was going to that to if he kept going. The oldest boy said he may not, but it will still feel good, so the youngest boy kept stroking. The oldest boy then looked around to see everyone else just standing there with hard cocks watching. He told us all to go ahead and jackoff!

Almost instantly there was a blur of hands as we each were jacking our cocks. After a just a little bit, the oldest boys' cock was hard again and he started jacking off again. I was next to shoot as a couple of spurts shot out into the water and then some more kind of oozed out and ran down over my hand. Two other boys shot a little as well, while the youngest boy and two others did not. Then the oldest boy shot again, nearly as much as he had the first time.

After a few awkward seconds of silence, everyone jumped into deeper water and we played around for another half hour or so before deciding to head back into town. We did not say anything about what had taken place, not anyone else, nor even to each other.
A few days later we were playing together and someone suggested we got out to the swimming hole. We all agreed and we practically ran all the way. Luckily, the older boys were nowhere to be seen and we got naked right away and jumped into the water. After horsing around for a few minutes, one of the other boys realized that no one thought to bring a ball to play with.

The youngest boy, without any hesitation, just blurted out, "Wouldn't be more fun to just play with each other anyway?" Obviously he was too young to understand what he was saying or the implications it may have. However, the rest of us just kind of looked at each other and realized that by just thinking about it we were starting to get hard. The youngest boy led the way as he started to jackoff his stiff little penis.

Everyone joined in and we were all jacking our cocks. Just then one of the other boys my age (12) said, I thought he said we were going to play with each other! With that he reached over and grabbed my cock and began stroking. Boy what a new sensation that was. I loved jacking off and did it as often as I could, but having another person doing it for me, even if it was another boy, felt great.
Everyone else paired off and since there were an odd number of boys, the youngest and the oldest took turns jacking off one of the other boys.

After a few minutes, those that could shoot started cumming, me included. Last time we stopped after this, but this time we realized that only half of us had shot. So we reciprocated, reversing each pairing and jacking of the boy that had just done us. The odd set of three boys had one boy jacking two cocks, one in each hand. Again, those that could came.

The youngest boy then said, "Now wasn't that fun!" And we all had to agree. As we gathered up our clothes, no one got dressed and we started walking naked and talking about how cool it felt. Before long most of us had hard-ons again. Realizing this we started jacking off as we walked and we each commented how much cooler that felt, walking down the path seven naked boys playing with their cocks!
A couple of us shot again, but by then we were starting to get close to the road and needed to get dressed. Again, nothing was said to anyone else about what had taken place.

However, one difference was that the boy that I was paired with came by my house that night and right away the conversation turned toward the day's events.

He asked me what I thought about another boy playing with my cock, and without even waiting for my answer he told me that he thought it felt really good and he was really looking forward to doing it again. He then said he did not necessarily want to do it with any of the other boys, but he wanted to do it with me again. I was kind of surprised by that, but told him that I thought it felt really good as well.

It was obvious that our conversation was turning us both on as we were each adjusting ourselves several times. He then asked if we could go out to the garage and play with each other right now! I thought why not and said sure, so we headed out to the garage. (He knew from other conversations with me that I had a stash of Penthouse magazines in the upstairs of the garage and I often went there to jackoff.)

We got into the garage and up the steps at the back of the workshop; he had his clothes off before I could even get one of the magazines out. We started each reading some of the Forum stories and our cocks, which were already stiff, got even harder. We each started playing with ourselves as we continued reading. He then asked if it would be okay if he jacked me off while I read some of the stories out loud. Before I could answer he had put down his magazine and pulled my hand off my cock.

I continued to read as he started jacking me off. This was a new sensation, combining the reading and having someone else jack me off while I was reading. It was seemed even better than when he jacked me off at the swimming hole. I guess it was because it was just the two of us and he had expressed how he really wanted to jack me off.

After a very short time I shot my load and it was more than ever before. Several streams shot out and landed not only on my stomach, but also on his hand and on his stomach as he was lying beside me as he jacked me off. He was as surprised about the amount as I was and he just went, "Wow!"

What happened next also surprised me. Without saying a word he lifted his hand up to his mouth and licked my cum from his fingers, then from his arm. He then took a finger and scraped it off his stomach and licked his fingers. While he was doing that, I had grabbed one of my stashed towels and cleaned my stomach off.

He then turned to me and said, "My turn."
With that he picked up the magazine with one hand and grabbed one of my hands with his other and guided it to his hard cock. I did not stop him and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was nearly as long as mine, but not nearly as thick. It kind of reminded me of a large marker, long and thin. He started reading a very hot story about a boy being seduced by his mother. He told me that this was his favorite type of sex story, especially since he had seen his mother naked and he had masturbated thinking about having sex with her. I told him that I also liked those stories.

He asked why and as I slowly stroked his cock I told him about one time when I was in bed and jacking off while reading some of these same stories and my mother had walked into my room to bring up the laundry. I told him that she did not actually see my cock because I was in bed and holding a sheet up over me. I did continue to masturbate because I was so close and the story I was reading was about a mother watching her son masturbate. It was almost like I was in the story and the reality was not happening.

I looked up just as I was shooting to see the look on her face and she simply said now I know why your sheets are so stained, don't wipe that on your sheets anymore! Then she turned and walked out of the room. Many times after that I jacked off thinking about her watching, only with no covers on and she would see my cock as the cum spurted out. I would imagine her even coming over and sitting on my bed beside me as I did it, but no, nothing like that ever happened.

When I looked back at him, he had his eyes closed and I could tell that he was about to shoot. He got so turned on by my story that he did not need to read. I reached my other hand over and gave his balls a squeeze and just then he shot three or four ropes of cum, also more than he had ever cum before.

He asked me what time it was and when I told him he got up quickly and dressed, saying that he had to be home soon, but added that he wanted to get together again the next day. We agreed to meet in the garage the next afternoon.

At the agreed upon time, I was in the garage and had already gotten naked and was reading a hot mother/son story when he arrived. I was slowly jacking my hard cock and he just stood there watching for what seemed like forever. I stopped and asked if was going to just stand there or join me. Instead of getting undressed he just dropped down on his knees and leaned forward and took my hard cock into his mouth. I groaned with pleasure and asked him why he did that.

He told me that he had overheard his older sisters talking about giving their boyfriends blowjobs and they described in detail how they did it. He said that he was in the hallway outside of their room and right there he took out his cock and jacked off while listening to them. He said that right then he decided that he wanted to do that to me. After telling me that he went right back to licking and sucking my cock. He must have listened very well to them because he did a great job. In no time I told him that I was going to shoot. Instead of pulling off, he held my cock in his mouth and slowly jacked me at the same time.

I came in his mouth, shooting rope after rope of hot cum and even made him gag a bit due to the volume. Some of it ran down from the corners of his mouth and dripped onto the floor, but he was able to swallow the majority of it. When he was done, he told me that it was just as good as his sisters said it was.
Then, just as the day before, he turned to me and said, "My turn!"

I was not so sure about doing it to him. I had not had any time to prepare myself mentally as he had and was not even sure that I ever wanted to do that. He told me how good it felt to have my cock in his mouth and he asked me if it felt good for me. I told him duh, it had felt really good. And so he said it was only fair that I do him then.

I did not say I would or wouldn't, but I did reach over and begin playing with his cock. It was very hard and even seemed a bit bigger today. I am sure that he was turned on more than ever anticipating that I was going to suck his cock. I looked closely at it while I jacked it and I finally decided that because of his size I would not have any problem getting it in my mouth, in fact I was sure that I could take his whole cock, which he could do with mine.

When I imagined how good that might feel, I decided to give it a try. I leaned over, licked it a few times, and then started sucking on the head. He started moaning and I knew he liked it. Then I took two or three inches into my mouth and worked my tongue all around it. He was moaning and squirming now. My next thought was that I will show him now, and I took his full five inches deep into my mouth and sucked and licked for all I was worth.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when I did this and he even screamed a little. I looked up at him when he did that and just then he had opened his eyes and started watching me suck him. The look on his face was pure amazement that someone else was sucking on his cock and not only that had the whole thing in their mouth. I started to play with his balls as I sucked and one of my fingers slipped down below his balls and came close to his ass hole. He jumped again, which gave me another idea. I slipped a finger into his ass and pushed it in about two inches. When I did that he shot his load down my throat.

We were both exhausted after that and layed down beside each other to rest. After several long minutes, he started to tell me more about the stories he overhead from his sisters. He said that his next older sister told the oldest one how she was so amazed when she finally had her boyfriends' cock in her hand, then I her mouth. She described the textures and the hardness. She said it was kind of hard to describe how it could be so soft and yet so hard. She also describe how the pre-cum tasted kind of sweet and then when he shot in her mouth it taste salty, she could not understand the difference.

The older sister told her that her first time was the same, but now that she has done it so many times she does not pay as much attention to those details. She said that what she focuses on is how tingly her pussy gets when she is sucking her boyfriend. She then told her sister that after doing it several times her boyfriend asked her if she wanted him to do her! Both girls giggled to this and he said I had to listen closer as his oldest sister described what her boyfriend did.

He said he then heard the younger sister ask how it felt. When he told me what he heard next, I thought I was going to shoot without even touching myself. He said that at that point his older sister said that she could show her how it felt! He said that all heard after that was some rustling of clothes and then moaning. He knew that his oldest sister was licking her sisters' pussy and he jacked off again listening to that.

With that he looked over at me as I was slowly jacking my hard cock again. He said he wanted to suck me again and this time pay attention to the textures. He put his hand on top of mine and we both jacked my cock for a little while as he moved very close to it, looking closely at it. The pre-cum was starting to ooze out of the tip and he slowly leaned in and licked it off, savoring the flavor. He then put his mouth over just the head of my cock and licked all around. The feeling was great. He took a very long time before he was bobbing up and down on my cock. I reached down and guided one of his hands to my ass hole and pushed one of his fingers in just a little. He got the idea and started to stick it in farther and farther until he had almost his whole middle finger buried in my ass while he sucked my cock.

I held back as long as I could before I grabbed the back of his head and slammed my cock into his mouth as far as it would go and I shot loads of cum deep into his throat. His finger was still deep in my ass and when he slowly pulled it out, my cock jumped. He saw that and said that my cock must like it when there is something up my butt! I told them I couldn't speak for my cock, but that I did like it. He then asked if he could stick his dick in my ass!

I had not thought about that at all, but he said that it would be like fucking a girl and he wanted to try it. I knew that I had used things like magic markers and such to stick up my ass when I jacked off, so I was sure his cock would not be too big, so I agreed. Then we had to figure out how to do it. I told him that I would lie on my back and hold my legs up so he could enter me while he faced me, that way we could both watch!

He agreed and he tried to stick it in, but we did not have any lubrication. So I took his cock into my mouth and kind of slobbered all over it. He quickly moved back down and thrust it in right up to where his balls slapped against me. I moved in and out slowly at first, and then picked up the pace. As he was fucking my ass I was very hard and started jacking my cock. He moved my hand away and said he would fuck me and jack me off at the same time. What a feeling! He soon shot a load in my ass and I shot all over my chest and stomach.

Our sessions in the garage got to be fewer and farther between, and the pattern began to change. He wanted to suck me off nearly every time we got together and he wanted to fuck my ass. To me it was a win-win deal. It felt great to have him suck me and it felt equally as good having his slim cock in my ass while I masturbated.

The few times that we got together with the other boys either at the swimming hole or in the woods, he would always want to be the one that got to play with my cock when we paired up. If anyone else would get to me before him, he would watch me even while he was jacking off another boy. As I started to pay more attention to girls, I felt a little uncomfortable having this other boy always wanting to hang around me.

There was one girl in specific that I sort of had a crush on and as we would see each other more and more often through the summer, she was always smiling and making eyes at me. My masturbation session became more and more solo affairs and I was thinking more about this girl rather than having my cock sucked by a boy.

Finally one night after a local band had a concert in the park, I was sitting beside her on the grass. She moved closer to me and I could feel the electricity. On one hand I was hoping she would not notice the bulge growing in my short pants, yet on the other hand I was hoping she would! We were talking about the music and what other real groups we listened to when she leaned over and gave me a kiss right on the lips. Not a lingering sexy kiss, just a sweet smack that sent shock waves through me. At that instant I knew that I wanted this girl.

Our conversation pretty much ended at that point and we just sat there looking at each other. I leaned towards her and she moved towards me as we kissed again. This one was much longer and while our lips were locked, she placed a hand on my thigh, which almost made me shoot in my pants! She slowly moved her hand up my thigh and stopped within about an inch of my bulge. When she did that, our kiss ended and I looked down at her hand so close to my cock and I could feel it witching.
She then tapped her index finger right on my cock and told me that she had heard from one of her friends that I liked getting blowjobs from another boy! I was kind of stunned and did not know what to say. I was angry yet did not know what to do next. She laid her hand down on my cock and continues to say that she would really like to see that!

My thoughts were all over the place. Here I had this really cute girl and we had been kissing and right now she has her hand on my cock (all right on the outside of my clothes), and now she tells me that she wants to see me get a blowjob from another boy. After what seemed like forever, I asked where she had heard that.

As soon as she named her friend I knew, as it was one of the sisters of my personal cocksucker. Again I was angry that he had told his sister, or maybe even both of them! Now, I really did not know what to do or what to say. She spoke next saying, "So, I take it that its' true, huh?" I acknowledged that it was, but it had only happened a couple of times (I lied.)

She told me not to worry, that my secret was safe with her. She then proceeded to tell my why. It seems that one night recently my suck buddy had accidently caught his two sisters and this girl right in the middle of a little same sex action themselves. She said that to keep him from telling they agreed to let him in on the action. When his oldest sister would not let him stick his dick in her pussy, he asked if he could fuck her butt. We all wondered where he had learned that trick and we forced him to tell us.

He told us about your escapades at the swimming hole as well as his meetings with me in my garage. I knew my face was beet red at that moment and my cock had shriveled up. Now there were at least five people that knew of our activities, him and me and the three girls. I wondered who else had been told.
She then told me that the three girls got together again a few days later and when they started talking about us two and what we must do together they got really turned on and she had had her first orgasm with one of the sisters fingering her while they talked about me and my buddy. She said that when I told them that I was hitting on her, they talked her into trying to set-up a little show. They wanted her to get my friend and me to get naked and perform for them.

She said that she really liked me and if I did not want to do it she would handle the other two girls, but she that if I was okay with it she would really like it too. She started rubbing my cock and it was getting back to full attention. We kissed some more and I started rubbing her little titties while she was rubbing me. I had to have her stop before I would have an accident in my pants. She kind of giggled and then asked again if I would arrange the show. She then told me that her friends were going to get their brother to agree and it was really only up to me.
When it seemed that everyone was okay with it and it seemed that she really did like me anyway, I agreed. Then she asked if she could have a little preview. She asked if I would play with myself while she watched. I looked around and there were still several kids hanging around the park and I told her I knew of a place we could go. We got up and she took my hand and followed me to the other end of the park. I led her behind a shelter house and there was a small area that could not be seen from the rest of the park, yet one of the street lights provided enough light to see.
I was now pretty confident and without saying anything I just started taking off my short pants, then dropped my underwear and stopped out of them, kicking off my sandals at the same time. I was now standing in front of a girl and all I had on was a tank top. I was well tanned, not muscular by any means, but well proportioned. She sat on the ground in front of me about two feet away and told me to go ahead.

With that I reached down and grabbed my hard cock and began stroking. As my pace started picking up, she just stared at my hand on my cock, not looking up at all. I stared at her watching me and stroked faster and faster. I knew I was getting close, but could not say anything. Then all of a sudden, I shot, several ropes of cum, one after another. The first one hit her on the arm and a couple more hit her on her shoulder and even in her hair. After the first rope hit her she kind of jumped, but did not try to get out of the way. I could not believe how much I came and she was in awe.

She told me that other than my friend that day with his sisters, she had never seen a boy down there and I was very different from him. She said that she was surprised at how much bigger around mine was and even a bit longer than his. She also said that I shot a whole lot more and farther than he did. She then reached out and touched the end of my cock, causing it to jump and she giggled. She moved her hand back and slowly wrapped her fingers around it, and was not able to put her hand all the way around it.

Just then we hear some laughing and screaming so she jumped up and saw several kids playing around in the shelter house, so I hurried to get my clothes back on and we took off through the woods behind the park. I walked her to her house and we decided to get everyone together for the show the next night at the spot that we had just come from.

I do not even remember what I did all of the next day as my mind was only on what was going to happen that night. They were all there when I got there. To my surprise, my friend was already naked and playing with his cock. The girls were sitting in a row and told me to hurry up so they could see the show!

I took little time in getting completely
naked, clothes flying everywhere. So there I was no in front of these three girls naked and with another boy also naked. From that point, everything seemed to just happen automatically. It was almost as if the girls were not even present. I was standing there and he got down on his knees in front of me and started licking and sucking my cock while also playing with my balls. He would jack me off for a while, and then go back to sucking me. He doing such a good job that I had not even noticed that all three girls were now naked as well and each had hand in the crotch of the girl beside them. Seeing that and having a mouth on my cock was enough for me as I began shooting! It must have been at least as much as the night before as he was kind of choking on it and he had to take his mouth off my cock. He kept jacking it and I shot another three or four ropes onto his face and down his front.

He wiped up several globs and used it to lubricate his cock as he started to masturbate. This drew some moans from the girls. My cock had started to soften some as he was playing with his and I was just kind of standing there. My knees were weak and so I dropped down on the ground. We were all watching him play with his cock and with my cum all over it, the sound was very much like the girl's sloppy pussies as they fingered each other.

Then, his oldest sister told him to hurry up and fuck my ass! And they all three started chanting for him to fuck me. I laid back and pulled my legs up just as we had done before. His cock was nice and lubricated from my cum, so when he pushed it against me, it slid right in. Again the girls all moaned. He slowly moved in and out and my cock started to get hard again. He kept fucking me while I watched the girls playing with each other and I started to jack myself too.

No one said a word, there were just the sounds of juicy pussies, his balls slapping against my ass and my hand pounding on my cock. The girls were watching the boys and the boys were watching the girls. After a few short minutes (seemed like 20, but was only about three), he stiffened up and started to cum. That sent me over the top and I started shooting again.

One of his sisters told him to pull it out so they could see him cum and so he did. His cum and mine was landing all over my stomach and chest.

The girls stopped and moved over next to us and began to run their fingers through our cum, even licking their fingers with a mixture of our cum. I reach out and started rubbing tits and moved a hand down to my girlfriend's pussy. It was very wet and my finger slid in easily. For the next several minutes we all explored each other's bodies. There were very soon two hard cocks again and the girls took turns jacking us to orgasm, after which they each licked our cocks, cleaning up what cum was left on them.

What a great summer that turned out to be!

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