First time - Part V 'First Climax'
Our first kiss faded after many minutes passed. I say faded because my eyes were closed tight. I realized the kiss had ended when I could no longer feel the soft heat of her lips on mine. I had kept my lips parted inviting her sexy tongue to once again dart inside and play in my mouth. Her tongue would wrap around mine and the tip would gently stroke the top of my tongue and she drew my tongue into her mouth.

I know I was thinking " How fucking GREAT this would feel on my clit".

"I want to please you" Jenn breathed into my mouth, her voice so soft that I felt the words against my lips as much as I heard them.

Slowly I opened my eyes and saw that her wet pouty lips were still just inches from my mouth. Her hand remained on the back of my neck but I could tell her fingers were loose, ready to set me free should I choose to run away. I was not afraid, but I also was very unsure. What I did know was I really, REALLY liked the way Jenn had just kissed me.

All I could say was "I want another kiss" and then I leaned back into her warm lips before I could change my mind.

Jenn began to kiss me like I was a precious desert that she wanted to savor. When I'm being kissed right I can NOT sit still and that night was no exception. As I turned my head from side to side, drawing that hot teasing tongue between my wet lips, she slowly began to draw me into her lap by pulling her lips slowly back while drawing me into her arms by pressing gently upon the nape of my neck. This invitation I understood and I was eager to comply.

In the past I had spent many a night cuddled up on lovers lane, sitting in my dates lap. Since I had always dated very muscular men it usually meant being trapped between the steering wheel and a hard chest. As I moved into her arms I silently laughed inside remembering how I had, on more than on occasion, gave a pretty good lap dance by squirming my tight ass against the boners I have rested upon. I can't count the number of times I had been in the middle of a passionate kiss only to feel the hot wetness spread under my ass. I could time my own climax to his eruption, adding to the wetness of my panties from my own juices, cuming from a swollen throbbing cock I had so easily teased when it was firmly nestled between my hot ass cheeks.

This time there was nothing hard poking into my ass, or a steering wheel in my back. All of my concentration quickly became focused on Jenn's intoxicating perfume, steaming off her firm, beautiful and heaving breasts, I quickly cuddled against her and loved the immediate soft warmth of her left breast now pressed against mine.

As I brought my left hand to her face, to caress her check, the back of my hand brushed against her right breast, causing Jenn to groan "MMMM aahhh MMMM" into my mouth.

As I stared my usual squirm, which always causes my pussy lips to swell as they press together, Jenn opened her legs so that I slid deeper into her lap, my right hip bone coming into contact with her mons. The thin material of our sexy dresses and tiny thongs meant we were almost in skin to skin contact.

Pressing her high heels into the carpet below the gas pedal Jenn began to lift herself up and off the seat, causing me to ride against her. As my right hand caressed her back, in rhythm to the ride she was giving me, my left hand gently cupped her breast. I had never touched a breast but my own and I could feel her hard nipple sticking out, pressing hard against the palm of my hand as I rubbed them. I pinched and teased her nipples pleased that they were becoming hard and thick from the pleasure I was giving her.

"Yes baby, yes, make Mamas breast ready to nurse" she said, pressing my lips down to lick and suck her nipples.

I could feel her heart beat and I was excited to hear "I want to touch you Deb, I want to feel your skin on my finger tips".

This time no words needed to be spoken. Just as I had with the boys I use to tease I continued to kiss her while turning my left hip slightly towards the seat. Keeping my hip in contact with Jenn's sex I expertly unbuttoned my blouse, unclasped my bra between my orange size breasts all the while parting my thighs and raising my right leg up clearly inviting access to my pussy. I wanted to be touched and I was making sure she knew it.

Fully exposed to my new lover I was now kissing her urgently, my tongue entwined with hers inside her hot wanton mouth. Tonight there would be no hot erect cock for me to suck, lick and tease, so her tongue got my full attention. My thong had pulled up between my lips and the pressure on my clit, coupled with the teasing of my splayed pussy lips was driving my sexual need. I was randy, I was wet and I wanted her to know it.

As her hand gently slipped inside my hanging bra she felt me shudder aware that I had crossed a new line and was ready and open for something completely new. It seemed hours past as she deftly caresses my breast. She traced the complete out line of each breasts, squeezing them, then circling my erect nipples to bring one sharp finger tip to bear on the top of my nipple. This was driving me nuts as my attention flitted between chasing her sexy tongue around inside my mouth, grinding against her sex, rubbing my pussy against her arm and sensing the tease she was giving my breasts.

I turned myself almost flat against her hungry for more and pressing our breast together so her hand HAD to go someplace else. Jenn pulled our dress aside, so the hot sweaty skin of my hip was now against her exposed clit.

She then responded to my invitation/ my DEMAND and moved her hand down my belly and began to teased me further by slowly stroking my leg, pulling me hard against her sex. Each caress began to go just slightly higher, while her long nails gently scratched the insides of my leg, as her hand then moved back down to my knee. The next time her finger tips began to slightly penetrated my lips she would then run up my slit and circle my swollen button. I kissed Jenn hard letting her know her teasing was driving me to the edge, but I wanted more.

"Please baby, PLEASE" I begged her through my parted lips.

I had lost any sense of man/woman and all I wanted was for my lover to finish what she had started. I wanted to feel my climax rise up my toes, enflame my pussy and explode deep inside of me.

I took my left hand and placed it firmly upon Jenn's, as she had done to me earlier, forcing her to keep contact with my pussy.

"I want to cum. Eeeeeerrrramm, I WANT you to make me cum" I cried out to Jenn urging her to meet my need while grinding myself against her.

"Ok baby girl" was her deep throated reply.

Pressing my hip hard against, her with her left hand, Jenn pressed the fingers of her right hand deep inside my sex. Keeping the heel of her hand against my clit she pressed her fingers deep inside. I was on fire feeling them invade my sex, curving deep up inside of me, scraping the inside of my cervix till they came into contact with my G spot. In the past no man had ever sougth out, let alone concentrated teasing me this way. An occasional bump by the head of a hard pounding dick was all I had experienced. This was fucking GREAT and my legs shook each time she stroked me there.

"Of my fucking God, WHAT are you doing??? I cried out loud, my legs shaking as if they were disconnected from my body.

"Gawd Jenn don't you fucking dare stop" I demanded more, pressing her hand even harder against me.

"I'm just loving you bay girl... I won't stop"

Again I kissed her deep, plunging my tongue as far as I could inside, I continued bucking my pussy hard against her hand, knowing I was grinding her clit hard with the side of my exposed thigh. As if I was not stimulated enough I felt a new sharp sensation, that of Jenn's little finger penetrating my ass. I had never had been interested in anal sex, but I did NOT care. The double penetration was fast and it felt HOT!. I just wanted to ride those hot red nails till I exploded.

"Now baby" Jen cried out, throwing her head back. "Now baby girl, NOW!!"

Like a switch Jenn flicked my clit with her thumb and I was exploding as if I was inside my own fire works. I could not breath and although I know I said something I have no idea what it was. Jenn was rock stiff shaking like she was hooked into an internal vibrator. I could feel her wetness on my hip and realized my girlfriend had just gushed her cum all over my leg and the seat of my car. I had clamped my legs hard around Jenn's hand so that even if I could not stand any more sensation she could not pull her hand away.

Wave after wave flowed out of my pussy washing down my shaking legs making my toes curl out of shoes. I dug my nails into the back of Jenn's hand as a rocked back in forth feeling my climax spread out inside, the heat flowing up over my nipples to explode like shooting stars in my eyes.

Jenn recovered first and bent down to give me the most gentle and loving kiss I had ever received. As our long kiss broke I finally set her hand free, sinking back down into her lap against her still heaving breasts. I could hear her heart racing and knew it was in beat to my own.

After many moments she brought two fingers up to my lips to be licked and kissed. Her fingers and hand were coated with my juices. They smelled strong and sexy and I felt another urge building inside of me. I had never tasted myself before and I loved the guilt of licking my own sweet pleasure off the finger tips of my lover.

I remembered how just a few hours earlier I had watched the hot red, gold tipped nails expertly applied by a beautiful young Asian girl with tiny breasts and long raven hair that looked like silk.

When she was done she smiled shyly at Jenn and told her "Your flaming love arrows are ready madam".

Jenn had whispered something in her ear and the young girl smiled. Had she known what Jenn had in store for me??

As I licked her fingers clean as I murmured "I want MORE of your love arrows Jenn"

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