First time for everything
At the end of the day, all she wants do is go home. Working a long shift at the mall and needing to get quite a few things done that day, Amanda had been staring at the clock till the end of her shift.

Amanda, 5'5, skinny, brown hair was wearing her skinny's to work and her nice orange top. Orange panties to match her orange top. She was scrambling around at the end of her shift just trying to finish up to go home. All that running around made her oblivious to her growing need to pee. To make matter worse, she had to grab something to eat before she left. For she would not have a chance later and had not eaten all day.

There it is 5 o'clock, she gets to leave. Amanda clocks out and makes a mad dash to the food court. Not wanting to bring attention to herself she starts to walk, but quickly feels how bad she has to go and then starts a face pace walk.

She gets to the food court and stands online. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Takes one step. She starts bouncing back and forth with her desperation growing. How badly she wanted to just run to the bathroom, tear her pants down and relieve herself is unimaginable. If she did that though she would be late for the rest of her errands. Doesn't matter, she can hold it.. so she thinks..

Finally, the front of the line. After ordering, as she is reaching down to grab her wallet to pay someone bumps into Amanda, making her other hand fly between her legs, attempting to hold back the flood. With some success. A small wet patch starts to form and she starts to let out a little tear. Her jeans are just a bit darker now around her crotch. How could she pee her jeans in the middle of the mall? How embarrassing??

Still standing online, One hand between her legs, tiny wet spot on her pants and food in her other hand she starts to walk to a table to sit. Trying to eat, another rush of pee starts to escape. Already feeling how wet her panties were, this was not going to be good. A small puddle started to collect around the seat of her jeans and made her butt very damp. Not noticeable though since she was still sitting.

That was it though, she had had enough. Biting her lip and grabbing her crotch, she decided to give up. She could not hold it anymore.

Letting go it started to come out like a waterfall. Running down the back of her legs, splashing on the floor, and drenching her shoes. She let out one last breath before she decided to just "let go." She sat up but kept her hand on her vagina and felt the warm pee just cascade out of her jeans. Not a care in the world right now because of how good she felt. She was no longer in pain and no longer had to pee. What a relief.

With her food left on the table she just ran to her car. Opened the door, sat down, noticed she was shaking. She couldn't believe how good she felt, almost a little too good. She had just acted like a child and peed her pants in public, why is she feeling this good? Why did the warmth of her own pee make her so horny?
She pulled her pants down a bit to show a wonderful wet patch on her panties. Amanda slowly put her hand in her panties, and started to rub. Rub her wet pissy vagina. Wet pants at her ankles and her hand under her peed in panties she was so close to orgasm already. Why? Why this fast? Why does this feel sooo good she thought to herself. At last she started to pee again, just a little bit, but just enough to make her seat wet and bring her to the best orgasm of her life.

Amanda pulled up her pants, drove home and completely forgot about her errands for the day. She did not care though, she had just witnessed a new feeling. A feeling so amazing, she planned on doing it again.
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