First visit to the apartment

We had met online several months ago, and became email fuck buddies. We hit it off the first week we met on that online "adult" dating site. You lived only 2 states away and the cost to fly you into town was minimal. We planned it for weeks and the time finally come. I met you at the airport, recognizing you from the dozens of photos you had sent me and we warmly embraced. We drove the short distance to my apartment, stealing wicket glances at each other.

After we arrive at my apartment and you come back from using the bathroom, you entered my bedroom and I was sitting on the bed waiting for you. You closed the door behind you and as you turn back around, I've gotten up and walked over to you. I grabbed your face with my two hands and reach in to kiss your lips gently. It was a soft, warm, wet kiss that started with closed lips but turned into an open mouth kiss where our tongues intertwined and searched each other's wet mouths. I put my arms totally around you and you also embrace me tightly. We kissed for several minutes right there in the middle of the bedroom as though we were afraid that if we moved, the other may disappear in thin air. Our hands were gently roaming the backs and butts of each other and our chests were pressed hard against one another. After a while, we broke our embrace and stared in each other's eyes.

"God, I want you" you say to me.

"Sherry, I want you too, darling. I want you so much", I repeated over and over.

We kissed again but this time we kissed each other's faces and lips and necks. After a few minutes of kissing, I knelt down in front of you and hugged you. Because you were still standing, my head was at your belly and I began hugging the small of your back and running my hands over your tight ass. Soon, my hands came up the back of your shirt and I started feeling your soft skin. I sensed goose bumps on you as I ran my hands up and down your back under your shirt with my head still against your belly. I lifted your shirt and as I did, you raised your arms and pulled your shirt off and threw it down to the floor. I stared at your black bra and the beautiful breasts that were cradled inside the cups. I stood and kissed your nipples through the material but it was too thick. I ran my hand up to the clasp and in one motion, unfasten it. I leaned back and watched your bra fall off and after you released it from your arms, I put my head back on your chest and hugged you again. You put your arms around my head and squeezed me to your chest.

I reached around and encircled both of your breasts with my hands and put my mouth on one, then the other of your nipples. I sucked each of them into my mouth while messaging the other breast. You moaned with delight and my cock grew hard inside my pants. I reached down and unfastened the button on your pants. I heard you gasp at the boldness of my action in anticipation of what was to come. I slowly unzipped your zipper and gently pushed down your pants as I knelt down again. As I did, I kissed the exposed skin and it turned me on more than I could imagine. Slowly I pulled down your pants and soon they were down at your feet, where you stepped out of them and I pulled them off. I bent down further and put my mouth on your pubic mound and nuzzled your crotch with my nose and mouth. I smelled the sweet aroma of your arousal and it was intoxicating. I was in heaven. I stood up again and reached under you and put my hands through the leg openings of your panties and felt you ass cheeks. I ran my fingers down the crack of your ass and felt the warmth of your womanhood. I gently push a couple of my fingers lower down your crack and I feel the wetness of your pussy.

"You are WET !!!!!!!! God, you're WET!" I said.

I ran my finger back and forth and up and down a few times and I felt your knees give way a little. I was afraid you may fall if I didn't lie you down.

After feeling you succumb to my ministrations, I broke away, grabbed your hand in mine, and walked you toward the bed. I sat you down on the side of the bed and then I get on my knees again..... this time between your legs which you spread wide apart. I looked down and saw dampness on your panties and this excited me. I gently pushed you backward so you were lying on your back, but you continued to watch me. I put my face between your legs and kissed your thighs. I ran my tongue up your legs and licked your crotch through the material. You shuttered. I ran my finger through the leg opening of your panties and felt your dripping pussy. I grabbed the thin panty material and pull it aside....exposing your hot, wet pussy to the cool air. It was glistening. I reached in and put my mouth directly on your pussy opening and darted my tongue inside of your wet hole. You moaned loudly. I moaned loudly. I think we were both cumming. I ran my mouth up and down your pussy and licked your juices. Then in one swift movement, I pulled your panties down and off and spread your legs wide with my hands. You grabbed your legs to assist me and I dove into your pussy again. I thought I may never come up for air.......... I licked you..... I nibbled you...... I sucked your pussy lips into my mouth........ I flicked your clit and rubbed it hard with my tongue. I wanted you to cum and I told you so.....

"Oh, god, baby. Cum in my mouth", I said to you before putting my mouth back on your pussy. "ummmmmmm" is all you heard from me at that point as I was enjoying this as much as you were. It brought me ecstasy to lick your pussy and make you cum.

"Yes, baby", you said to me. "Yes, yes, yes". You are now thrashing around on the bed and I'm holding on for dear life. If I die, Lord, please let me die with my mouth on this woman's pussy, I thought to myself, because this is the greatest pleasure I think I have ever had. Your pussy was oozing juice all over my face and I'm lapping it up as thought it were honey. Your juices were running down the crack of your ass and I push your legs up so your ass curled up to meet my mouth. I licked your asshole of all the pussy juice and I stick my tongue inside of you. I begin fucking your pussy and asshole alternately. One hole, then the other. I was in heaven and you were cumming. A large amount of fluid is now escaping your pussy and I want every drop. It tastes like nothing I've ever tasted and I want it all. You are my drug.

After giving you I think three orgasms, I slowed down and eased off your pussy and licked your thighs and kissed your clit and pussy lips gently to bring you down slowly. But you'll have none of that.

"Fuck me, you mother fucker", you said to me with gritted teeth. "Fuck me so hard please, Johnas. Please baby, give me your dick", you are now whimpering like a baby. I think if I don't put my cock in your pussy this very minute, you will die.

I ripped my pants and shirt off and my cock sprang out. You gasped at its stiffness and reached out to grab it. You sat up for a second and engulfed it in your mouth and you pushed your mouth all the way down my cock until your nose was in my pubic hair. You sat there for a second moaning and the vibrations of your voice was messaging my dick while its in your mouth. Then you worked your mouth back and forth over it; you pull it out of your mouth and you start licking my balls. You grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up to the bed and you reached down and start trying to lick my asshole from between my legs.

"Oh, god, I've got to taste all of you", you said to me.

Then you pulled me down on the bed and threw me on my back. You got between my legs and sucked me for a minute more, and then you spread my legs and plunge your tongue inside my asshole. I am now the one who is moaning and you fucked me in the ass with your tongue while jerking my cock with your hand. You held my nut sack with the other hand and I'm about to shoot my load, and I tell you so. You stop fucking my asshole with your tongue and replace it with your finger as you put your mouth on my dick and start sucking up and down. You looked me straight in the eyes and I tell you that you are going to make me cum. Your finger goes a little deeper in my asshole and I see your eyes roll back in shear pleasure and your mutter.... Ummmmmmmm. At that moment I erupt in your mouth and you slow down your head to relish the flavor and erotic taste of my man-juice. I see you swallow and not one drop comes out of your mouth. You slowly go up and down on my cock to taste my cum and you seem to be trying to milk it out of me. When you are convinced that I have given you all I have, you pull your finger from my asshole and grabbed my shaft. You kiss the head and lick it to make sure every drop is yours and then you reach forward, pull yourself up to my face and kiss me passionately. We can taste each other's juices and it is so erotic.

You are now on top of me and you spread your legs and guide my still erect cock into your pussy with ease. You sit up and start fucking me as I hold your hips. I'm licking and biting your nipples and I have one finger in your asshole and I'm fucking you hard and you're fucking me hard and our bodies are slapping together.

"Oh, god, I'm going to cum again", you say, and this time your juices are flowing out and on my dick and belly.

"Come on, baby. Cum on me", I say to you. "Fuck me good."

You cum again but I now have lasting power. I make you cum twice while you are on top of me, then I push you over onto your back and you spread your legs wide apart so we can watch my hard dick going in and out of your dripping wet pussy. Soon, my strokes become harder and I start to grunt. You reach under your legs and rub my balls and my asshole because you want me to shoot my cum inside of you. I grunt and moan, pound in you and finally I feel it come from my toes, up my legs and the passion grabs my balls like electricity. I explode in your pussy and whimper while pumping you full of my semen and you cum again also. Soon, we slow down to catch our breath and I roll over and my cock is soaked, the sheets are soaked, your pussy is dripping and we are finally satisfied....... For a little while.
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