Firt time - Part IV ' Our First kiss'
Pulling into the driveway Jenn nearly impaled herself upon my fingers as she hit the brakes just shy of my garage door.

"Jenn, are you ok?" I asked in a worried voice.
I stopped moving my hand because I was afriad I was hurting her.

"Gawd, I'm cuming, damn you, you fucking slut, you are making me cum!!"

Then she turn to me, her eyes on fire with her passion, "Don't you dare STOP!"

Jenn had clasped my wrist firmly between her legs. My hand, no longer under my control, was now painfully pressed against the steering wheel, as she shuddered and shook in the throws of her climax. I could feel her juices flowing across my fingers and down onto the drivers seat. I could feel my own slick kitty was swollen from my rocking back and forth on the heel of my foot. I wanted to rub my clit but i had to dold onot the dash to steady myself from Jenn's thrashing about. As she stared ahead at my garage door I could see her breasts heaving with her mounting climax. As her climax grew she began growling and throwing her head bacjk and forth, just like our neighbors bitch dog when she is in heat.

I did not know what to do, this was something way beyond my experience. I could not, Ok I did not want to, stop. But I was afraid I was just going to leave my friend in the same frustrated state I so often left myself.

I could feel my fingers were now deep inside of her lips and the back of my thumb was pressing down on her hard clit. Jenn had stopped moving and she seemd to be frozen. She was clearly waiting for me to make the next move. I felt like I was watching an interactive show. I could not believe I was actually stimulating another woman way beyond ANY pleaseure I had ever given myself.

As Jenn's breathing did NOT slow down and I began to wiggle my fingers. Then I began cocking my thumb from side to side to flick the nub of her clit, the way I like to tease my own clit. She had to feel me spreading her juices across the tops of her pussy lips, like I tease myself. Jenn groaned and began to buck against my hand, in time, so I knew I was helping her cum.

I started to smile and coo to her, "It's ok baby, tell me what you want"

Then as I pressed harder "Please cum for me, its ok baby, just cum for me, I won't stop till you your your juices all over my fingers"

I knew I was smiling because I knew that while she had professed to be seducing me I had actually become the one in control.

I was painfully aware that my nipples, once curiously aroused, were now in full sex mode begging to be sucked and tweaked. I was aware I staring at Jenn's nipples which were pressing out of the material of my blouse. I clearly remember telling her that I wanted to rip it aside, to free them, so I could watch them as my friend climaxed.

"Shit, I'm going to cum again" cried Jenn.

Jenn reached down and roughly pressed her hand firmly upon mine, urging me to plung my fingers deeper inside, faster and harder than I had been doing.

"Like this?" I asked as I pressed my thumb firly against her clit, knowing I was pushing away the protective hood to allow full contact.

"Fuck YES!!, Of FUCKING YES!" Screamed Jenn as she again locked into a nearly death grip of my wrist and fingers.

Finally Jenn released my wrist and slumped back inot the seat, releasing my hand that had gone numb in her embrase.

"Please" she said in the barrest of a whisper, "Please"

I knew what she wanted, as if I had done this a thousand times. Leaning towards her I brought my fingers, covered in my friends sweet necter to my lips, and then to hers. As she licked and sucked each finger I leaned towards her, ready for my reward.

"Just one soft kiss" was all Jenn could say.
Then she took me into her arms more gently, with more nervous expectation, than any man I had been with.

"Just one?" I teased, just before our lips met for the most gentle kiss I had even had.

"Maybe" Jenn breathed into my open mouth as her tongue began to explore my lips and mouth like they were just an extension of my clit.

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