Fishing and Sex part two
Bucky and Billy were sitting around the fire when Billy dropped his pants showing Bucky the longest,fattest and hairest cock he'd ever seen.Billy ask,is this one to big?
All Bucky could manage to say was,holy shit Batman,I don't think I've ever seen one that long and fat while still simi soft.They both
laughed out, being about half drunk they thought Buckys comment was funny as hell.

How fucking big does that monster get when you've got a full hard on? I don't know,I've never gave it much thought.How big is yours?

Bucky dropped his pants revieling his on manhood.He was'nt as long and fat as Billy.
Just then Billy noticed headlights in the drive leading to thier cabin.They both scrambled to get thier pants up as the car pulled up.To thier suprise Billys wife Shiela got out and asked What the fuck are you nasty boys up to? They both looked at each other not knowing what to say.Uhhh well, Billy started, we were just talking and drinking JD and Buds when Uhh,Uhh Bucky was telling me this story and well we just went to comparing dick sizes.

She said well please continue,don't let me stop this compairison.They both just sort of looked dumbfounded at one another. Come on boys drop'em let me see what all the fuss is over.Billy was the first to pull his pants off.
Bucky let his fall to the ground,Shiela said take'em off.As Bucky removed his pants he stood and turned showing himself to Shiela. In spite of his embrassment his dick was growing harder.I don't know what you've got to be ashamed of there Bucky,you have a beautiful cock.I bet you know how to satisfy a woman with that thing too.

Shiela looked at her husband and ask was this a private party or could anybody join?
He told her to get started with a wink.
She got the bottle of Jack and drank down a couple of big swollows and started to remove her own clothes,which she did so slowly almost in a stiptease style.Bucky told Billy how he thought Shiela was so fucking sexy and he added don't get mad but,I've always wanted to see her naked.This is a dream come true.
Sheila heard Buckys comment and turned towards him twisting and grinding like she was fucking the air.
She slowly removed her blouse and bra letting her titties go free.The cool night air made her nipples get hard very quickly.She danced around to no music and was getting both guys attention as they continued to watch her twist around by the fire and moon light.

As she slowly danced she started to push her shorts down,then pull them back up.Dropping her shorts to the ground left her completely nude.She was really enjoying the chance to prade around outside in the buff even if it was at night.She hardly ever wore clothes at home and she always got excited when Bucky was over,even tho she had to put her clothes on.

Sheila was an attractive woman in her early thirtys and had a body to die for.Most of the women in her neighbor hood was envious of her and all the men watched as she did her daily runs.As always while running she wore just enough clothes to be legal outside which consisted of very short shorts and a tube top that just covered her 38 d's.
As soon as she got in doors at home from what ever she had been doing she would peel her clothes off,she kept an old terry cloth bath robe laying close in case she had unexpected company. Tonight was different,tonight she was free.She was glad that she had decided to join the guys at the old Lake Jack cabin.She was really glad that she caught them with thier pants down,because she had been wanting to see Buckys dick forever.

Deep down she had always wanted to fuck him,
but she had never let that fantasy be known to Billy.She did'nt know what tonight held in store but she was going to carry it to the fullest and if possible before this trip was over she was going to have both men in every way she could think of.She stepped out of her shorts and waltzed over close to Bucky.
She spread her legs wide like she was going to do the splits,something she had'nt done since she was a teenager.She stopped about half way to the ground,looking back at Billy for approval he winked and nodded his head.She took Buckys hand and rubbed it against her hard nipples and put his other hand flat against her burning wet pussy lips,one finger she said...
To be continued "Fishing and sex part three.

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