Five Minutes Of Ecstasy
8.15am , hi!!Tony not a nice morning , bloody cold came the abrupt reply , well it is still December I say , have a nice Christmas I ask , same as bloody last year is the retort, oh dear I think to myself better leave well enough alone, cranky git, anyway it's New Year's Eve and i'm going to enjoy myself and screw the begrudging bastards, thankfully the train is pulling into the station and warmth and comfort beckons, as I step aboard I see that the train is pretty well full, fuck!! not a seat to be got , oh god not an hour of standing here and it can only get more packed the further we go, well the next station looms and hopefully it will not have lot's of commuters on it's platform jeez the morningmare as opposed to the nightmare but what the hell just get on with the day, i'm thinking I should have got a paper to ogle the page 3 girl when this stunner gets onboard now I have seen red hair on women and I have seen red hair on women but this beautiful head was something else to behold gorgeous lustrous ringlets draping her shoulders she looked fantastic , oh jesus there is a god she stands right beside me oh thank u lord for this almighty bonus , I pretend not to look but I really cant take my eye's off her and i'm aware that she seems to realise my interest in her, so I look down to the floor to pretend to be indifferent to this vision of loveliness and desire, then here is a shudder as the bloody train driver makes a balls of releasing his brake and wonder of wonders this Goddess actually grabs my hand in her unbalanced state I feel lighting bolts shoot into my palm from her delicious touch oh what joy and wonderment and then just as quickly she let go OH!!! shit !!fuck, I could only give an imbecilic smile which she acknowledged with a coy and intimate look, so we trundle on without a glance, so then i'm aware that another station is coming up I wonder about positioning myself so as the oncoming passengers can only force me closer to "The Vision" as luck would have it that is precisely what happened I found myself almost sniffing her her hair shampoo and it was lovely , as I was almost in a delirium of excitement I did not notice she had turned 90degrees and I found my knee touching her coat just inches from her crotch I was beside myself with ecstasy this Goddess of a woman so ,so , close I so wishing our hands could meet once more please god just once more but with that thought the train stops and the doors open !!OH NO FUCK NO!!she alights from the carriage like a butterfly and there I was left with an erection that could whip a donkey out of a sandpit and a memory that simply had to be recorded however badly, so what was not more than 5 minutes of sheer bliss was over in that instant . Submitted by:

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