Flight delay
His voice mail that afternoon said he wouldn't be home that night - maybe by the next morning if he was lucky. He missed me and would do everything he could to get home soon.

I hated sleeping without him and dreaded the approaching night.

After a soothing hot bath I slid into a large tank top tee, no panties, and crawled into a lonely bed. I tossed and turned for a while but sleep was not near.

My small vibrator found its way to my hand. I rested on my back, legs bent, knees slightly raised. A familiar position with my man. On low speed, I slid the magic machine across the flat of my belly toward my freshly - shaved pussy. The top of my slit was easy to find. Fingers spread the lips of my hungry slit, finding a slightly swollen clit. The buzz in my hand massaged gently and steadily, tickling and exciting every nerve. Oh, how wonderful. Oh, I miss him.

I turned the vibrator off and probed softly with my fingers. I split the swollen lips of my pussy, and massaged the ridge of my clit, tracing the edges of the lips, and stroked the silky skin of my pussy, mimicking the tongue of my man. Warm, firm, tracing my pussy, exciting every nerve. His tongue would fuck my cunt - I slid my finger into the wet, releasing fluid down the crack of my ass. Circles, stroking, fucking gently. Oh, I miss him.

I have a dildo, extra long , like my man, and more importantly extra thick - with the shaft and head larger than most off-the-shelf models. Long and thick, like my lover. I named it Joe - like my man. This Joe was in my hand, ready for service. The cool, firm, smooth head kissed the opening of my cunt. It slipped in effortlessly, releasing a flood of juices that streamed down my ass. Slowly Joe fucked me, deep. Several times we lay motionless together, my cunt tightly wrapped around its thickness, massaging it. Oh - Fuck me, Joe.

My ass was wet. It wanted Joe. I rolled on my side. The head of the tool slid to my ass. I pushed carefully, it hurt a little. Some gel would help. I complied. Second effort still hurt a little but in a good way. My ass stretched and accepted Joe. With no vibration - fucking gently and slowly and deeply. Aahhh.

The light in the hallway came on, silouetting a man in the doorway. "Hon, I'm home." I reached for him to draw him close. He stood beside the bed, smiling down at me, and ran his hand across my neck, shoulder, then waist, hip, and ass. He located the tool, still buried inside me, and turned it on vibrate. Just for a moment. Then he slid it out and leaned over to kiss me.

Still laying on my side, my hand reached for his cock - long but thick and swollen and very hard. I needed a taste and guided the head into my mouth, Licking and sucking just the large, smooth head. I lapped up every drop oozing out, savoring every offering.

He pulled away, then kissed me again while he turned his muscular body to face me directly, and laid along the length of me. My legs spread open automatically and he nestled in. His hands cupped my fleshy mounds crowned with hard, pink nipples. I was on fire.

He kissed my tits, my belly, bit my skin gently as he found my pussy with his hot, luscious mouth. He buried his face in my pussy, my legs spread wide and invited him in. His tongue pleasured my pussy lips, my hard clit, my cunt. Licking, flicking my clit, thrusting his hot tongue into my cunt. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my wet pussy and rode his face hard. He sucked my clit - I moaned in ecstasy. Without much effort I came hard, several times. His face was drenched in my juices.

The release of tension turned me into a puddle of relaxation. But we were not finished.

He flipped me over on my belly and bit my ass cheek, then spanked it. The flesh jiggled, the sound confirmed it stung a bit. He wrapped his big hands around my waist and pulled me to him by the hips. I was now on my knees at the center of the bed. He slid his cock into my wet and warm cunt, still throbbing from my climaxes. He stabbed hard, burying his dick deep inside me. Over and over again and again. Suddenly he pulled out of me and placed the smooth head at my ass hole. Pushing slowly it was evident my ass was going to be fucked next. I pushed back on his cock and devoured it with one strong motion. My man moaned. YES YES pounding away at my ass. There was no holding back - he exploded and shot hot cum deep inside me.

Both spent, we lay next to each other, hugging, fondling, kissing. I love sleeping with him and basked in the glow of having him home for the night.
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