Fly In Fly Out
An old friend Dean worked up north on a fly in fly out schedule of Two weeks in Camp Two weeks home. I happened to live in the city where his flight from camp landed and he would have up to a 6 hr layover before catching his flight home to his wife and kids.

Now years ago Dean and I were great friends as we had internships with a mining company and became friends quickly. That friendship grew to a great Friends with Benefits arrangement when we were between relationships. Dean was the one man I was never afraid to try anything with no matter how wild or raunchy he pushed my limits and I never minded as the benefits were worth it.

Thanks to fbook we reconnected just as he started his new job and we both realized he would be stuck in town for a few hours between flights so we decided to meet for a coffee and catch up. We both should have known that was never just going to be for "coffee".

I made sure I had a quick shower shaved everything leaving a little strip above my pussy. Powdered my body and added his favourite perfume to my neck and cleavage as well as a quick spray to the honey pot. I then put on a matching set of bra and panties his favourite colour purple with silver and stockings. Nice high heals a skirt that came above my knees and hugged my ample ass with a silk shirt that clung to my lovely all natural 44F tits. I applied some nice makeup and put my long raven black hair up in a french twist showing of my long neck and high cheekbones.

When I arrived at the airport I spotted Dean right away his 6ft 3in tall muscular frame his head of curled chestnut hair and ice blue eyes but it was his half smile that let me knew he liked what he saw and wanted more than a coffee.

I walked up to him letting my tits bounce and the cool silk taunt my nipples so they started to come to attention as we embraced he patted my ass and I pressed my nipples into his chest.

"Well Anna I am glad to see you."

"As am I Dean...shall we go to the lounge?"


As we walked towards the lounge he grabbed my hand and anyone looking at us would have thought we were just an average couple not about to do what followed.

When we got to the lounge we found a booth in the back where it was a bit darker and we slid in and he put his arm around my shoulders tucking me in under his arm and ordered us some drinks. After we received them we started to chat. Sipping our drinks and catching up on our lives for the past few years the heat between us was building my panties were soaked and Dean kept rubbing my shoulder with his hands and tracing my neck and jaw with his thumb sending shivers up and down my spine making my nipples as hard as rock and breasts beginning to heave as I tried to control my breath.

After a few drinks Dean excused himself and I pulled myself together trying not to jump him when he came back. Dean returned to the booth with a glint in his eye and I knew that I was done. He put two more drinks on the table and slid back into the booth. His arm brushed my tits as he again put his arm around my shoulders pulling me close to him. With every breath I was inhaling his sent which made me so horny it was taking everything not to fuck him right at the table.

He gently dropped his hand over my breast and gently rubbed it with his fingers occasionally flicking my nipple through my blouse. His other hand was now wondering up my thigh and when it reached my wet panties he stuck his finger in my pussy to get it wet pulled it out crossed my clit then brought it out from under my skirt and stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it clean.

"Damn Anna you not only do smell tasty are."

He then finished his drink but some money on the table stood up and grabbed my hand for me to follow. He winked at our waiter as we passed him and slipped him some money as we headed to the bathrooms.

Dean walked right into the mens room and pushed me towards the sink... "Oh Anna you know I need to taste that..."

Dean lifted me onto the vanity sliding my skirt up as he did and dropped to his knees parting my legs as far as they could go. Rubbing my inner thighs forcing them apart as far as possible he took a deep breath inhaling my sent he then put his face on my wet panties taking an even deeper breath.. he then let out a low guttural growl that caught me off guard if memory served me correctly I was not going to have any say in what was going to happen next and his release would also be my great pleasure.

Dean then used his nose to move the tiny cloth triangle of my panties and began to lick my pussy with his tongue teasing my clit then without warning dove in like he was starved and this was his first meal. He ravaged my pussy with his mouth, teeth and tongue. All I could do was throw my head back and moan and cry out in pleasure.

Because I was so enraptured with Dean devouring my pussy I did not hear the bathroom door open and the waiter and the busboy came in. The next think I knew the busboy had one of my legs and the waiter had the other and had pulled them as far apart as they would go. Thank good I did lots of yoga I was almost in a split position on the vanity.

"See boys I told you she had one of the nicest pussies ever."

Dean laughed again as he ripped the little pantie off me. He then reached over and took my hair pins out and let my hair fall down my back. I could not say a word I was stunned with what was transpiring.

"Anna luv", he started undoing my blouse "you know you are going to love this and you are going to be a good girl like always and not say a word"

"Dean... I am not sure about this"

He smacked my tits with his hand and I knew where his head was at and I would have to be a good girl and do what I was told.

"Now Anna be good you dont want me to hit you again right"

"No Dean... please sir can I have some more."

Dean then showed the boys my tits and let them each suck on one while he explored my cunt with his fingers. It was a mess of sensations with these boys sucking on my tits nibbling my nipples and Dean two fingers into my cunt.

After Dean had made me cum to a screaming orgasm the boys laughed. "You are right sir she sure gets into it."

Panting and heaving from my orgasm Dean then pulled me off the vanity turned me around and pushed me forward so I was bent facing the mirror. I could here him drop his pants and the boys gasp..

"Holly crap you have the biggest dick I have ever seen" I think that was the waiter.

"Well lads let me break her in again then you can each have a turn. Trust me her pussy is magic and makes every mans dick feel right at home."

Dean did have a massive dick I have never had one bigger or thicker we always had to make sure I was well lubricated so that I could take all of him but I knew there would be little preparation his time.

Dean put the head of his fully engorged dick at the mouth of my pussy, grabbed my hair so he pulled my face up looking directly in the mirror so he could see my face as he fucked me. Without ceremony he just pushed right into me in one thrust I cried out as my cunt had no time to adjust to his length and girth.

"Thats my girl" he growled and then fucked me without mercy. As my pussy adjusted to his dick it became more comfortable than painful and I began to get lost in the moment pushing my ass back towards him as he thrusted forward. He then let go of my hair and reached in front of me grabbed my tits and pulled me up towards him so his dick would bounce of the front of my g spot as it pounded into me.

As I screamed out my second orgasm Dean drooped me to the vanity grabbed my hips and pounded into me until he came. When he was done he pulled out and his cum was dripping down my thigh...

"There you go lads she is allllll ready"

Dean stepped back as I lay on the vanity barely able to to stand on my jello like legs. Then I heard another zipper and the waiter then looked at me in the mirror and smiled...

"Lady this is the best tip ever"

He entered me from behind and his dick was not nearly as large but he sure knew how to find all the right spots to hit. He put his hand in the small of my back to keep me down while he fucked me and occasionally smacked my ass groaning as he was getting closer to his climax. He then took his dick out and put a couple of fingers in my oozing pussy and began dripping the mixture of my pussy juice and Dean's cum on my rosebud rubbing it and getting it lubricated. He put his dick back in as he loosened up my but hole dipping a finger in up to a knuckle and then deeper and deeper then the second finger. I could hear Dean coaching him along so I can only imagine that this was his first anal experience and by the look on his face he was hungry for it.

He then slid his dick out and put it at the entrance of my ass. Dean pulled my checks apart and coached this young lad as he slowly entered my ass. He got almost all the way in when he exploded and his cum began to drip out my hole... he slid out with a big smile on his face and smacked my ass one more time.

The busboy however wasted know time and was in my ass faster than I could even have anticipated. He dove right in and as I screamed he just laughed and smiled and fucked my ass as hard as Dean had fucked my pussy. That busboy fucked me hard and fast and really liked to smack me as he did. Dean and the waiter just encouraged him to fuck me harder and faster and show no mercy... and he did not...

Unfortunately my body betrayed me and before he had a chance to cum I screamed out one final orgasm and he put his hand over my cunt as it began dripping out again then put his fingers in me and fingered me as hard as he was ass fucking me. I was groaning and moaning as he was ravaging me in both holes. I watched his face change as he finally climaxed and filled my ass with his cum and slid out. He kept fingering me and smacking my ass till I came one more time and he then licked his fingers clean looked at Dean an said...

"Yup that is one tasty dish."

The boys got dressed cleaned up shook Dean's hand and walked out. Dean then help clean me up. I got dressed again except for my panties that Dean had pocketed covered in my cum. I could barely stand up he helped me out to my car put gave me a parting deep kiss and squeezed my tit.

"See you in two weeks... however next time I think we should get a room."

He patted me on the ass and walked away. As I got in the car I smiled and drove back to my place where I took a long hot soothing bath anticipating what Dean would have planned next and began to count the days as two weeks began to seem like forever.

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