For All To See
There I was having lunch with by office buddy. When she walked in and sat down at a table facing me. She was with an unattractive guy, probably her co-worker. She however had that classy, yet slutty air around her. Brunette, shoulder length hair, shiny, expensive cut, red lips, beautiful hands, shiny jewelry, a classic business suit, white blouse, dark tan, tightly cut top, skirt, just a little shorter than most other women would wear, long tanned and toned legs, elegant calfs ending in screaming white high heels.She was confident, she wanted to be noticed, we wanted to be looked at. I looked at her.

She directly faced me, my buddies back was towards her. We were sitting against the backwall of the room. I did not just look, I stared. I could not take my eyes off of her. I was trying to undress her and picture her body under those clothes. She noticed my looks. I could tell, but did not care. She look up as she was looking over the menu, I held her gaze. I did not smile. Neither did she. My thought began to wander, might as well as it was unlikely I was ever going to get closer to her than this. Looking at her, got me excited. I enjoyed feeling my hardening cock.

My eyes ran up and down her body, up and down. Resting longer on her beautiful neck, on her breasts under that white blouse, and on her legs, which were neatly crossed under the table. I could not take my eyes away from those legs. I made conversation with my buddy, not to neglect him. But it was hard to concentrate. My eyes were drawn to her like magnets. I scanned her body once again, her tight, tanned, muscular neck, her curvy chest and her elegant legs, and as my eyes rand own on her, I noticed she had uncrossed her legs.

More than than, they were slightly parted, giving me an little glimpse of her thighs. Oh what a sight, how it turned me on. I looked up at her face, she stared straight ahead at me. Did I see just the faintest of smiles as she coyly turned her head after our eyes met for just a little too long to be discounted as incidental.

I was lost now. I was drawn to that spot under the table where her legs ended in a black spot framed by her thighs. I looked and looked, I burnt a whole in her lap, no doubt. When I looked up she was staring at me, smiling. She got up, excused herself from the table, and walked away and disappeared in the belly of the restaurant. She returned a few minutes later. Sat down in her chair. I has missed the view, I had missed those legs and their promise. What I was took my breath away. I could clearly she the outlines of her naked, shaved pussy as she sat down, her legs nicely spread for me. She moved her legs slowly but deliberately, slowly rubbing them together then opening them for me, for me to see, for no one else, although there were many people around.

My cock was now hard as a rock under the table. Our eyes were locked in each other and her gaze travelled straight through my eyes and make my cock tingle. What she did next amazed me. She sat fairly casually and let her left hand drop under the table, between her legs, pushing back her short skirt just a little, and laid it on her pussy. She jus left it there for a little before she slowly inserted her index finder inside of her. Once, twice, three times, and a little more for good measure. She casually lifter her hand, in full view of her oblivious lunch partner, brought it o her lips and sucked briefly on it as if to lick off some crumbs or sauce. I could not help it and almost as a reflex I reached between and pushed down on my hard cock. It felt so good, so hard. I wanted to cum, but obviously could not, i could not even get up and go to the bathroom to jerk off. I was stuck here and she was torturing me so beautifully.

This went on throughout her entire meal. She teased me, she played me. I loved it. She knew it. Eventually she was getting ready to leave. I had recovered to the point that I could get up. I made my way to the bathroom. I had not time to jerk off, I just took my cock out, rubbed it a little thinking of her. I had to get going. I packed up. Just as I was making my way to my table, her party was getting up. We crossed paths in the middle of the restaurant. She brushed against me, her hand running over my still semi-hard cock. She whispered "enjoy, I did". She smiled and walked off.

I went back to my office, Shut the door. Stood by the window, took out my cock, which on the first touch became hard and made myself come with hard, short strokes.
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