For My Friend
I remember when she told me, thinking she was joking, or really into it, she wanted to be one. I laughed, "oh yeah?" I said, "prove it." When she smiled, I froze, she wasn't joking, wasn't really wanting to be one, she turned into a vampire in front of me.

Long fangs, snow white gleamed, her green eyes blazed, red hair, so pretty, turned brighter red in front of me. I started backing away, fear flooding my body. She quickly changed back to my friend Lori. Fangs gone, eyes normal, hair not so red, it hurt my eyes. She saw me cringing, I backed into the wall, feeling trapped. I was so scared, it took what little strength I had to keep from peeing myself.

Lori saw how scared I was, her eyes filled with tears, like mine. I was crying I was so scared. "Please don't look at me like that, I'm still your friend." Was she still my friend? Absolutely not! She's a blood sucker! The undead! Everything I ever read, saw in the movies about vampires went through my mind. Was she going to grab me? Bend my head back? Bite me? Take me blood? Make me one of her? Losing control, I did pee myself. Embarrassed, I looked away, my panties soaked with my urine, dripping onto my jeans.

Her voice was soft. Caring. Just like the Lori I knew a few minutes ago, the one I loved as a friend, not ashamed to admit I was attracted to, making myself cum fantasizing about her. "I'll wait while you clean up, then I can explain." Her eyes were still full of tears, I ran from the room, mortified she knew I wet myself, too embarrassed to care she was still in my house.

I came out of the bathroom, wearing my robe, my dirty clothes still on the bathroom floor. Lori looked at me as I came into my living room. I folded my arms, waiting for her to explain, a mixture of embarrassment for my part, fear as I looked at my former friend. When she finished, I asked her to leave.

Time, four months of it, I started wondering about Lori. I was ashamed at how I treated her, we loved each other as friends, I was soooooo willing to sleep with her. Was she okay? Did she still live down the road? I never went in that direction since I last saw her.

Fall came, with all the beauty the season brings. Leaves turned red and gold, I decided on a quick jog before it got dark. Running opposite direction of Lori's house, leaves burning red in the setting sun, reminding me of Lori's hair. I took a trail into the woods, picking up my pace, feeling the approaching darkness. Suddenly, I no longer felt alone, something or someone was close by. The trail I was on was taking me deeper into the woods, trees blocking out the last of the sun. It was shorter going forward then turning back, the trail would take me back out to the road soon. In a stand of trees to my right, something caught my attention. Not sure what it was, i stopped, looking for a nice branch, thick, I could swing it like a bat if needed. Then I saw her, Lori.

My relief at seeing her vanished. She looked different, her eyes were dull, but alert, constantly looking around, scared. Her hair was a dull, flat red, darker color, no brightness to it. She had no color to her face, pale, almost ashen. Lips, thin strips, no longer full, chapped, cracked, dry, no blood shown when like when a person has a bleeding lip. She was leaning against a thin tree, tried to smile, it seemed the effort was too much for her. "I need rest," she rasped.

Watching her sleep in my bed, thinking about what she told me four months ago. She ran into a guy, claiming he was a vampire, like me, she laughed at the joke, telling him to prove it. She told me he was a bad vampire, not obeying the rules their kind had. He showed her his fangs, then took her, turning her there, not taking just enough to survive, only from a human willing to give blood. He was destroyed soon after.

Tears ran down my cheeks, she laid there, barely breathing, looking so weak. She didn't seek what she had become, it was bad luck, then she felt she could trust me, telling me what she had become. I treated her like a monster, not my friend, then I threw her out. I silently cried for her.

As she slept, I took a shower, washing off sweat from my run, making up my mind. I will, for my friend.

When I sat on the side of my bed, she sat straight up, her eyes on me, terrified, then relaxing when she saw me. I was in my robe, standing, I let it drop to the floor. I laid down next to her, fear and excitement running through me. "I'm willing." She licked her lips, her hunger showing. She assured me I would be okay, I won't become her, I nodded I understood.

We hugged, I was very excited, always wanted to make love with Lori. Her lips were very close to my neck, her breath cold as a winter morning on my skin. OH MY! Her teeth, razor sharp broke my skin. I came that second, pain and pleasure hit me so fast and hard. She was holding me tight, her body pressing mine. My hands gripped the sheets, her sucking my blood, feeling it leave my body, her tongue lips on my skin, burning me, making me cum again, moaning like I never did before. Lorie returned, eyes green, blazing, not scaring me in the least. Color in her cheeks, lips. Bright red hair, no longer looking dull. Her nipples poked through her dirty shirt, I wondered if she was turned on, or because she just fed. To my delight, it was the first. Shall I share our lovemaking? I will if anyone wants me to.

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