For the moment-This works
He woke in middle of the night or early morning as some would say, his hard cock had one thing on its mind and he felt his body give into that member. Why does his mind always want her when she leaves, or is it his cock but she is on his mind constantly. At work in the commute from work to home and to work from home he can not stop thinking of her the train ride is hell thinking about perfectly plump nipples that always grow hard under his touch.

She knows what she wants. He is so sure of that, the way her body melts into his when they kiss, and how they have perfect harmony when they make love. He is afraid to find out what people family friends will think so he keeps his private life that and he does not want any entanglements...he just wants sex on his terms he tells himself...but then he wants her when she is not there....and sometimes he misses her company. Yet other times he loves how it is now. She doesn't want remarried but he never asked what she really wants? Growing together seems nice but so does freedom. Most of all he appreciates her letting him have his and not being over bearing. Maybe that is what love really is? How the hell does he know? He over thinks things.

She is a free spirit and after the life she had marriage and children do not appeal to her. Do they? He thinks not but yet he still does not believe he will ever marry. But he does miss the conversations and sharing things and with her he can share everything even how he enjoys the strip clubs, guys night out and no condemnation from she is easy going. They enjoy each other and laugh.

She can get along with him on most things, and he has to know at times he has been grouchy and snapped a retort for no apparent reason and she takes it in hurt her he saw in her eyes if he looked it hurt but she wont be the one to police him, no that is not her job. That's part of her charm. She knows what the deal is yet what now? Keep on keeping on? What if she finds someone else? Will he miss her? His cock will! So will he but he can't think about that. Live in the moment man-that is his motto.

He is thinking too much, and all he wants is release and to have her there to help with it. That's what he tells himself, but deep down he misses her laugh her smile her eyes- God those eyes he can get lost in them. He feels the precum dripping all over his lap and he realized it is just because he is thinking of her eyes, Oh that face and those tits he loves to bite those nipples and tease her and at the same time rub her perfectly round ass he is so close and finds himself pumping his cock and with every stroke thinking of her, he is going harder and faster and his balls tighten, he has never been one to make a bunch of noise when he came but today, he screamed her name.

He knows he is in love yet holds back out of fear. Fuck fear and second guesses fuck what he tells himself he won't get deeply entangled. Is he deeply entangled?? When has fear kept him company? So the fuck what? When has family or co workers or anyone but him paid the bills or done anything for HIM?
He decided after that massive orgasm and screaming her name that he would have to have her in his life in some aspect or another forever. For now that aspect is weekends and they both enjoy it.

But he has one fear...what does she want? He can roll around thoughts in his head. And go back and forth with what he may or may not want. But her...he is unsure and she hasn't begun to speak about it because of his outspoken stand on the matter. They can agree sex is amazing.. they have fun.

He goes through work knowing it is Friday and he would see her tonight. God he would see her all weekend. He loves when she stays over. He can talk openly and laugh with her and make love in the early morning light. He loves the weekends more now than he did a few years ago. The nagging and fighting Sheila put him through hell. He didn't know then she was mental but signs were theree either mega watt bitch or mental. He actually use to work overtime to avoid her. She sold his boat for a penny! He hated weekends. Now its like night and day.

He is so grateful she came into his life. She openly told him she feels the same. He wasn't into the pub sceene but so glad he went in on that day. Really going on that long and she still puts up with him. Thd fishing trips, nights out and his aweful singing.

He finds himself in a good mood and wanting out of meetings and wanting the clock to go faster. These union guys are whining and construction is stopping and it will be his ass on the line. Ass mmm yes her ass that perfect peachy bottom his thoughts drift and he shifts uncomfortably. He wants to go home now! Finally others notice its time to get on with living and it ends. He is on his way home.

Finally the train ride to the park n ride ends and knowing in less than an hour she will be there.
To his surprise she is there early her car parked neatly next to his parking space.
He is hard just knowing she is waiting...
He gets his case and heads for the door, and as it opens he is greeted by her at the door in nothing but a smile.

For now for them both this works. Working together to make each one know they are enjoying the moment is more than most people get in a lifetime.
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