I love proving the stereotype wrong. It is such satisfaction when you are able to make someone take a step or two backwards to re-evaluate what they believe or think is reality. I am beaming right now reliving yesterday and how I was able to re-teach the minds of some stereotypical men.

I am an avid golfer and have been since my teens. That alone is beating a stereotype. A woman with an eight handicap doesn't fit the GOLF... Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden mantra. Then you add the fact that I am blonde, a MILF with the firm, lean body of a twenty-something and I have broken at least two stereotypes the second I step onto the green. �

It is hysterical when they see me in the clubhouse alone. They pray I won't be the one to join them and they start to curse the sap who dropped out last minute. They could kill the guy that screwed them because he had an emergency business meeting or a wife who finally put her foot down and demanded him to stay home for once. Three colleagues or buddies were left to match up with some obvious loser who couldn't scrounge up a group to play with so she came to the course alone.

I add salt to their wounds... and their huffs and puffs escape their lips as they pray fiercely they won't be stuck with me. Their thoughts swirl, conversations incur about how slow the round will be or how they will have to tone their normal chauvinistic bullshit down. They wonder if their day will be spent with a dumb blonde out to "learn" the game. A kill joy that won't let them swear or smoke their stinky cigars.

I know they are thinking today will be a bust and I love every second of their panic cuz they won't know whats gonna hit. See I will embarrass all of them because I am a better and more skilled golfer. I plan on making them feel like little school boys when they get beaten at a game by a girl.

That brings me to the next stereotype that I am hopefully going to break. I am a soccer mom... the thought would be that I am a prude, the good-girl. Basically a frustration when it comes to sex.

I have been told that most men want to fuck me, but in their mind I am too much of a goody-goody and they think I won't go there. Adding to their assumptions I come to play all prepped out in my pink polo and madras plaid skirt. My long blonde hair pulled back in a perfect ponytail finished off with the slightest hint of make-up so to show off how I am a natural beauty. Conceited you say, perhaps, but I am a confident, bright woman who knows who she is and what she wants. More importantly I believe that you play to win and losing isn't an option... not just in golf, but in all aspect of life. I am happy to report that living by that philosophy has almost always gotten me what I want.

Normally what I want is sex. Shocked? Well, let go of your first impressions and get ready to be rocked by your second. The good girl gets off by surprising the men in my sights. I get wet and hot by teasing them into a fury of want for me...

Back to yesterday and the morning tee time. The three men I got paired with were all pretty good-looking. Two of the three were average in looks; most-likely in their early to mid thirties. The third was a distinguished older man, perhaps fifty or so. He was a dashingly, handsome man with his neatly trimmed gray hair and mesmerizing baby blue eyes. He was tall and lean and the one I was most attracted too. So much so, I felt dampness in my panties as I continued to stare into those tantalizing eyes. He was just hot...crotch burning hot! I knew right then and there I was going to fuck him; hopefully in many different positions and in several different holes.

I walked slowly onto the first tee and said very little when we made our introductions. I could see that they all were checking me out. Perusing my body taking in the only benefit of a round of golf with me. They had eye candy and the distraction of fantasizing about what position they would fuck me in. They let me tee-off first and I made sure to place my ball on the tee very slowly, bending over far enough to reveal my hot pink lace thong.

I "accidentally" sliced my first drive, causing soft grunts and huffs of frustration. All I could do was giggle before turning and smiling, showing them my fake embarrassment.

After they hit we walked to take our next shots and my real game was about to begin. The next few holes I botched with precision and then asked if they liked to bet. They all said they did and I proposed that we make a wager on the next hole.

Luckily my favorite guy stepped up and put the stakes at $25.00 to the winner of the hole. The two others agreed and then I spoke up again, upping the ante. I stated that money was so predictable and perhaps we should wager something else. They all looked confused and I smiled big, unbuttoned the top button of my polo. I proposed that the loser would have to flash a body part to the others. All of them took a step back and my guy's mouth dropped open in shock. To show them I was serious I unbuttoned another button to show my impressive cleavage.

The bet was set and I walked up to the second fairway and hit another shot that went ridiculously right. I was going to lose this hole on purpose happily. Guess what... I lost.

I told them to hide me as I unbuttoned the last button and I pulled the open slit of the shirt outward, wrapping around both of my breast; revealing my medium sized tits to them. I then took my fingers and gently rubbed my nipples and they responded to my touch and got rock hard. I took turns starring into each of their eyes as I did this. I moved my eyes downward and I was happy to see bulges growing in their pants.

No words. Next hole.

I shocked them with a perfect shot up the middle and I birdied the hole. They all had words and smiles. They knew they had been played and it was game on. The blonde younger guy was the loser and he pulled his shirt up revealing a beautiful hard six-pack. I asked if I could touch and he said yes. I took both hands and rubbed them slow. He felt good.

The game continued and the competition became fierce. They wanted to see more of me which meant they needed to make some good shots. I didn't lose the next five holes and I got to see two more sets of abs and then all three rock hard cocks. I moved in to wrap my hand around the older one's cock when he lost his hole and I pumped it a bit to tease him with the hopes of a hand job.

Ninth hole I lost. I was a bit disappointed in my double bogey, but so ready to feel how wet I was and to pay some attention to my throbbing clit. I didn't care that we were standing outside the clubhouse. I was so horny at this point and the thought of being caught getting myself off almost made me cum on the spot. I slowly put my hand under my skirt and pushed my thong to the side. I took my other hand and lifted the skirt so that the men could see me rub myself...stopping at times to push my lips apart revealing my hole. I moaned and then wanted more. I took the hand of the brunette and slid it under my skirt. My juices dripped in his hand and I let out a gasp of pleasure.

I knew the others wanted to feel me too. I was ready to screw with their minds and without words I moved away, turned around and started to walk to the clubhouse. I was on a mission to find a private place to take this to the next level and prove to them I was no prude... and that soccer moms can get down-right dirty.

They followed like I was the pied-piper and I lead them to a small banquet room that was empty. I walked in and made sure that the French doors closed behind us. I walked to a round table, stood in front of it... I told them to sit and the obeyed. They started to look at each other, feeling a bit uncomfortable I suppose that they were all there together watching me.

They got over that quick when I began to strip. I started with my shirt. I bit my lip as I slid it over my head and then dropped it to the floor. I started to caress my breast, swaying to imaginary music. I teased my nipples... running my fingers over them, pinching, pulling them. OOOhhhh it felt good and they popped out, rock hard. The blonde one sat in the middle. He was the first to make a move and his hand moved so he could rub the large bulge that was trapped in his khakis.

I countered his move by moving my hands down my body and unzipped the back of my skirt, letting it slip down my hips. Still swaying I pushed it so it wrapped around my ankles. I was left standing in my matching panties and bra. I decided to take my pony tail out revealing my long blonde hair...then I went back to paying attention to my pussy. I took both hands and ran them down my stomach so they met in between my legs and I stroked my patch with both of them, getting my clit hard. I fondled myself hard and I was ready to cum quickly. I moved one hand to my tit and pinched it while I pushed a finger into my hole. I needed more and pushed a second and then a third. My eyes closed and my head titled back as I thrust my fingers into my cunt over and over until I was swept away by the first of many orgasms. I let out a moan and several grasps as I climaxed.

When I came back to reality, I noticed that two of them had unzipped their pants and their hard dicks were out. They were stroking them, getting themselves off. Holy shit they were both thick and a good 8 and 6 inches respectably. My gray haired playmate was holding out. He was challenging me. I could see it in those eyes. He wanted to see if I would cave to him or if I would get him so horny he would come to me.

Watching him and smiling I moved myself so I was sitting on the table. I spread my legs wide, showing him all of me. I moved back so that my feet rested on the table as well, spread apart allowing me full access to my hot, dripping wet pussy. I watched him, not the others. They were weak and easy marks. I knew they would cum quick, jerking themselves off. Not my man. He was ready to wait me out... making me come to him.

I was up for the contest. Who would win? I took my finger and brought it to my mouth. I licked it, circling it with my tongue. Wishing it was his dick. Oooooh I could imagine my lips around it. God, there is no better feeling then a hard thick cock filling my mouth. The taste of the pre-cum leaking onto my tongue. I sucked my finger in with the thought of it.

Then I moved that wet finger to my box and fucked it with fury. I came again. I wanted more. I wanted him, but I wasn't going to make the first move. That would be conceding the game. I took my finger out, rolled over and got on all fours. My ass toward the men. I took my finger and moved it past my cunt and found my asshole. I circled it and I heard his first noise, a loud sigh. I was breaking him. I kept circling it and then took the tip of my finger and poked it into my hole. I moaned with pleasure. I poked myself and continued to moan louder.

Before I knew it I could sense someone behind me. He lost! I won! Or so I thought. But as I swung my head around to rub in his loss, I saw him still sitting. It was the brunette, standing naked behind me, his hand still fucking himself; hand wrapped around his cock, circling it and moving it up and down his shaft. He wanted to fuck me and I so wanted to get fucked. I got down from the table and got in doggy position on the carpeted floor. I moved to my elbows, slanting my back down, pushing my round ass up ready to meet his beautiful cock. He knelt and I felt the tip of him up against my vag. I rocked myself back, wanting more of him in me.

It was then I remembered my man, knowing he was watching. I told my young one to stop. He did, deflating a bit wondering if that was it for him. It wasn't. I simply wanted to move so that my face was to the chairs. I wanted the other two to see it all, see me getting fucked and my face when I came.
Ahhh yeah, both seated men had cocks out, hands pumping them and I was ready to ride the other good. Oooohhh I was getting to that gray haired man. He was going to cum before me. God, I wanted him to shoot his load all over my face. Ooohhh yeah, that wonderful surprise of the first real thrust of a cock in my cunt. Shit it felt good, fucking good. I met his thrust, jerking back and slapping his balls with my ass. He held onto my waist and pumped into me deep. I moved my head to watch the others jerk off.

I licked my lips and let out loud groans, they got louder with every thrust. He quickened the pace, but I wasn't totally satisfied. My mouth was craving a cock. I wanted that man in my mouth. His prick was fucking fat and hard as a rock and I wanted it wrapped by my lips. I wanted him to push it into my mouth in rhythm with the rod in my cunt. I somehow was able to lift my hand and motion with my finger for him to come to me. I didn't give a shit at this point about the unspoken contest between us. I just wanted to taste him and fuck him with my mouth. I looked over to the other one and apologized with my eyes.

Then my man was there, in front of me. Cock in my face knowing exactly what I wanted. My box fucker never stopped, didn't even slow down. He was focused on the task at hand, god he was fucking good at this. Before I had anything in my mouth, I fucking came and let out a loud gasp and then moaned, "ah yeah, oh god yeah... oh, oh.. ahhhhh" I came long and hard. He kept on. I panted and stuck my tongue out, begging for a cock. Oh he teased me, putting it close to my mouth but only so my tongue tickled onto the tip of him. He moved his hips in enough for me to lick him and then would pull away so I was moving my tongue like a his shaft was a popsicle. I begged with my moans and then he gave it all to me. I circled him with my tongue and sucked him hard. Yeah it was good in my mouth and my pussy was getting it good at the same time. Shit this was fucking hot and I slapped back harder and then came again. I slowed down so I could move into my man's mouth more, deep throating him. "Yeah baby" kept running through my mind. "yeah, give it to me...deeper...uuuuhhh yeah deeper... Faster...fuck yeah... go baby"

I was shocked and had to stop when I felt something hot and sticking oozing on my back... It was splattering all over me. Holy shit, it was the third one shooting his load all over me. Oh my god, it threw me over the edge again. Three on me... three... fuck yeah... A fucking fore-some... I wished I had a video camera. I wanted to watch this. Number three then moved his hand to my pussy and began to circle my clit and then would poke a finger in and out. He continued to alternate his motions; rubbing my patch, then finger fucking me. He was good at finger fucking. And the one from behind, shit he knew what he was doing too. I came over and over and I knew while the dick got swallowed by my pussy I squirted several times. Not only did I feel it splatter out of me, I heard, "fuck yeah, squirt it, shit that is so fucking hot! Squirt for me more... yeah... there it is."

I was ready for anything and I moved away from both and reached my hand back to my asshole, letting my rear man know I wanted an ass fuck. "Please" muttered from my lips. I loved to get it in the ass... He eased in to me and my walls loosened quickly and I felt all of him in me. It was good, but I knew it could be better. I almost grunted for that wonderful and satisfying rod to come back into my mouth. The head was at my lips quickly and I sucked it in happily. I had two holes getting fucked and I sucked and fucked and sucked and fucked and then I felt my ass fill with cum and the strength of his pushing me made me cum so hard that I couldn't keep working the cock in my mouth. I began to gag because I was forced to slow my sucking to cum but he didn't slow his movements. Luckily I recovered quickly and I got back to tasting and swallowing hot, wet juices. I wrapped my mouth harder around that shaft that was banging in and out and down my throat. His hands were on my head, pushing me into him, making me go deeper. At the other end I felt the cock in my ass start to pump slower and slower until it finally pulled out, but my throat took all of another until I felt cum spewing down my throat. Ohhhh he unloaded... He came for what seemed like forever and I knew I swallowed every last drop.

As I let go of him, I laid myself down on my belly, exhausted and satisfied. All three of the men got dressed and I rolled over and sat up, facing them. We finally spoke again. "Question" I stated, "Do you believe in the whole... Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden thing?"

The older gentleman responded, "I think I believe in a lot of new things now. I definitely know that soccer moms can have a lot of secrets, wonderful dirty secrets... and I believe that from now on I will always welcome dumb blondes to join my foursome hoping it might become a real fore-some again."
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