Forever Ecstasy
It happened on a battlefield. No, not that battlefield, the other one.

Her subtle beauty radiates through an infectious captivating smile. The kind of beauty that knows no bounds. A kind of pleasurable satisfaction whose intensity develops from visual contact to tactile stimulation, a touch, a kiss, a whisper of affection, a breath of fresh air, a taste of uncontrollable, insatiable desirous union of flesh.

There's a battlefield of dreams seeking realization. A longing emptiness striving toward fulfillment. An eternal quest for compatible completeness. Satisfaction aching not only for evolution's create process but for involution's mysterious wanderings.

The island had been a raging battlefield during the era known as WWII. Now it's become a treasured oceanic jewel not only for it's picturesque allure but for it's captivating sexually stimulating, fulfilling wonder.

An unanswered question continually plagues my conscious as well as unconscious mind. Why does it take such extreme conditions to inspire sexual madness gone completely absurd?

Been wanting to write a book entitled, "Extraordinary Exploits of a Combat Marine." The focus won't be on combat. Rather, it's focus will be on those exploits triggered by a powerful adrenaline rush seeking a kind of satisfaction that seemingly can never be quite fully realized.

There'll be a chapter about a girl I met in a bar on that magic island. She sat alone in a darkened corner faintly lit by the glow of overhanging oriental lamps. Her upper body slightly slumped over an umbrella covered drink decorated with pineapple and orange slices topped off with a cherry.

As I approach, only her eyes look upward, her index finger stirring an untouched passion fruit drink. Not knowing whether I should ask to join her she instinctively invites me to sit with her.

I awkwardly begin sitting across from her but she boldly takes my hand guiding me to sit next to her.

Being somewhat cautious not to impose prematurely I sit close to the edge of the bench seat. She immediately draws me close to her. Our thighs greet each other. Her thigh presses into mine, I follow her lead.

"I'd like to buy you a drink but you haven't even started this one."

"That's because I don't drink."

Caught off guard I smile waiting for her to once again take the lead. She places my hand on her thigh just below the hem of her miniskirt. Her hand slowly slides up the inside of my thigh. My eyes focus on her alluring stare drawing me to the depths of the kind of intuitive awareness I've only read about in books.

Her hand comfortably wraps around the bulging arousal she's proud to have inspired. Her fingers playfully stroke the crown of my Levi covered cock as it slowly emerges from it's foreskin.

"Let's get out of here and go to my place. I think I know what your after and if I'm right you've found the girl who'll provide you with more sexual satisfaction than you ever dreamed possible."

Who ever said oriental women don't know how to take the bull by the horns or for that matter, the tiger by the tail??? Who ever said that women in general can't ride like the wind, bareback, in any kind of weather???

There's a storm brewing between my legs that's transforming into hurricane intensity. What I initially thought would be a lengthy drawn out game of cat and mouse turns out to be, the mouse ate the cheese.

Never before or since have I been so captivated with the subtle charm of Sheu-fuh's sexuality.

Her name baffles me to this day. However, it took some time to be able to pronounce it correctly (She-you-foo.) Then came the meaning. She said, "It means Elegant Phoenix." Then she added, "I'm the one who'll transform your fantasies into reality."

Such elegance in her walk, as if each step had it's own mysterious longing. The delicate touch with which she takes hold of my hand leading it to places of erotic origin, is so gentle yet so distinct.

As her hands fondle every inch of my skin I receive her subtle non verbal instruction of how to become more and more gentle. This must be a cultural trait developed over centuries of exquisite exploration.

I become so sensitively embarrassed regarding my own cultural upbringing which in comparison lacks all the qualities of indirect delicacy concerning sexual inspiration and it's developmental progress culminating in never before experienced orgasmic ecstasy.

Sheu-fuh's body is an avant garde, architecturally sculptured masterpiece of boundless, exquisite elegance. Every aspect of charm seems to have been cultured and evolved from a discipline of training that focuses on pleasure giving principles which in turn become spontaneously pleasure receiving traits of sexual satisfaction.

After an unanticipated introduction to dinner with extraordinary flavor I become overwhelmed with the lingering taste and odors of gourmet sushi/sashimi prepared with the finest trimmings imaginable.

She leads me to the edge of a mammoth size sunken bath with graduated steps allowing the body to be either totally exposed or totally submerged. Rather than a bath it might as well be a small swimming pool used for bathing.

I generously allow her the lead as I am totally ignorant of the ways of subtlety.

In perfect Olympic form she instantly dives into the deep end, I follow, she swims away, I chase her splashing wake, she speeds up, I attempt to catch her, she's obviously a mermaid with the ability to become human.

Then comes the ritual of allowing her to completely cover my body with thick soap suds taking complete advantage of every erogenous zone imaginable and unimaginable.

Who ever thought that stimulation of pressure points in your ear could insight a full on uncontrollable orgasmic arousal. How about stimulation of your nipples by gentle tongue twisting sucking while being aroused with anal sphincter massage. Her soft gentle chewing on the ear lobes and nipples is so stimulating

Touching of the genitals is saved for the final culmination of sexually erotic endeavors.

The way she massages my balls while stroking my shaft so that the foreskin slowly slides over the crown with just enough pressure to feel as if I'm penetrating her pussy, becomes so intense I lose control of another orgasmic release.

The way she positions her body allows my imagination to run wild. It takes every bit of forced, controlled discipline to stop me from violating every principle of subtlety and jump her body and fuck her into insane submission.

As she massages my balls and strokes my shaft she spreads her legs pulling my cock right to the edge of her flowery pussy lips. My eyes explore the level of rapture she's experiencing by noticing how extended her juicy clitoris has become. I've heard of women having a clitoris as large as a man's penis but I've never met one until now. (Pictures available).

"Your control is quite commendable. Now it's your turn to cleanse and prepare my body for our all night sexual adventure that will become more and more intense the more we pursue satisfying each others desired cravings."

I begin to realize what she has done. I must have ejaculated three or four times during what seems like a timeless adventure of cleansing my body. She stimulates my body orally while constantly massaging every inch of skin that produces a twitch, a shimmy, any form of arousal.

After lengthy anal cleansing she takes huge releases of ejaculate in her mouth then uses it as lubrication to stimulate and arouse anal satisfaction.

This form of preparation sure has it's merits. I'm in a state of total relaxed rapture yet my body is so aroused I feel an intense electro magnetic universal attraction with Sheu-fuh. How do you describe an experience you've never had before, let alone even imagined?

After being introduced to the magnitude of sexually arousing techniques, I now know the rudiments of her magnificent discipline. What I don't know is if I can replicate her illustrious prowess. Now I'll find out all about command performance!!!

One thing I've been good at throughout life is following my own intuitive process. Guess I'll have to put all my trust in letting my fingers do the walking, my tongue do the talking and my somewhat, hopefully well endowed features take charge of all the rest.

Sheu-fuh unexpectedly surprises me by completely submitting to my taking control of her body. She relaxes then twistingly rotates into my arms. As I support her less than a hundred pound body I position her to fall into my lap.

I remember her always wanting to achieve maximum body contact as our skin records every subtle stimulation.

On the third graduated step I realize I can achieve a similar position. With my legs outstretched under hers her body relaxes into mine with her petite buttocks positioned over my groin.

Lifting my hips allows my shaft to make contact with her well endowed flowery pussy lips. She's so petite I'll bet half her body weight is in her clitoris and pussy lips.

Her clitoris is still semi flaccidly elongated and hangs alongside her pussy lips making contact with my cock and thigh. I gently widen my legs enough to allow her clit to fall between my thigh and cock.

Randomly applying pressure to gently squeeze her clit into my shaft becomes an intriguing movement. Her body arches slightly with gentle flinching twists. I feel her clit begin to swell, stimulating my cock to swell simultaneously.

With my hands completely free to begin manually exploring her body the sight of her relaxed form excites my every erotic thought.

Knowing better than reaching for her oversized breasts I begin massaging her neck by placing my fingers just below her collarbones where my thumbs and index fingers can work upwards then with a rotating motion twist downward reaching my thumbs behind her ears while allowing three fingers to rest on her upper breast plate.

To say her breasts are oversized may be an exaggeration. It's just that her body is so slender and petite her small breasts seem huge.

I thrill in watching her body slowly squirm as her skin stretches pulling her nipples upward. Bending down to kiss behind her ear she rotates her head, our lips gently touch, my hands cup the outside of her breasts then press inward.

Her arms reach around the back of my head pulling me into a ferocious lip twisting frenzy allowing our tongues to enjoy a preliminary taste of each others arousal.

The taste on our tongues is of lingering uni with quail egg and flying fish roe. (That's sea urchin for those of you who may not know about uni. Flying fish eggs are referred to as roe).

Her hips roll back, her thighs tighten around my expanded shaft. She continues lifting my shaft with her thighs until she feels the head of my cock reach just above her knees.

Compared to different parts of her anatomy my cock seems huge. It's not. Well endowed, maybe, depending on a woman's endowment. Laying along side her thigh it's practically as long but then she stands about four foot two.

She begins gliding her hips the length of my cock as her pussy lips surround the shaft, her clitoris dragging the length of the dorsal side then falling to the outside.

I lift her out of the bath onto a prepared cushion just as her orgasm sprays a miraculous amount of nectar over my cock and balls. Her arched, tense body shivers with excitement.

Why people refer to this type of stimulation as dry fucking is beyond me. There's nothing dry about it, and the taste of her nectar is indescribable.

Without thinking about being subtle I rotate her body over mine so I can partake in inhaling her treasure chest of nectar.

She jacks me off several times knowing all to well I'm about to unleash an overload of built up, enthusiastically flowing rich cum. My tongue is long enough to reach her cervical canal plus dive in a couple inches further.

Instantly I realize the shortness of her vaginal canal leading to her cervix. My desire for her extremely sweet nectar overwhelms my enthusiasm as I suck her expanding clitoris down my throat. Nothing short about her clit.

I continually switch from sucking her clit to inhaling her flowery pussy lips craving every drop of her precious juices. Her pussy lips bellow in my mouth as my tongue separates their enormous petals. As I suck them deep into my mouth they close in around the tip of my tongue which then penetrates deep opening them up again and again. Her body convulses with each thrust.

Her mouth is small. However she manages to fit my crown in far enough so her lips tuck behind it's flared hood. By pulling the foreskin back she has complete access to the huge opening in the crown.

She doesn't hesitate diving her tongue into my cock, creating a funnel shape by tightening it's length and sucking the river of cum I've released.

Sucking her clitoris is a pleasure I've never had before. It's so long I can swallow it down my throat passed my glottis. By intermittingly tightening the glottis she becomes so turned on her body spasms instantly arousing another orgasm.

I'm swallowing her cum with deep gulps but I can't handle the amount as some of her nectar pours down the outside of my cheeks and down my neck.

She swallows so much of my cum then chokes, coughing slightly she clears her throat and never misses the next burst of ejaculate.

Our bodies squirm with every orgasmic arousal. Her tits dance off my belly and chest softly squashing their way to hardening nipples. My hips thrust upward then rotate, my thighs reach up hugging her tits.

After sucking and gently chewing her pussy lips she unleashes an orgasm that flows down my throat so smoothly I just can't get enough.

All of a sudden she informs me,"You've done what no other man has been able to do. The intensity of each orgasm is so powerful I can still feel the first one. I know my pussy entrance is short but I've got a surprise for you."

She rotates around so I can fuck her from the rear. As my cock enters her huge but short vaginal opening I tighten my grip on it's shaft. I'm not quite rock hard yet so I take it easy. Her cervix is so tight I draw back on the foreskin allowing the crown to become the pathfinder.

The thickest part of my shaft is behind the crown where a huge bulge prevents me from going further. She removes my fledgling doubts about penetrating deeper by thrusting her hips back hard enough for the head of my cock to enter her cervix.

After regaining my balance she thrusts again and again each time allow my cock to travel further. As her body relaxes I cup her breasts in my hands massaging them by rotating asymmetrically. Her nipples squeeze through my fingers so I scissors slide them their entire enormous length. Her body sways and twists with delight.

"Now, roll me over and fuck me as deep as your cock can penetrate."

I instantly respond. Without withdrawing I roll her over as she spreads her legs so wide she does a ballet type splits. Her back arches slightly, the warmth of more heavenly juice from both our bodies allows me to thrust slowly and so smoothly.

Suddenly I realize the length of her cervix. I've penetrated deeper than I have with any other woman. Still I haven't reached her uterus. I jokingly remark, "Your pussy has been short sheeted."

We both laugh without loosing sight of our intended goal. I want to fuck her as deep as she'll have me. She's made it quite plain that she wants to be fucked as deep as I can penetrate.

I take it slow and easy knowing ahead of time how much I enjoy having my cock buried in a woman's pussy for as long as she can endure. I have no idea what's in store for both of us.

I relinquish control by saying, "You tell me how deep I can go without forcing you into any pain."

"You're so gentle keep thrusting softly then withdraw before going deeper. I'll continue saying 'deeper' so long as it doesn't hurt."

We both take on the same intent...we both know intuitively that taking it to the limit will produce an orgasm the likes of which we've both never known.


Inch by inch I keep traveling through an unbelievably long cervix which we both simultaneously dubbed, "The fathomless tunnel of love."

"Go deeper, you can go deeper, your almost there."

I didn't fully understand what she meant as I was so focused on reaching the end of her comfortably warm, tight cervix.

Half the length of my cock is in her pussy when the crown pokes through into her uterus. The extraordinary feeling of comfortable tightness then a sudden burst into a chamber so large I couldn't feel any surrounding flesh touching my crown.

"Now go as deep as you can thrust then stop when you've reached my rib cage."

That's a frightening thought, my cock reaching her rib cage. If that's at all possible I'm going for it.

The crown of my cock hasn't felt any fleshly sensation until the bulging head protrudes. Her cervix has been stretched out to accommodate the head of my cock. I only hope she's enjoying this miraculous never before experience as much as I am.

My cock practically plunges it's way so deep into her uterus the surrounding walls cave in completely tightening around nearly three quarters the length of my cock. The bulge protruding below her rib cage is a massive mound of flesh which she begins massaging.

As she presses down I thrust upward creating a see-saw effect. I start withdrawing a few inches just before the bulge disappears then thrust a little harder.

"Go ahead, thrust harder, it feels so good."

Thrusting harder made me realize her clit was elongating up against my belly. As her clit stiffens I try to get the moistened head to fit in my belly button. Her forceful breathing signals another orgasm about to erupt.

I want to climax with her so I withdraw to where the head of my cock backs into her cervix about half way then I thrust hard delivering a bolt of lightning into her body the force of which I may have over done.

"Do that again."

I oblige.

"Again, please, harder."

I thrust all my weight into possibly the deepest penetration I've ever experienced.

"Now, as hard as you can, don't hold anything back."

Here goes subtlety right out the window. My cock plunges as hard and as deep as it's ever been allowed to penetrate. The tightened outline of the head and crown can be seen vividly through her skin.

"Keep going, Rod, I'm having the most tremendous orgasmic experience of my life. Don't stop...don't ever stop."

Her body relaxes nearly into a fainting condition.

"Don't worry, I'm yours, all yours. Fuck me hard and deep for as long as you can endure. I've never felt this kind of magnificent ecstasy. Don't stop, give me everything you've got."

Her words sound intoxicatingly delirious. Still, she takes hold of my arms forcing me to fuck her into an insane state of bliss. The total rapture of her smile sends me into orgasmic orbit.

It's just as blissful for me as it is for her. I've never reached this height of orgasmic intensity, an experience I've always thought was a fantasy. Reaching that state of ecstasy where the powerful sensation known as an orgasm or climax becomes an unceasing, lingering phenomenon.

We lay nearly side by side, her breasts lazily bobbing against my chest in time with my breathing, my cock buried deep in her pussy, our legs straddling each other scissors like style. Somehow our hips continue to work their magic, slowly, gently sustaining an orgasmic sensation that feels as if it will last indefinitely.

I fall asleep dreaming of laying here forever, eternally joined at the ribcage...

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