Fountain of Bliss
...just for the fun of it...


"Hey Rod, sing me that train song."

"Hey Rod, play them rockin' blues."

"Hey Rod, play me some country."

"Hey Rod, do some of that Dylan stuff."

"Hey Rod, take me to bed and loose me forever"...

When Top Gun was first released we were on a cruise ship and I took her to see the first show. She white-knuckled my hand during every combat scene and cried out with joy when she heard her favorite line...then, cried on my shoulder when Goose was killed. We sat through intermission just holding hands, hugging and kissing...she wanted to stay for the second show. When the 'Great Balls of Fire' scene erupted she waited to hear her favorite line again, then, tightened her grip on my hand, looked me straight in the eye...."come on Rod, take me home and loose me forever"...

Her voice is enough to arouse everything sexual
about me, in me, through me...I just love it when she describes her feelings while we're making love, she literally guides me to the exact spot she's receiveing the most pleasure from and when I'm on the mark, she goes balistic...doesn't matter if it's my thumb, fingers, tongue, edge of my hand, lips, elbow...yes, even that!!! time she even...Oh wait!, I'm getting ahead of myself...

"Hey Rod..."


"What is it about you guys that live on the edge of disaster all the time?..."

"What do you mean?"

"You're all so fuckin' sexy...and you never wanna quit...I'll bet if I let you, you'd fuck me into the next century..."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothin', I love it and I want more every time were together...guess I'm really fallin' for you..."

"Do you want me to loose you forever or what?..."

"What's the 'or what' all about?..."

"It's the flip side of forever and there's nothin' to loose..."

"See, that's what I mean, you love hanging out on the edge of infinity..."

"It's the only place I feel comfortable..."

"Guess that's why I want you to take me there..."

"Well, you don't need no ticket, you don't need no clothes...just a healthy appetite for unending sex untold..."

"All right, big mouth, now you've done it...I'll let you fuck me comepletely dry if you'll satisfy just one desire..."

"You're on..."

"Come here, big guy and show me your stuff."

She guides me into the den where she has all her favoite props. Contoured cushions that hold you in any and every exotic position you could ever imagine. She has her favorite designer positions that maximize every stroking, thrusting angle tolerable, even a swing that oscilates with a momentum that allows for an effortless, gliding non-stop fucking paradise of's my favorite...

However, she decides to lay out on this roller coaster style cushion where her head is slightly raised, her chest dips down allowing her breasts to slip down along the sides of her rib cage, then, her pelvis is thrust upward almost waist high, she spreads her legs resting them on cushions to either side and the pad under her butt forces her mound upward into the most sexy come fuck me position I've ever seen...

"Alright, you have to hold on to that swinging high bar and just let your cock dangle so it barely touches my pussy and pubic hair. Then swing ever so slowly so that the tip of your cock follows the edge of my outer lips, then I'll guide you from there..."

"...and you think I love hanging out on the edge of infinity...WOW!, you are a goddess created for sex..."

"O K, now, you can't fuck me until I tell you...that's when I want you to loose me forever..."

"Go for it..."

Even before I start swinging gently my cock is getting harder and harder and I can feel the liquid seeping down the inner length of the tickles and my excitement is on the brink of exploding...

"Yes, that's it, follow the edge of my pussy and stay away from those inner lips, that's my territory..."

She starts moaning with a clench-jawed murmur that turns me on so strongly my cock starts dancing with uncontrollable pulsating jolts of clear liquid oozing out onto her pussy blending in with her sweet desirous nectar. Her finger tips reach out and guide my cock right to where she wants it and when she wants it to move she just taps it lightly first one way then another. Her body starts twitching and her clenched jaw opens with a more forceful breath controlled half sigh, half moan...then she starts talking to herself...

", not yet, oh god, I wanna' be fucked so bad, so hard...come on Rod, I want you to fuck me so hard...make me numb...not yet, hold on..."

Her teeth clench, then relax through a series of moaning sighs that take on a melodic resonance...

"Oh yes, cream my clit, give it to me big guy, pour that liquid into those inner lips..."

As she plows the head of my cock through the entire length of her opening I feel a lake of liquid allowing me to glide up and down then side to side. She's diping the crown in and out with swiping movements. Her fingers open her pussy and her flowering inner lips welcome the head of my cock, then she holds me back while I keep swinging, the crown of my cock is deeply sucked into her treasure chest and her muscles contract and release with a pulsating rhythm. She holds me right at the edge of her lips but her muscles continue drawing me inward, the sensation is overwhelming, her pussy is massaging the entire crown and head of my cock. I tighten my grip on the overhead bar to stop me from exploding all over her...

"Hang on Rod, I'm ...all...most...eeennnnnn...AAAHHHhhhh.....yesssss...."

She grabs the back half of my cock and guides me further into her pussy. The thickest part of the head is just inside her inner lips...

"Now, drop down from that bar and fuck me like you've never fucked anyone else..."

As I let go of the bar, my body drops toward her, my cock plunges deep and she lets go and grabs my hips and pulls as hard as she can. It feels like I'm going to burst right through her stomach wall. As soon as I bottom out she rolls with me to the side, off the cushions and I end up on my back where she commences to fuck me like a banshee. Her orgasm is one continuous frenzy of nonstop thrashing that sends me over the top. She continues a relentless pounding maddening pace. There's no time to focus on this orgasm 'cause she heading for the next and the next with a lusting passion for unending ecastacy unlimited.

The energy she started pounding me with is starting to wane, so I pick her up and spin her around, her pussy tightens around my cock and nearly locks me in place. The force of the spin twists my cock inside her in such a way that I feel these sensual little nudules rippling along the entire length of my shaft. Every time I tense my anal sphincter muscles another spurt of cum fills her pussy. My cock feels so hot and wet it's like being in a sauna for hours...her body is flaming torch rising to the occasion...

She erupts with yet another orgasm then climbs up on a cushion that is taylored for rear entry access. Her back arches as her body slides into position on her stomach. Her legs reach outward, then she hits a switch which activates a power controlled pump that inflates the area under her pelvis. Her pussy opens up like the gates of eden and I go sailing for the gold cup. She holds her pevic muscles tight as I thrust long and hard. As I glide through her entry way she relaxes and the sensation sends me into orbit gushing like a broken fire hydrant. A vision flashes before my eyes, there's no way I'm ever going to fuck her dry. She already has enough cum from both of us floating around in her womb and squirting out the sides of my cock, enough to build a dam.

"Come on Rod, do me like you've always wanted to, fuck me hard, fuck me strong, fuck me like my favorite song...fuck me all night long...fuck me like my back ain't got no bone..."

We set up a rhythm that together with the position of all her props allows us to rock the night away. Once the adrenaline kicks in full throttle we fuck our way straight to the moon and back. Our re-entry is a smoking fire ball of sweat and intense heat generated by an exhaustive pounding of flesh which in turn creates a blissful sensation as our melt down slows to a steady rhythmic driving force where our moans are timed with each jolting plunging thrust...we reach the state where our leg muscles quiver uncontrollably and are about to completely give out...and yet the sensation is so overwhelming we can't stop...

I roll her over onto another prop where my back is against a curved surface and the angle of my hips allows me to continue thrusting while releiving the pressure from our legs. Her back rests on my chest and she reaches for two more cushions to prop her thighs in a position that stretches her pussy wide open. She drops her hips giving me an angle of attack that drives us both wild with one orgasmic build up after another...

"Come on Rod, I feel it cumming, we're both heading for the edge of forever..."

She grabs my hands and brings them up to her tits and without hesitation I begin massaging her with random swirls rotating every which way. Her nipples swell and poke through my fingers and I roll them into my palms. Her body jerks up and down then all around, her pelvis swings from side to side then back and forth. Her clit is so huge I can feel it stabbing the shaft of my cock then folding into her inner lips as I thrust as deep as I can bottoming out with every stroke. The feel of her clit pressing into the underside of my cock is such a thrill I feel a steady streaam of cum spitting out. Her feet press against my raised thighs as she uses leaverage to suspend her body between my chest and legs. We both feel the build up reaching an enormous rush and a sudden fear hits both of us as we enter an orgasmic blowout stage of explosive eruption...what have we done, every nerve in our bodies is firing faster than a hundred machine guns with an impact that feels like our bodies are about to explode with an oblivious cataclymic massive flame out...the rushing sound in our heads reaches deafening proportions, we can't even hear our own screams...

I have no idea how long we were in a state of unconscious trance but we woke up in another room designed for the most soothing relaxation ever conceived. We were lying in the base of a warm water fountain that gently sprays a shower of delicate drops all over our bodies. The jacuzi like jets around the base and the center section create a water massage affect that feels heavenly. I didn't want to open my eyes for fear this was just another dream. I knew I was holding her in my arms, her breasts tight against my chest, our legs intertwined, her hand had a full grasp of my cock and my hand was on her thigh with the thumb partially wedged between her pussy lips, I could feel her relaxation through the limpness of her entire body...I couldn't feel any other sensation except where our bodies my eyes begin to open the image of the fountain becomes well pronounced. The center section is in the form of an enormously massive cock some six feet tall. The crown of the image flares out like a giant mushroom and the base is corregated into waterproof cushioned seating sections interwoven through a maze of thin cyberskin tubing that resembles pubic feels like lying in the tall grass with warm-water-rain falling all around and a mist of steam bellowing out ionized water into mist clouds that when inhaled, immediately sooth the throat and calms every aching muscle from head to toe...

Her hand starts stroking my cock ever so delicately, my fingers slide into her pussy and gently stroke the length of her opening then go deeper. Our movements are imperceptibly slow and the sensation causes our bodies to quiver in a sustained orgasmic state of bliss...this is that feeling you never want to end, where the slightest move sustains the intensity...

"Hey Rod..."


"I've got one more request..."

"I think I love you already..."

"After breakfast I want you to do my ass the same way..."

"Now who's insane..." this that place called 'lost forever'...
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