Friday night fun
It was a regular Friday evening. The wife and her girlfriends usually got together for some girl time on a weekly basis. This Friday however the wife was called away due to a family illness.

Since she couldn't attend I received an e-mail invitation. Not having any plans in place, I decided to go be with the girls. I arrived as the informal gathering was picking up speed. Wine was being consumed, along with some very potent cocktails. Entering the room all the girls already knew me and welcomed me with an invitation to get myself a drink and join in the fun.

Stepping into the kitchen where the ice and glasses were kept, I poured myself a stiff drink. I had no sooner mixed my drink than Janice, one of the wife's friends came up to me. We've known each other for quite a while, growing close upon the passing of her husband.

Janice stood close to me, telling me she liked my cologne, and missed seeing me. I leaned into her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. She pulled back, then leaned back into me as our lips met again. This time her lips parted and I felt the tip of her tongue brush the tip of my tongue. My penis began to swell instantly. I pulled her closer yet, pushing my hardness into her and deepened our kiss.

Our arms were wrapped around each other, the deep kiss was starting a fire for both of us. My hands began to brush her breasts gently when Marcia, another friend came into the kitchen to freshen her drink. We broke our kiss, standing back from each other. The bulge in my old jeans was prominent. Marcia couldn't help but notice my swollen condition.

Marcia didn't say a word, but the smile on her face let me know what she had interrupted. I found a chair just outside of the path between the kitchen and where all the girls were sitting and chatting. With more wine and cocktails the conversation began to drift into a sexual awareness context.

I heard that this husband wouldn't do this, that husband wouldn't do that. The girls began to discuss very frankly what they really enjoyed in sexual activity. Oral sex was a very important part of my marriage and I was surprised to hear that most of the girls weren't being treated to that from their husbands.

Janice moved her chair close to mine as we heard all about the sexual preferences of the party goers. I put my hand on Janice's knee. She leaned in and I kissed her lips. The kiss deepened and my hand began to slide gently up the inside of her jeans covered leg. She leaned into me even more as my arm went around her. My tongue was probing her mouth, while my hand moved directly to her crotch. Her legs parted slightly giving me more freedom to fondle her. Her hands were not idle either. Her hand was on the inside of my thigh moving toward my hard cock. I put my hand on top of hers and pulled her hand into direct contact with my hardness. Her breathing was fast and her face was flushed as we continued to grope each other.

The party was starting to break up. The others were leaving via the front door. Meanwhile Janice and I were busy groping each other out of sight of the departing crowd. Her blouse was open, my hands had slipped inside the cups to caress both hard nipples. My fingers found the zipper on her jeans and was ready to pull that down when we were interrupted for the second time.

This time Connie stood there watching us. Connie asked if we were going to carry on like that why not let everyone watch? Janice and I looked at each other and nodded. We stood up, and made out way to the large sofa. Janice and I resumed our make out session in the presence of both Connie and Marcia now. I had Janice lay down on the couch as I unzipped her jeans. Kissing her nipples gently, I began to slip her jeans down off her hips and down her legs, dropping them on the floor. Nursing on Janice's erect nipples and caressing the bare skin of her smooth stomach and touching the silky panties she still had on. Kissing down her belly, running my tongue into her belly button. I ran my fingers under the elastic of the waist band I slid the panties off as Janice lifted her hips. Soft finger tips caressed her nipples and smooth skin as my lips left a trail moving ever lower toward the center of her female being.

Connie and Marcia were nearby, their eyes were as big as saucers as they watched. Neither had most likely ever seen another couple go this far, knowing this scene was going even farther.

Marcia asked if I ever jacked off while going down on my wife? I told her that was one of my favorite things to do, the wife loved to watch me masturbate and squirt my cum onto newspaper spread on the floor.

Marcia spread out the newspapers. I dropped my jeans and boxers. Proud of my erection I turned so that all the girls could see it. I began to stroke slowly. The excitement was already causing clear pre-cum to appear at the slit in the head of my penis. With each stroke more clear pre-cum would ooze forth. I ran my finger tip across the slit, bringing the dollop of pre-cum to my lips. The girls eyes were big and wide as I tasted my own stuff.

Ok girls which one is gonna cause me to cum I asked? I mean which one is going to bare their breasts and tweak hard nipples for me? Marcia was the first to bare hers, the nipples were swollen and erect. She rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers. That put me over the top. I stroked faster, thrusting my hips as my cock swelled even bigger. Gobs of cum began to fall noisly onto the spread out newspaper on the floor. The eyes watching me were big and wide. As if in awe they were seeing for the first time something that I engage in quite often. As my ejacuations slowed, I ran my finger tip beneath the slit in my cock head. With my finger tip covered with my cum, I again brought that to my lips and stuck the cum covered fingertip into my mouth.... The smile on my face was nearly as big as that on the female audience.
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