Friday night out
Jeff dropped by to pick me up to go to the club, as he entered my apartment he said, "Where are you, are you ready yet' I said "No but I wont be long" at this he asked "do you want to have a toke before we head out", I replied "sure I'm in the room getting ready." He walked into my bedroom where I was standing by the mirror wearing just my red bra and matching red thong, handing me the pipe, I took a deep drag on it handed it back to him and turned back to the mirror. I stepped into my sun dress pulling it up and slipping my arms into the spaghetti straps, it was a white cotton dress with small red flowers transparent enough that you could easily tell what I has wearing below it.

Jeff went out and poured us each a glass of wine and brought it into me which I drank as I was putting on my make-up. Heading out the door I grabbed my purse and asked if we were walking or taking the car he said "lets walk, it's a warm night out," I said, "fine with me" as it was only a few blocks to the bar we liked.

The bar is a funny little brew pub located in the basement of this old building and as you enter from street level you are standing on a small open deck above all the tables, as soon as the door opens everybody sitting at the benches looks up to see who is coming in and if you are sitting in any of the booths directly below the entry you can see right up the girls skirts.

We normally sit at a table in the corner just below the entry as Jeff said, "I like it, it's against the wall", but I think that it's not the only reason. Looking down as we entered and noticed 4 of Jeff's buddies sitting in our booth with a jug of beer on the table. They look up at us (and my dress) and on seeing Jeff they waved us over to sit with them, as we went down the steps all eyes were on us.

Rob jumped up and moved to the other side of the table and I slid in to booth next to Andy and Jeff sat next to me on the outside. Then Rob went over to the bar and got two more beer glasses and a round of Tequilas for us all, then when the waitress came over to our table we ordered another jug of beer.

Each of the tables have the cards from the game Trivial Pursuit on them and we began to read the questions from the cards and anyone would give the answer. I said, "I know let's play against each other" the guys said, "OK, but we have to have rules." We set the rules that whoever could not answer a question had to chug a beer. I lost two questions in a row and was feeling no pain after chugging two beers, I announced to the group that I had to go pee and when I returned the guys said "we decided to play for dares," as I was getting rather bombed I said "sure that will be fun".

Alex lost the first question and he had to make a pass at a group of girls across the room. As he was doing this, I played and lost, of course, and was dared to flash one of my tits to the guys. I said, "no way", then they all began ribbing me until I slipped the dress and bra strap down off my shoulder and the puled one side of the top of my dress and bra down and flashed them.

The guys loved this and when Alex returned they told him what my dare was, he asked me to show him and I said "No way that was not part of the rules" he was so mad, he missed the show we all laughed at him and continued the game until I lost again. This time Alex made us all wait to hear my dare from him, then he said, "OK to make up for the last time, I dare you, Sandy, to slip the top of you dress down to your waist and sit there like that until you correctly answer a question".

All eyes were on me and I knew I was not going to get away with this looking at Jeff for support he just sat there and said "you wanted to play."

I agreed, Andy and Jeff both turned to me, taking my dress and bra straps the lowered them down off my shoulders. As I held the front of my dress in place, I first slipped my right arm then the left out of the straps.

Alex then said, "drop you hand Sandy" I had nowhere to look, as I removed my hand the dress fell away but my bra stayed in place. I let out a big grin as I knew the guys expected it to fall also, then when I lost the next question Bob said "now the bra, remove it, and hand it over". The guys just sat there waiting to see what I do, so I reached back unclasped it and handed it over to Bob. They just sat there and ogled my small tits as my nipples began to grow and stand out. Each time the waitress came over I had to bend over like I was talking to one of the guys so she could not see that I was naked from the waist up.

It wasn't long before I lost another question and Even said, remove the dress Sandy and hand it over to me. Well, here I was sitting with only my boots and red thong on in a busy local bar in front of five guys. The next time that it was my turn sure enough I lost to Andy and he said I had to drop down under the table unzip his paints and take his dick out and give him a blow job.

Looking around I was shown no mercy and had to complete the dare. There I was down on my knees sucking on his dick in a busy bar until he came on my mouth then I got back into my seat and smiled licking my lips. I said "I need a beer". I was finely allowed my dress back but one of the guys kept my bra.
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