Friday the 13th, A Full Moon, and A Swing Club
This story is based on an event that happened on Friday the 13th, in January of 2017. The full moon had just occurred on the morning of the 12th. During the week of the full moon both Hubbie and I are in a even higher state of arousal than our usual state. Which is way more than the normal state of arousal for most sexually active people.

After I got home from work I prepared my body for service. From this point every thing is done ceremoniously developed from being his submissive slut for over 36 years. This starts with me giving my self a double enema as hot as I can tolerate it, while Hubbie gets my bath ready.

Hubbie then helps me into the tub for a soak in a hot bubble bath with body oils, candles all around the tub, while some soft romantic jazz is playing on the Bose Stereo. After a long soak, Hubbie ceremoniously shaves every thing below my shoulders. I am not allowed ANY body hair below the top of my shoulders except the hair on my head. That is followed by the washing of my body by Hubbie. Then I take a hot shower to rinse off. After toweling my self dry I step into our bedroom totally naked.

Hubbie has gotten dressed in a nice pair of black dress slacks, one of his sky blue long sleeved pilot's shirts with the shoulder epaulets minus his Captains boards. A pair of short black zipper boots completes his out fit. Almost in uniform, and oh how a man in uniform gets my juices flowing. My favorite was when he was in his flight suite. By the way, he is commando to. As he always does, he has laid out my clothes for the evening.

While Hubbie sits and watches me get dressed, my standard instructions are to put on, just my garter belt and stockings, which tonight were black lace with a sexy pair of black strappy stiletto CFMS heels. Next I fix my below my shoulder length hair just like he likes it. Pushed back and over my ear on my left side while down in the back and right side.

Then I apply my erotic slutty makeup, long dangling ear rings, my belly chain, and ankle bracelet with a charm that simply says, "The Best." While I'm dressing he ask me, "How do you feel, you are getting dressed like a fucking whore, knowing I am taking you to the club to service as many men as I can line up for you to service however they wish?"

"Just like a fucking hooker getting ready for her night of seducing her Johns. You know it turns me on and my cunt is already dripping wet with exciting anticipation. As you can clearly see, my nipples are hard from the excitement too. Part of my excitement is also knowing, that fucking cock in your pants is just as hard as my nipples, and probably covered in pre cum."

"Yes it is, so here, lick it off bitch."

"Yes Master." He unzips and pulls out his rock hard cock. The entire head, plus some, is shinning covered in his pre cum. I lick it all off as instructed and suck his cock into my mouth and deep throat him."

"Thats a good girl, you cock sucking slut." As he steps back, puts that wonderful cock back in his pants, zips up, and sits back down in his chair.

I finish dressing, which tonight is a short black A line wrap skirt, with my very sheer silk long sleeved red, black and gold Oriental Jacket. It is actually part of a set which has a red spaghetti strap silk top that was left in the closet. I am not allowed to wear a bra or panties of any type when we are going out to a lifestyle event.

After I finish dressing he takes the remote and changes the soft jazz to some erotic gothic music. He then says to me, "Start your strutting and turning so I can make sure you are an acceptable slut to offer to the strangers at the club. "Now get into position for your final touches."

I strut over to my dresser, open my specialty drawer and pull out my final pieces of tonight's out fit. Then strut over to where he is sitting in his favorite chair. I kneel down between his open knees and bow my head, stretch out my hands, and offer him my leash, collar, belly button charm, and nipple clips while saying, "For your pleasure Master"

As he puts my "SUBMISSIVE SLUT" collar around my neck I say to him, "Master, I pledge my entire body to you for your pleasure and the pleasure of any one you close." He buckles and secures my collar with a lock and key.

"slave brandie stand for me."

"Yes Master." I do as instructed and stand between his open legs.

He unbuttons the only button on my jacket and opens it up giving him easy access to my nipples and belly button. He places the custom made nipple clip on my right nipple and snugged it tight by squeezing the bottom two sides together. A charm is attached to the bottom of the upside down U shaped spring wire. He does the same to my left nipple. Then he attaches the matching charm to my pierced belly button jewelry. I am planning to have both nipples and my clit hood pierced too. He buttons the one button on my jacket. It just does cover my nipples but they are clearly visible through the sheer silk.

"Let's go, it's already a little after nine."

We arrive at the parking garage and two young men open my door. I turn and step out with my right foot on the garage floor and my left foot still in the car. While I gather a few things to put in my purse my freshly shaved and tattooed cunt is clearly visible to the two young men. Each one is now sporting a very visible bulge in their pants. Hubbie took care of the valet parking then offered me his hand as I get out of the car. He attaches my leash to the collar and we walk across the street to the club.

We sit at the bar as the bartender pours us a drink from our bottle. Hubbie scans the club looking for my first lover of the night. He kisses me and tells me he will be back shortly. He walks across the room to one of the long counter lined with chairs on both sides. He sits across from a nice looking business man type dressed in a suite but no tie. About ten minutes later they walk back over to me at the bar.

Hubbie says, "Tyler this is brandie, brandie this is Tyler. He is in town this week from St Louis looking for a little excitement in the Big Easy."

As I turn to shake his hand, actually to give him a better look at my body, "Nice to meet you Tyler. We were in St. Louis a few years ago and got to watch the Cardinals win the championship. We spent a week in your town. We had a lot of good memories that were keepers from that trip." With that last statement I have just let Hubbie know I was ready to fuck Tyler and service him as he desires.

Hubbie ask Tyler, "Are you ready to head up stairs to the Voyeur Room."

"You really are serious! Yes you bet I am! Does a bear? Damn this is unbelievable! I have heard of men offering their wives to strangers, but though it was just a fantasy type rumor spread just to get us single guys into the clubs. After about a half dozen trips to swing clubs this is the first time I have been approached and offered another man's wife. Not only do I feel so lucky to get the offer, but she is gorgeous and what a body. brandie pinch me, I want to make sure this is not a dream. Ouch, not a dream but I must be in heaver."

He reaches for my hand to help me off the tall barstool. I take his hand and his palm is sweaty.

I think, "Fuck, he is nervous and I hope I can get him comfortable in the Voyeur Room with a crowd watching, at least he can't see the crowd. As we walk toward the elevator with Hubbie leading me by my leash Tyler has his arm around my back with his hand on the side of my left tit. Several single men and two couples follow us. More than the old Otis will carry in one trip.

We arrive at the Voyeur Room and thankfully it is empty. Hubbie hands my leash to Tyler and tells him, "Remember she is yours to use as you wish no holes bared. Don't forget the more vulgar your name calling is the hotter your whore will get. Enjoy her southern Cajun charms."

We enter the room and he removes his jacket. He unbuttons the button on my jacket and caresses my tits. Then he brings me close to him and we kiss passionately with our tongues dancing in my mouth. He kisses both of my tits and gave each nipple a quick sucking with his tongue flicking each nipple.

He removes my leash and lays me down on the bed. He puts my legs over his shoulders, pushing my skirt up to my waist he kisses the inside of my legs. Working down to my cunt, which is dripping wet, he begins kissing my outer lips. He sucks my clit into his mouth then begins using his very talented tongue to flick her creating awesome sensations in my groin and lower belly.

As many times as this same scenario has gone down, I am very excited and turned on more than I was the first time I was shared over 41 years ago. Which was four years before I married Hubbie. We sucked and fucked each other for almost an hour with him cuming first from a blow job. He fucked my cunt in several positions then took my ass fucking me to his second orgasm. I had so many that I lost count somewhere around ten or twelve.

He attached my leash to my collar and told me to gather my skirt and blouse but don't get dressed. After he was dressed he lead me out naked into the hall. He thanked Hubbie and kissed me passionately as he handed my leash back to Hubbie. I showered and freshened up and got dressed. Hubbie lead me by my leash to the other end of the building into the theater. There are three rows of very long couches. We sat in the middle row where he started fooling around with my body. Two guys came and sat next to me on the couch.

Hubbie told me he wanted a blow job after watching me service Tyler. Being the good submissive slut I am, I complied. When I learned over to get a good angle on his cock I slid up against the guy next to me. He moved over a little to give me room. I took Hubbie's cock out and even in the dim light of the theater the head of his cock was again all shinny with his pre cum. I licked it clean then deep throated his cock and started blowing him.

He pulled my skirt up so he could get to my dripping wet cunt and started finger fucking me. My cunt was so wet I could hear it squishing. Then I felt another hand rubbing my leg. Then he was rubbing my ass. Hubbie started pulling my skirt up further to give him and his friend a better view. With the XXX movie playing the flickering light was illuminating my ass and legs with ever changing amounts of light.

While Hubbie was working my skirt up the hand on my ass made its way to my cunt. He rubbed her a couple times feeling my smooth mound which was hidden from his sight, and easily put what felt like 3 finger into my cunt. Then Hubbie reached around and unbuttoned the two buttons on my wrap skirt, took it off, and laid it on the back of the couch in front of us. The guy finger fucking my cunt started kissing my now totally exposed ass.

I'm so fucking turned on I stopped sucking Hubbie's cock and laid my head on his leg. An orgasm began building from having a total stranger finger fucking me. Hubbie unbuttoned the only button on my blouse and pulled it back exposing my right tit. The other guy moved in front of me and knelt on the floor and started sucking my nipple and squeezing my tit. That was just enough to release my intensive orgasm and my body began to tremble. Not a single word had been said to this point from the two strangers.

One of them said, "Man you really have one hell of a slut with you tonight."

Hubbie said, "So you like my fucking whoring slut wife?"

"Hell yes. This is so fucking hot. Is she really your wife?"

"Yes she is."

"Then why do you call her a slut and whore?"

"Because she is one. She was doing gang bangs since she was seventeen while dating one of her high school teachers. She actually likes being call vulgar names. It heightens the intensity of her turn on and excitement, therefore heightening the intensity of her orgasms."

Hubbie got up and stepped out to the isle at the end of the couch. Then the other guy sat down where Hubbie was. He pulled down his pants and instructed me to suck his cock. I looked up at Hubbie and he said, "You heard the man bitch, suck his fucking cock."

I complied and began sucking on the strangers cock. He grabbed my tit and began to pull on my nipple clip. With his cock in my mouth the intense sensations in my cunt began to spread through my groin, into my belly and my whole body began to tremble as another orgasm spread throughout my body. As I started cumming down from that orgasm another one let go with greater sensations than the previous one. Then again even more intense and I almost passed out.

As I came down the guy finger fucking me got up and he turned me from my side on to my belly. I heard him taking his pants off. Then he spread my legs climbed on top of me and started fucking my cunt.

Then I felt more hands touching me from the row of seats behind us. The guy I'm blowing starts cumming and so do I. When he finished he got up and sat on the back of the row in front of us. I'm cuming again as this guy starts fucking the shit out of me. Another guy sits down by my head and pulls out his cock. I take it into my mouth.

I can head more voices than I could count calling me a slut, whore, bitch, etc, etc. The guy fucking me gets his nuts and then gets up. Ten second later another guy picks my hips up snd puts me on my knees and he enters my cunt. After a few minutes of fucking my cunt he pulls out and takes my ass.

For the next hour and a half those four men fucked this whore almost non stop. I was DPed and TPed with all three of my fuck holes filled with stranger's cocks. The leather seat was wet with my sweat and I had squirted several times. I realized there must have been 8 or 10 more people watching and calling me names.

I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass when I heard a black man ask, "Hay man can I be next."

Hubbie told him, "Sorry man, no you can't, but you can jerk off and shoot your load on her back."

He was behind the couch and I felt him rub his cock on my back and I knew it was the fucking BBC. He said, "Bitch are you sure you don't want this nigger dick in your ass and pussy."

My mouth was still full of cock but Hubbie told him, "She is sure. Like I said you can get your nut on her back." He was leaning against the back of the couch I was being thourly fucked on. I felt it moving as he started jerking off.

I head Hubbie say, "Go ahead."

Another guy leaned against the couch and started jerking off. I did not know which one got off but felt the hot cum hit my back with 3 or 4 ropes. Then the other guy got off as another load hit my lower back and my ass. Others moved in and more loads of cum was covering my back. Cum was running down my sides and some one was rubbing it all over my back, ass, and my tits.

I heard a guy say, "Baby how would you like to be where that slut is. Getting your pussy and ass fucked while sucking a dick with men you have no idea who they are getting their nuts and shooting their spunk all over you?"

"I don't know, maybe"

After my blow job recipient got off he just sat down and I could see the couple standing next to Hubbie. The guy with her had unbuttoned her blouse and was standing behind her rolling her nipples. A black guy was standing next to her and he was playing with her tits.

When things calmed down I was covered with cum. Hubbie said, "Any one that wants to help with her golden shower cum with us." He lead me naked by my leash to the men's shower. He folded two towels together and laid them in the shower. He helped me over the edge

Hubbie's instructions were, "Bitch kneel down on the towels facing us with your whoring legs spread wide. Then lean back and grab those slutty heels."

I comply with his instructions.

"OK guys the bitch is covered with cum and she wants y'all to wash it all off with your strong streams of golden piss. Anything below her shoulders is your target. Keep it out of her face with a direct hit. Two at a time unless some one wants to get behind her."

Two of the guys that had been fucking me stepped in first. I close my eyes and my mouth.

"Here it comes bitch." I feel the first hot stream of pee hit my tits. Then the next stream hit my cunt and he was aiming for my clit. As they finished and stepped out of the shower another guy stepped in and went behind me while two more stepped in front. I felt the hot stream hit just below my shoulders. As his stream hit my ass two more aim at my clit. Hubbie told them to pulse their stream. They did and almost immediately another orgasm spread through out my body. As soon as one guy finished another stepped up until they all finished giving me multiple orgasm back to back.

When they finished Hubbie told me, "The bag is on the table with a garter belt, stockings, and a pair of heels. Your skirt and blouse is on the hook on the door. When you finish meet me at the bar."

"Yes Master."


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