Friends dad
I was 18 and I had always had a crush on friends mum and 1 day i was upstairs when my friend had to go out and i was alone in his house so i quickly went to his parents room and headed straight for her panties draw pulled my jeans off and pulled on a set of her knickers. i was instantly hard so i started jerking my cock when i here a cough behind me it was his dad looking at me standing there in his wifes thong i pull my jeans up with the thong still on and i try to walk out the door but he stops me and says that im not to worriy he wont tell anyone about this and that i was just a teenaged boy and thats what we do he did say tho to wash the thong and bring it back tomoz. i quickly walk out the house to my mums and wash the thong and went to bed i was so worried that night that i hardlies slept.

The next day i went to my friends house with the thong and i get to his door and i hear just come in im in the bedroom so i go inside and i make for the stairs i get to the dads room open the door and i look at him he is standing there all dressed in his wifes clothes and i get a lil hard he asks if i wanna join him i say yes. I get quickly undressed i pull the thong on i had off yesterday on and i get the matching bra the dad helps me with the stockings and hells he then asks if i wanna dress or a skirt and top i opt for a dress he pulls 2 out 1 is a mini dress i pull it on loving it i say thank you to the dad and he says i see ur hard there i said yes sorry he replies no dont be an he pulls out his huge cock from under his dress i stare at it and ask if i can touch it he nods so i kneel down and grab his huge cock in my hands and i start to rub it he then says would i like to lick it i nod and i pull his forskin back and i lick his cock tip and without hesitating i suck down on it and i get really hard so i start sucking and moving my head up and down his shaft. He grabs the back of my head and starts face fucking me i love it im at his mercy and he is fucking my mouth hard.

he pulls my head back grabs my arms spins me around bends me over lifts my dress pulls the pink thong to 1 side and rans his cock up my ass and starts pounding my ass hard and fast he fucks me i scream in pleasure and pain i look in the mirror were i see a girl fucking another girl he screams and pulls his cool out of my ass and spunks on my ass it drips down my leg he tells me his wife is away for the night its was just me and him and he had covered it with my mum and we fucked all night in all his wifes clothes.
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