From Me To You Part 1

You walk in and no words are spoken. Just your smile, questioning what is to come. You take in my breasts that are spilling over the cups of my bra, the red garter belt and stockings. I whisper "How bad do you want it?" Your response is a growl. I take your hand and bring it to my lips, lightly pressing a kiss to your fingers. I thread my fingers through yours and pull into the room. The soft glow of candles greets your eyes and the scent of sandalwood is in the air. I turn you and place the backs of your knees against the edge of the bed. I slowly unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders as I press my mouth to one nipple and then the other, catching each between my teeth and nipping. Looking into your eyes, I lower my hands and unbuckle your belt and pop open the snap of your jeans. I trace a finger down along the zipper, smiling at your intake of breath as I graze my nail down along your cock and back up again. Easing the zipper down and spreading it open, I hook my fingers into the loops and push them past your hips. I lower to my knees and free your legs and feet, Rising, I turn you around and place you at the bed with your palms resting flat on the bed and you are slightly bent over. I stand behind you, raking my nails from shoulders to ass, leaving marks as I go. I place a hand on an ass check, draw back and feel the sting as I leave a handprint. You hiss and moan. I lower my lips and place a gentle kiss there, feeling the warmth from my touch.

You are on your stomach when you feel the bed dip at your side. I straddle your thighs and place warm oil in between your shoulders. I knead your muscles in slow circles, working up to the base of your neck. Sliding my hands along the top of your left shoulder, I slowly massage down your left arm. Kneading and working the muscles as I reach your hand. I thread my oiled fingers through yours and work my thumbs, in small circles, in the palm of your hand. Moving back up your arm and across your back to the right shoulder, I slowly massage down your arm. Threading my fingers into yours, I again work the palm of your hand.

Back at your shoulders, I place my hands palms down along each side of your spine with finger tips just skimming your neck. I press firmly but gently, with the heels of my hands, and ease away towards your shoulders. I knead your muscles, in small circles, as my hands return to your spine. I slowly work my way down your back, inch by inch, until I reach your perfect ass.

I drizzle more oil onto your skin. A thin ribbon slowly runs down your crease. I cannot help but to trace its path with one finger. I place an open hand on each cheek and firmly press down and out until my finger tips caress your hips. I slide my hands back and down, coming to rest along the juncture where your legs and cheeks meet. I again press up and out, with the palms of my hands, and catch a glimpse of your sweet rosebud.

I wiggle off your thighs and ease your legs apart and settle between them. I place my hands on your left leg and begin to work the thigh muscles, in alternating circles. Slowly easing my way down your leg, I knead your calf. I reach your foot and pick it up in my hands. Using my thumbs, I rub your heel and inch by inch reach your toes. I ease my way back up your leg and as my hands pass across your ass, my fingertips graze your sac. It moves under my caress and you moan. Smiling, I move to your right leg and begin to work the thigh muscles again in alternating circles. I move down your leg to reach your calf, kneading and caressing. I pick up your foot and work small circles, with my thumbs, into your heel and down your foot until I reach your toes.

I move up to your ear and whisper to turn over and slap you ass because I want it done now. As you turn, our eyes meet and a glimpse is exchanged. Our lips touch and our tongues explore each others mouths. With mutual sighs, I slide down your side and settle over your thighs. You close your eyes as I pour warm oil onto the center of your chest. I place my hands side by side between your nipples and slide them to your collar bones and across your shoulders. I slide each of my hands down your arms, working the muscles with small circles. As I reach your hands, I lace my fingers with yours and you pull me further up your thighs until I am barely resting at the base of your groin. I work my way back up your arms and across your shoulders until my hands are again at your nipples. I flick them with my nails and smile as they pebble under my touch.

I run my oiled hands down your torso and across your rib cage, easing along the sides of chest working the muscles with my fingertips. I bring my hands together just above your navel. I place more oil there, my own little paint pot. I dip in a finger and trace a line from navel to the base of your shaft. My closeness causes it to move, wanting a touch. I place my hands on your hip bones and gently push down and out, raking my fingernails on your tender skin, I ask innocently " What's the matter honey" as I pull them back in toward the crease of your legs. I slide a finger from each hand along the crease until the palms of my hands are cupping your sac. I cannot resist any longer, I lean forward and flick my tongue into your slit. Your hands grip the sheets. I run my tongue around the rim of your cock and slowly grip the head with my lips and hum. Your hips come off the bed as you feel the vibrations down to your toes. I slowly take you into my throat, lips tight, until my nose touches your groin. Never leaving your cock, I wiggle off your thighs and spread your legs and push them up and apart. As my lips grip tight and slowly move up to the head, I trace a finger down your sac, between your cheeks and settles at your tight little entrance. As my lips grip even tighter and begin to lower, I swirl my oiled finger around and around. Again as my nose touches your groin, I glance up and look at your face. Your eyes are closed and you have you bottom lip caught between your teeth. As I watch your face, just the tip of my finger enters your ass and I smile playfully as you gasp in surprise and protest. Your hips come off the bed and push you deeper into my mouth and you moan. I moan with you still buried in my throat and begin to move faster. Lips holding tight as my tongue cups your cock. By now you are fucking my mouth as I fuck your ass. Your hands leave the sheets and grab handfuls of hair. I reach down with my free hand and gather my juices and put it up to your mouth. Just as you suck my fingers clean, you explode in my throat and I take it all. Every last drop...

Hope yall enjoy!!!
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