From Preparation to Epiphany (final installment in preparation series)
This is the third and final installment in the 'preparation series"

The epiphany came to me sometime between the first moment that your tongue touched my clit and that wonderful moment when you exploded into my....

Wait, wait, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack. The anticipation had been intense as I prepared myself to meet you. The nerves had run rampant as I actually travelled to meet you. The fun had started as soon as we got up the courage to touch eat other and we had gone on to enjoy a very sensual first round of passion.
We laid back on the bed together relaxing after a phenomenal orgasm, or rather the orgasms for me. We had finally turned the TV on and the volume droned its noise into the room. We talked sporadically at first as our minds came to terms with the remarkable sensuous experience we had just experienced at the hands of each other.

I moved my hand over you. My fingers traced and circled over your skin. It was not an overtly sexual move, it was simply an act born out of the mutual passion that we had just shared. The companionship was comfortable as we lay there. Eventually, my touches grew bolder, emblazoned by the feel of your hands that had found their way back to my fevered body. Yes, you touched me and I was instantaneously hot for you. The memory of your cock teasing my sensitive clit was still very strong and clear in my mind.

Your finger delved into my moist heat. I reached down and took your hard manhood into my grasp. I began to lightly stroke and tease you. You matched me motion for motion and I began to buck and writhe on the bed under your touch. My fingers circled the head of your cock and I lightly pinched the underside of your manhood. I came again with your fingers buried deeply inside me. My hand was still teasing you as I noticed the gleam in your eye. Before I could even settle my breathing, you pulled your body from my grasp and slithered down to settle between my outstretched legs. Your head disappeared between my thighs. Your tongue was even more powerful and more bold this time around. I splintered apart from the slightest pressure, my back arching and pushing my hips up against you. You backed off momentarily and then dove back in. I don't know how many times we repeated this sequence. My body squirmed and thrashed under you. I lost all sense of rational thought. Your ministrations rendered me incapable of focusing on anything but the sensations that your questing tongue had invoked.

I don't know if you sensed the burning need inside me or if it was your own blazing desire for the same thing. But eventually, you pulled back and raised yourself up onto your arms and held yourself above me. We kissed. Just that simple kiss was enough to send a ripple of pleasure souring through my body. "You taste like me," I said with a grin.

"I should hope so," you replied as your hard cock began to slip inside me again. My breathing became short and choppy with this all consuming need to have you inside me once again.

"Position?" You asked.

I had no hesitation upon deciding. I wanted to ride your cock. You quickly flipped onto your back and I moved to straddle you. There was no conscious thought in my head other than to succeed in my quest, and that was to impale myself upon your cock. I raised my hips above you and reached between my thighs to grasp you and I guided your manhood as I lowered myself onto you. You were throbbing and rock hard as you entered me. My pussy tightened around you and finally every inch of your manhood was buried within me. I gasped even as your eyes closed against the sensations that pulled at you. We remained immobile for a short while, savoring this feeling. And then my hips began to rock and circle against your body. Your body joined into the fray and began to thrust upward into me. The movements between us worked in tandem with a natural rhythm. The sensations started as a small bud of burning heat at my core. With each thrust, each pass of your cock into my heated body, it blossomed until the nucleus exploded with a fiery heat that scorched me from my toes to the top of my head. I wasn't alone. Your body arched up into me as you pulsed and spasmed and filled me with your fiery cum.

As we lay on the bed basking in the afterglow of our second go round, you started to chuckle. "What are you laughing about?" I said on my own chuckle. My hand began to caress your torso in a lazy pattern while we talked.

"You are so responsive when I touch you."

I started to laugh and teasingly responded, "And that's a problem how?"

You were quick to say it was no problem except that my body exploded with movement at your every touch. My involuntary movements combined with the extreme slickness that my body produced in your company made keeping your fingers pressed against my clit a chore. This however, was a problem that I knew you were not upset to encounter.

I grinned as I lay there. The TV was still on and we watched the talk shows that flickered on the screen and discussed the antics of the hosts in between general chit chat about our every day lives.

It was during this time that this epiphany began to take shape in my mind. Due to your response, I realized that my utter abandon while you were pandering to my sexual needs was somewhat rare. I began to wonder about this wild unfettered sexual spirit that burned brightly in me and allowed me to overcome and allowed me to give myself up to total sexual exploration.

My mind was still in a whirl with my thoughts about this lack of inhibition when your fingers began to roam again. I had no objection to this turn of events and once again gave myself over to the feelings that you provoked to life with your questing fingers.

After I received my pleasure again (and again), I turned to you. As much as I craved the feeling of your cock stretching me as you drove into my hot body, I needed to feel your hardness in my mouth. I pushed you back upon the bed and kissed my way down your torso. My left hand cupped your balls and my lips pressed against the head of your cock. I opened my lips and your cock slipped into my mouth. My tongue darted out and flicked at the underside of your ridge as I slid my mouth up and down your cock. It didn't take long until I felt the muscles in your body coil and begin to quiver with an impending orgasm. I swallowed my chuckle and slowly pulled my mouth back until my tongue was lightly swirling over the head of your cock. Your eyes continued to watch the scene displayed before you. As I felt your body begin to relax, I once again picked up the pace. This time I sucked my way down your cock and used m y teeth to ever so lightly scrape back up the length of your cock. You sharply inhaled as sensations coursed through you. I looked straight into your eyes and grinned as I watched and experienced your oncoming orgasm. Once again I pulled back.

"Not yet," I breathed against your cock. You emitted a low groan, half pleasure...half frustration. "You ok?" I asked.

The answer you gave was tinged with the desire to cum. Yes you were ok, but you were torn between the desire to cum and the desire to lay back and enjoy the ongoing sensations brought to you courtesy of my mouth.

Assured that you were ok, I dovre back in. This time I licked down the underside of your cock. My eyes lit up as you convulsed under my lips as my tongue licked your ball sack and sucked first one but then both balls into my mouth.

I loved it! My body was on the edge of another orgasm. I lay on the bed between your legs. I ground my pussy against the bed and spiraled out of control as I continued to drive you to the edge time and time again.

Finally, I knew it was time. I felt your body coil tighter and tighter. Your cock burned and throbbed wildly in my mouth. The muscles in your body tensed. Your hands griped the bedspread as you approached the point of no return. Levered up, you watched me suck on your cock. You cried out as your body spurted your heat into my mouth. You filled my mouth completely. I swallowed every drop and lightly ran my tongue up and down the length of you as your body slowly returned to a completely conscious plane.

I grinned. I loved giving you this ultimate gift of pleasure. But my grin was twofold, for I had also figured out the secret.

The secret???

The secret was that incredible sex comes at the hands of two people that are willing to drop any inhibitions and allow sexuality to flow over them in an unrestricted manner. This is a no holds barred approach that will make my toes curl and my body quiver every time. You see.....lack of inhibition equals passion and we had found it that day!
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