From a Fancy Cenarama to a Sleezy Sinarama
Hubbie and I read an adult theater story about a white woman wanting to be ravished by BBC. Her husband arranged to meet a new BBC friend at a mostly black theater with his wife and handed her over to him to use and abuse. Even though I have never fucked a black man we have had real adventures in adult theaters and have been gang banged many times.

Reading it brought back memories of some of our erotic adventures at the SINarama Theater on Tulane Ave in New Orleans in the early 80s. We were in our mid 20s back then. We had been several times and I was always dressed in a wrap dress, braless, with only a thong underneath with my hottest CFM heels with thigh high stockings or sometimes garter belt and stockings. Going there lead in by my leash dressed like his submissive slut with the pungent aroma of an adult theater is a powerful aphrodisiac.

We always sat in the middle of balcony which was suppose to be for couples only, but never enforced. We would usually play around with my dress wide open. Intentually letting the mostly older men around us watch me give Hubbie a blow job to completion and him using my favorite vibrator on me while sucking on my nipples while they jerked off

One night we had just started fooling around and my wrap dress was wide open and a single man sat down a couple seats from me. This was the first time someone had gotten that close to us. Hubbie pulled my dress closed as he said the guy was setting only one seat over from me. I did not see him as I was kissing Hubbie and turned toward him. I looked over at him and realized even in the dim lighting just from the screen, he was young and nice looking and well built.

I told Hubbie I wanted him to join us. I had been shared by Hubbie for several years and a few times with total strangers. Such a rush. He said if you want him, let him know. I pulled my dress back open and removed my thong and told Hubbie to continue. He began sucking on my left nipple while fingering my very wet cunt.

I looked over at my new admirer and he looked up at me. Our eyes met and I patted the seat next to me and he quickly came and sat next to me. Shortly after that a couple moved down and sat right behind me and Hubbie. I had my head back on the seat as I had scooted down to the edge of my seat to get my legs spread wider with my eyes closed as I felt the young mans hand moving up my belly to my right tit.

As he began to roll my nipple the girl behind us stood up and kissed me with a lot of lustful passion. She smelled and tasted so fresh, I kissed her back! I came hard and squirted all over the back of the seat in front of me.

As my orgasm subsided Hubbie began to rub my cunt gently then I removed his hand as my cunt gets very sensitive and can't be touched for a little while after I cum. Hubbie was still sucking on my left tit and I had my hand on his head. I put my right hand on my new admirers head to bring him down to suck on my nipple. He began moving his hand down to my cunt but I had closed my legs because she was still too sensitive to be touched.

He took this to mean he was not allowed to touch my cunt. I told him to just give me a minute. He left his hand on my belly and began rubbing it and my legs. As he came back to my lower belly I opened my legs to invite him into my totally smooth shaved and tattooed cunt.

He easily slipped severals fingers into me and finger fucked me slowly. He really knew what to do for a young man. He was rubbing the roof of my cunt and hitting my Gspot with his fingers as he finger fucked me and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

The girl behind me began French kissing me very passionately as our tongs danced in each other's mouth. Her hubby was feeling me up and rolling my left nipple. Hubbie was telling me what a fucking slut I was for letting 3 total strangers play with my body while he lifted my left tit up to give easy access to the man behind us.

They could all feel my orgasm building as they all begin to suck and roll harder on my nipples and quickened his pace in my cunt. My new friend behind me began kissing me more lustfully and we were all breathing very heavily. My body went into spasms as I came ever harder than the first time. I squirted all over my new admirers hands and the back of the seat in front of me and the floor.

As I began to calm down with his fingers still in me I broke my kiss with the girl behind me and pulled my new lover's lips to mine and we kissed very passionately. As we broke our kiss I told Hubbie I need to be fucked, let's go to the car. I looked at my new lover and asked him if he wanted to cum watch me get fucked. He said of course I do. I grabbed his rock hard cock and rubbed it through his pants.

I pulled my dress loosely together and as I stood up I grabbed my new admirers hand and said cum on. We walked out together. The couple behind us had gotten into the moment also and she was giving him a blow job. He said thanks and y'all have fun as the 3 of us walked out together one on each side of me with their arms around my waist. My dress barely covered my nipple and I'm sure my areoles and my cunt was visible as I walked. My 38Cs were a bouncing and a jiggling.

We had a big Olds 98 and Hubbie and I got in the back seat and told my new admirer Karl to get in the front seat and watch. As I got in I took my dress off and gave it to Karl. Hubbie shoved his pants down to his ankles and I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Karl began to rub my ass and found my cunt with his talented fingers. I began deep throating Hubbie and rubbing his magic spot between his nut sack and ass. He came almost instantly with a big heavy and hot load of his cum. As the ropes of cum hit the back of my throat I came again. And collapsed into his lap.

After only a few minutes I sat up and straddled Hubbie's lap with his cock entering my cunt and began to ride his cock as Karl played with both of my tits and rubbing and pinching my nipples from behind me. I know that Olds was a rocking. I told Karl to pinch my nipples harder as I felt another orgasm building.

I came very hard again and this set Hubbie off again. Oh to be young again and be able for him to recover that quick. He still recovers pretty good for 58 in 15 to 20 minutes after the first orgasm. Then 30 to 40 after the second one. He can also fuck for a long time without cuming when he wants too. As I climbed off of Hubbie he pulled up his pants and I told Karl it's your turn.

As Hubbie opened the door to trade places with Karl the couple that was sitting behind us began to clap. Karl got in the back with me and Hubbie rolled the windows down so they could see better. I had his cock down my throat as soon as he pulled his pants down. His head was laid back on the seat and he was rubbing my back as I sucked and deep throated his cock. His magic spot worked just like hubbies. When his cum hit the back of my throat I came again. His cock stayed hard as I licked him clean.

This was before the HIV / AIDS virus came on the scene outside of the gay community. I love the taste and feel of a man cumming in my mouth and usually had an orgasm when his cum hit the back of my throat. I came the first time I gave my boyfriend my first blow job. I was soon riding his cock and the car was rocking again. Hubbie was playing with my left tit and nipple and the wife of the couple was taking care of my right ones. Hubbie was also fingering my ass. We fucked hard and fast and both came again.

We straightened up and went to a 24 hour cafe down the street inviting the couple watching, to join us. After we all had a good greasy spoon meal we all went to Karl's apartment for some more adult fun. Us two girls each got fucked by all three men more than once. Her and I even gave the guys a good girl on girl 69 show. When we left Karl's apartment the sun was coming up. We played with Karl for several years until he moved to Denver.

Sometimes Hubbie would instruct me to meet Karl at the theater. I was to go to the theater alone dressed like a slut and Karl would meet me there. I was instructed to enter the theater and wait in the lobby by the managers office until Karl arrived. By this time I was wearing very sheer tops with most of the buttons unbuttoned. A short wrap skirt with nothing underneath but garter belt and stockings. My tits were clearly visible swaying under my sheer top. I was also instructed to be wearing my nipple clips attached on either end of a heavy chain.

When I saw Karl enter I would strut to meet him. I could see his cock getting hard as I walked up to him. He would wear light dress pants with out any underwear too. We eventually got to where we were comfortable fucking in the theater while being watched. Karl also shared me with a few of his friends in the theater.

The first time I fucked the manager in his office he let us know we could fuck in the theater if we wanted too. There was a signal light that would be turned on if the cops should show up. I never saw it go off. Sometimes we would go with the other couple we had met there for a foursome or a fivesome.

We stayed in touch with Karl after he mover to Denver. We would stay with him a couple days going to and coming back from skiing a couple times a year. He would also come visit us up in Breckenridge on the weekend to ski and play. He came home to New Orleans for a visit with his family and friends a few times a year too.

The couple we met at the theater is one of the couples in our swinger group to this day. Our group of 17 can play bareback as we all went through a 9 month testing period and are tested every 2 months. We never was forced into any thing and played at the SINarama until it was torn down. Now we fuck in the theater at one of the swing clubs we belong to in New Orleans.

Hubbie now has three out of state couples he controls. The wife is only allowed to fuck her hubby with out going through my Hubbie. He makes all the arrangements and tells her how to dress and who to go pleasure and when. Their husbands are instructed to take them to the appointments and some times gets to join in but some times leaves her with her temp master and picks her up the next day. We spent almost a month with one of them from the end of Nov 15 until the Tuesday before Christmas.

The newest one we met at the swing club back in Oct and she stayed in New Orleans for her sub training for over a month. Her hubby came back and forth a few times. She elected to be branded with Hubbie's mark instead of being tattooed.

A very wild and kinky BDSM filled month. I proudly wear Hubbie's mark tattooed right above my count and his SUBMISSIVE SLUT collar when playing or on an assignment for him. I have been shared for over 36 years by Hubbie and love it.

Steven, the first man Hubbie shared me with is also in our private swing group along with his wife. He and Hubbie met in the Air Force while in flight school. They have been best friends ever since. She was my best friend from college while stationed in West Texas. When I told her about my relationship with Hubbie she got very interested. So we introduced her to Steven. They got married about 9 months later

Hope you enjoy.

brandie, a shared submissive sex slave slut wife.
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