From the Massage Table
From the massage table
A long standing client who I have always seemed to get a sexual excitement from, but never an indication of any reciprocation of that from her; until recently when she presented me with an invitation.
It's interesting because she is 65 years old. That might seem out of the realm of sexy, but other than a few age lines in her neck area, there just isn't any age that has hurt her in any way. From the top, she has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen, a distinction nose with the end cutely squared off. She always has lush red lips with a shiny gloss. Her figure is hour glass with a perfect breast and perfect ass. She has freckles where the sun hits, but otherwise donned with pure white soft skin. A man would be attracted, no matter his age! As a corporate leader, she has made her money and retired. She was never a talker on the table, but she let out moans when she liked the feel of my technique. This kinda made my mind race.
One day I couldn't help myself and I told her that she had the most beautiful hair. She gave me the usual smile and thank you. She then asked if there was anything other than her hair that was beautiful.
This presented an ethical matter, but I threw caution to the wind and told her she was very beautiful and sexy. I told her that she has taken great care of herself and was gifted with a great body. At this she became thoughtful, but didn't let on about what, nor showed much emotion. Pensive I guess. I waited.

She walked out. A few moments later she walked back in. "Would you like to go sailing tomorrow?", she asked.

I told her I would. We met at her slip in the morning and she was in Lycra shorts and had a button down shirt tied about the waist with a sports bra slightly squishing her gorgeous breasts. I couldn't take my eyes off her cleavage. The breeze in her hair made it seem like I was in a movie. Off we sailed, from the busy port to the solitude of the lake. As we got about 10 miles from shore the sails went limp - the wind simply stopped. She didn't seem to be bothered, so I relaxed. She said it was a good time to relax. Out came a bottle of wine, along with some cheese and fruit. We parked ourselves and all my senses were alive. It was so perfect being on the water, the sexual tension, seeing her remove her shirt and lean back. It really was a surreal as a movie. It was then that she bluntly asked me if I was attracted to her. As a successful business woman she carried her direct manner into our conversation. I felt compelled to answer as directly as she asked. I told her she was hot and I thought of her often.

She explained that nature provided a calm lake and that nature can take it away - that we must take advantage of opportunities that open up to us. At this she removed her bra.

A strange thought came to mind. I had heard that powerful execs were often the ones who liked to be the submissives sexually. It was like a counter to their life. Without too much hesitation I calmly told her to take her shorts off too. My heart pounded as I awaited her response. She stood and removed them as asked. I told her to stand on the bow and she stepped up and did it. The bulge in my pants almost hurt. I could hardly get the words out, but told her to make her nipples hard. She smiled and said they were already hard. I said even harder. She did as she was told. I asked which nipple was most sensitive. The right one. Then continue teasing it and use your other hand to insert your finger in your lush pussy. There she was, wind in her hair tweeking her nipple and finger fucking herself. I told her how much I loved that she was so refined and sophisticated but had such a wild bush of hair in her crotch. I told her that it seemed to represent her wildness inside. Do you feel wild? Right now I do! Then bring those beautiful lips over here. I kissed her and ran my hands down her sides, over her ass. She made that same moaning sound she makes on the table. It made me tremble a bit. I pressed her down to her knees and ordered her to take down my shorts. She looked up almost to hesitate. I thought the gig was over. I looked into her eyes until she looked at my belt buckle and undid it. As my shorts dropped to the deck, I stepped out of one leg and took a handful of her gorgeous thick hair and led her to my raging hard-on. Her shiny red lips covered my head. I felt her tongue on my shaft. She began to submit and let go of all her inhibitions. She was now fucking me with her mouth - naked at my feet. My mind wanted to hold back, but my body could not come back from the point of no return. I shot my load. She let out another one of those moans. I had to hear more - they were like a drug when she moaned in pleasure.
It was her turn for some attention and I needed some recovery time. Her breasts begged for my attention. Her white breasts and her stiff red nipples were like art - so beautiful. I kissed my way down to that bush. I was fascinated with that bush! I buried my nose in it and lapped up the juice dripping from her pussy. She moaned. I sucked her clit in hard. She moaned out load. I sucked and nibbled and ravished her clit. Each time a deep load sound of pleasure came from her mouth. She cried out how good it felt, which only added fuel to the fire. I cupped her ass with my hands and lifted her slit up to my mouth as I made love to her with my mouth and tongue and teeth. As her body began to shake from the oncoming orgasm I heard her swear for the first time. Oh shit, Oh Fuck! She went from refined to animalistic. She was now begging to be fucked. I turned her over and told her to grab the railing. Doggy style with her breasts bouncing and it sounded like her breath was removed from her on each penetration. I reached my second cumming, watching my dick fuck her hole with the tranquility of the moon shining off the water. Sheer bliss. Sheer bliss.

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