From the first day
The melody was slow and steady. Much like a low rolling tide lapping against the shore. The sunlight glistened on the moist skin of his chest. Michael had the deepest blue eyes I had ever beheld. There he stood looking at me. "Play it cool" my mind cried. Oh how I tried. Demurely lowered gaze peeked at him through thick dark lashes. I had no idea how he was able to talk me into going swimming with him. I had had a crush on him for weeks. So when he asked me to come with him. Tho my mind said no. My lips defied me and readily agreed. And now here we are standing in water just over our waists looking into each others eyes.

The warmth of the summer's sun bathing our flesh with it's glow. When he reached for me I all but dove into his arms. His mouth came crashing down mine. My lips would be left red and swollen. I relished in the thoughts. Every swipe of my tongue. Every touch with my fingers. I would feel his kiss. His tongue dove within my mouth and took possession. His tongue demanded my surrender and surrender i did. His arms came round my waist like twin bands of steel. I felt weak within them. Our tongues battled for control. Both won, both lost a battle of the ages. His palms pressed tight to my ass pulling me tighter to him and I groaned helplessly in response.

I found him hard in all the right places. pressing against my softness and I wriggled against it. His mouth pulled from mine and started raining kisses down my slender jawline over my throat. The feel of his teeth raking over my skin gave me chills that rippled the full length of my spine. they pin pricked straight to my nipples making them wrinkled to tight hard peaks. Mind numbingly my fingers trembled as they slid over his broad chest. The beat of his heart coursed against the palm of my hand. Each beat flooded me with a softness words could not express.In one fluid motion. His hands cupped my ass and hoisted me up to him. Eagerly the length of my legs wrapped around his narrow waist.

Fingers threaded through his hair. They pulled the silken strands impatiently drawing his mouth to mine. I swallowed the air his lips expelled and gulped for another. I hardly noticed we were leaving the water. I was lost within his kiss. The moment he lowered me onto the blanket we'd brought with us. His mouth left mine and set off to explore. His lips were soft as they moves along the delicate curve of my breasts. My nipples thick and hard ached for the softness of his warm mouth. I arched to his mouth and begged him to take the left one within his lips. He denied my request and with a tug of his fingers to the strings that held my swimming top. It fell open freeing my breasts. An animalistic growl rumbled deep inside of him.

The heat of his palms sliding down my sides sent fire straight to the pit of my stomach. I could feel the moisture of desire building with every touch of his body to mine. The warmth of his breath washed over my skin and I shivered in anticipation. The tips of his fingers gliding over my thighs took my breath. His knuckles were rough compared to the softness of my sex and it thrilled me. My heels dug into the blanket pushing myself tighter to his touch. My heart skipped a beat as his fingers wrapped around the skimpy material. In a fluid yank I heard it rip.

The cool air washed over me. His lips had been roughed by the weather. They held a fever within them that burned just beneath the surface. The softness of his mouth drew a moan from deep within me. I clung to him half in fear the other half in desperate need. He used the pad of two fingers, his index and middle. To explore the length of my slick slit. My hips rolled in response. They curled upward trying to draw them deep inside. "Please" fell from my lips in a helpless plea. His response was given with his teeth worrying my nipple deliciously. That was it all control was lost. Hips rocked and ground against his fingers.

"Please" I cried again. My fingers curled into the back of his shoulders. A fever coursed through me and nothing would extinguish. He looked up at me with a glint in his blue eyes but never said a word. I knew it was going to be a long evening. One in which I was going to be the bell of the ball and he my prince charming. His fingers slid within the velvet walls of my sex. They contracted around the digits eagerly bathing them with my nectar. Blonde puddled around my head and shoulders. I arched tightly with knees opened wide, inviting him within them.

His blue eyes concentrated on my emeralds. As he slid down my body and settled between my thighs. His tongue was pink and slick. I could tell by the look of it. The moment the velvet slickness slide over my clit. I hissed. The joyous sound sounded in the broad daylight. The thoughts of being this free with my body had only hours been unimaginable. His grin taunted her. I grinned back at him, almost teasing him as much as he was me. That was all it took for his mouth to claim my clit. He sucked it within the warmth of his mouth and pulled. His mouth was hot.

The heat flowed thru me. A raging fire out of control. As if an animal, a wild being had took control of him. His lips snapped from my lips. He kissed the top of my mound and stroked the velvet insides roughly. I climbed the mountain of desire to the climax and nearly fell over. He stopped just at that moment and withdrew his fingers. His eyes searched mine making me watch was he sucked my juices from them. I looked away once to try and deny myself the pleasure. A sharp smack to my pussy brought my attention back to him in less than a millisecond. The sharp smack had brought a wondrous sting to the bare lips already so slick with need.

His voice was low nearly a growl what you might say. "Watch me possess you." It wasn't the words he used that compelled me to obey. It was the tone of his voice. My gaze left his and looked between my thighs. Juices coated my mound and either side of my inner thighs. A thin clear puddle of nectar lay along my slit. It had gathered within seconds of his fingers withdrawing. He pushed his shorts down with both hands and released his cock. It was so hard I could see every vein within it. How delightful I thought it would be to trace each one with my tongue.

No sooner the thought flooded my mind. Until he pushed the member down using the tips of his fingers. His arms curled around my thighs and pushed back, leaving my knees to either side of my chest. I was spread wide open. I was his for the taking. All it would take is one thrust forward. His lips met mine in a sipping kiss. "I love you" he whispered " I have always loved you." I started to tell him that I had always loved him as well. The start of the first word flew from my lips in a hungry cry. As the head of his cock thick and round split my pussy lips like the softest skin of a peach.

Walls of pure velvet drenched in honey quivered around his length instantly. He never paused. His hips jack hammered within me. There would be other times of making love. Where we would be soft and gentle. Right now nothing would qualm that need. That urgent need to cum. He was thick inside of me. I could feel every inch every wrinkle within his cock flesh. The fires burning so deeply so out of control within me pushed me to the edge. Within seconds I was screaming, begging, pleading for mercy. The dam deep inside of me burst free. My honey gushed around him.

It drew an animalistic cry from deep inside him. I held on tight. He was going to cum. He was going to feel me and I couldn't wait to feel it happen. His cock twitched once. Then it twitched again. One orgasm gone another rolling through me. My body contorted tightly. His grip on my knees unwavering. He needed wanted me now and he was going to take me. I loved that about him. I had always loved that about him. Another deep growl rumbled from him. His hips smacking mine hard and fast. Each thrust of his hips was thrusting him to the bottom of my sex.

He more than filled me with himself. His cock twitched again this time I felt the first rope of seed spewing deep inside of me. It was quickly followed by another and another. When the last of his cock milk had flowed between us. He released my legs and pressed his forehead to my breasts. My heartbeat echoed with his own. I trembled within his arms but he was trembling as well. No words were spoken. Nothing else needed to be said. I was now his. He was now mine. Together we are one.
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