Fuck Dolly
I was at my kitchen sink at home just rinsing out some dishes in the sink with my back turned toward the door. Suddenly I feel a presence behind me and I am just about to scream when a hand goes over my mouth and a voice whispers menacingly in my ear "don't scream I'm not going to hurt you as long as you do everything I say." I think I recognize your voice but I can't be sure. You put a blindfold on me and fasten it securely so there is no way for it to slip off. You then tie my hands behind my back and I have to admit that at this point I do start to get a little turned on. You put a collar around my neck with a leash attached to it. You whisper to me that you have been watching me for days and have seen all the naughty things I have done to myself and now I am all yours to do with as you wish and there is nothing I can do about it.

You lead me to the bedroom with the leash and stop me when I feel my legs touch the bed. You tell me to stand absolutely still. You start to kiss my neck and caress my large breasts making sure not to touch my nipples yet. Then you run your hand down my body raising goose bumps along the way again stopping just shy of my pussy. I moan and you laugh evilly obviously enjoying teasing me. I start to talk and you tell me "SILENCE, the only thing I want to hear from you is heavy breathing, moans and screams is that understood?" I shake my head yes. You start caressing my breasts again but this time you stroke my nipples as well getting them rock hard and then pinching then gently at first then harder and harder until I moan. You sit down on the bed and pull me over your lap and start rubbing my ass, then without warning you bring your hand down hard "whack" you smack my ass and do so multiple times. I can feel my ass getting hot and tingling. Then you slide a couple fingers into my pussy which is soaking wet my now. You tell me what a naughty slut I am for getting so turned on and say that you are going to have to punish me some more. You continue spanking me over and over while you finger fuck my pussy. I am moaning and squirming uncontrollable on your lap now. I can feel your large rock hard cock against my pussy lips and hope that you will soon be inside of me.

You spread my ass cheeks and I feel something wet against my asshole. Then you push a fairly decent size butt plug into my ass, sliding it in and out a few times coating my rear passage with lube. You forcefully shove it all the way in and leave it there. You tell me you are preparing me because you will be reaming my ass with your big cock before you are through with me. I moan with excitement at this announcement. You lift me off your lap and tell me to get down on my knees and suck your cock. I don't need to be told twice as I have been anxiously waiting to feel your hard shaft between my lips. I suck your cock into my mouth and you grab a hold of my hair on both sides of my head and start to mouth fuck me shoving your cock balls deep into my my mouth over and over faster and faster your balls slapping against my chin with every stroke. You pull out of my lips and I whimper my disappointment. You tell me don't worry I can have your cock back down my throat again later.

You stand me up and push me down onto the bed laying on my back. Then you start to kiss and lick your way down my body to my pussy. You start licking it with broad strokes up and down and occasionally suck my clit into your mouth. I am getting so excited as you are an expert at oral sex and you are licking and sucking and tongue fucking me until I think I cannot stand the pleasure you are giving me any more. Then I explode cumming so forcefully that I scream and fill your mouth with my cream. You move up to my mouth giving me a french kiss saying to taste my pussy on your lips. I taste sweet.

You then tell me to get on my hands and knees. I quickly do as ordered. You take your cock and slide it up and down my slit never entering my pussy just teasing the entrance with your cock. Then just when I think you are only going to be teasing me you ram your cock into my snatch balls deep and I scream and instantly cum again. You laugh and tell me what a slutty bitch I am. You slam in and out and in and out sometimes fast and sometimes very slowly alternating your strokes constantly. Then you start slamming into me so hard that my head actually hits the beds headboard a few times. This absolutely sends me over the edge and I cum again and again screaming out in pleasure.

Then you pull out of my pussy, take the butt plug out of my ass and ram your cock into my ass till you can't go any further, you are completely buried. You then start to rock your hips back and forth burying yourself even further which I didn't think was possible. You keep pounding your cock in and out and in and out. By now I am almost crazed with lust and am slamming my ass back to make it even deeper and harder. I cum again and again and this type of orgasm is even stronger than when you are in my pussy. I am getting close to the point that I can't take it anymore. I cum again and you slide out of my ass this time and tell me to get off of the bed and onto my knees again.

You shove your cock into my mouth and fuck my face with your large, rock hard, throbbing cock. My mouth is stuffed with your meat and you can feel me moaning around you. You finally can take no more and bury your cock one more time down my throat and let loose with your hot, creamy sperm. You cum so deep and forcefully that I gag just a little. Then you pull your shaft out of my mouth and tell me to lick your cock and balls clean like a good little cum guzzling ass fucking slut that I am.

You undo my hands but leave the blindfold on and tell me not to take it off until I hear the door close and if I follow that order that you may come back and fill all my holes again someday. Of course I complied because I definitely want to be your fuck dolly again someday.

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