Fuck Me Daddy, Please
I was sitting at home, finally a day off from the firehouse and I was kind of restless. Seems all I had been doing lately is working and going to the gym. I had to stay in shape for my job being a fireman but took pride in my body. I wasn't the hottest guy around but at 18 years old, five foot ten inches tall, green eyes, short brown hair and one hundred ninety five pounds with a decent six pack I was ripped enough to hold my own. I never had a problem with confidence and could easily speak my mind but stayed pretty laid back. Though my name is Robert everyone who is a friend calls me Rob.

The gym I go to is owned by my next door neighbors Harold and Lisa Hunter. They are the parents of my best buddy Eric. Eric and I hung out together all through school and during the summers. I was like their second kid with Eric being an only child. The hunters took me on all their family vacations and Eric and I were always staying at one of our houses. Harold was a personal trainer and had coached Eric and myself in fitness at the gym. We both had great bodies because of it but Harold's body was even better than ours.

His wife Lisa managed the gym and took care of the books. She is a short, seductive red head with hazel eyes and average breasts that have thick nipples that could cut glass. Lisa is a big flirt and always made sure you could see plenty of her body any time I came over to their house. Eric's parents had a great sex life as we often heard them going at it when I spent the night at their house. Her moaning loudly and the sounds of their flesh slapping together always made me horny.

Wanting to get out and do something to appease my restless mood I walked over across the back yard to the Hunter's house to see what Eric was up to. I noticed their back screen door was open and heard some noise in the living room. Like I always do I just walked in, slipped my shoes off and headed to the back of the house where the living room is. That is when I got a big surprise.

I saw my best buddies Dad Harold sitting in his chair stroking his cock! I was in shock I had never seen a cock that big before. It looked to be about ten inches long and so thick he could not even wrap his whole hand all the way around it. He didn't notice me standing there right away but when he did he saw I was wearing loose fitting sweat pants and sporting a raging boner of my own.

He smiled and said "You see something you like?"

While the Hunter men were all straight as arrows I was bi-sexual and though I didn't flaunt it they knew and didn't seem to mind at all. I think women are hot and sexy but sometimes my gay side just craves cock. Harold or Mr. H as I called him could tell by my expression that I certainly did see something I liked!

Then he looked me right in the eye and without hesitation said "You know I've always wondered what playing with a boy was like but never had the chance."

Without thinking I walked over to the chair he was sitting in and said "I would love to help make that come true" as I took in the sight of his huge cock with prominent veins covering the shaft and the bulging head glistening with pre cum.

I stood in front of him and took off all my clothes and could see his cock getting harder by the minute. I knelt down between his legs and took his massive appendage in my hand and was amazed at how big and thick it was. I had seen pictures of cocks this big in magazines and on the internet but had never seen one in real life, I was in awe. I began to stroke him then lowered my head to take it in my mouth.

I was between his legs sucking his giant cock when I tried to take him in my throat as deep as I could then I heard him say "That's it baby boy suck Daddy, make him cum."

The dirty way he said that really turned me on so I decided to just go with it. He moaned and I felt his dick getting harder and throbbing faster. I took him out of my mouth long enough to look up into his eyes and say "Does Daddy like that? Mmm cum for me Daddy, please."

He stood up, grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth face fucking me fast and deep till all I could do was gag on his thick throbbing monster. I then heard him let out an amazing moan and he screamed "That's it baby Daddy is going to cum!!!"

Next thing I knew my mouth was being filled with his warm, thick cum. I had tasted cum plenty of times before but his was so sweet I made sure I didn't waste a drop and drank it all down. He sat back down in the chair and I noticed he was still semi hard but starting to get soft. Kneeling between his legs I worshiped his huge cock licking him clean.

I began to suck and stroke him again and looked up into his eyes and said "Daddy I want you to fuck my tight little ass. I want to feel you inside me filling me up so bad" I pleaded. I said it in such a seductive tone his cock was growing even harder than before!

I begged Daddy to fuck me as I stroked and sucked his ever growing steel hard cock. He had never done that before so I was the teacher here. I grabbed some lubricant and applied it to my hungry hole fingering and massaging it trying to get it ready for him to fuck. I decided to make it easy for him and crawled up onto the chair he was sitting in facing him.

Slowly I lowered my ass down onto his throbbing pole. With only the tip inside me I felt my ring begin to burn and hurt being stretched by this giant phallus. The expression on my face must have scared him because I had to say "No Daddy please don't stop!"

I've played around with guys plenty of times before but never kissed them. Something told me I had to do something to take my mind off the pain from this delicious cock trying to enter me so I leaned in and kissed him long, deep and passionately. I felt the pre cum drip out of the tip of my seven inch cock onto his chest then he began to stroke me.

Still trying to get his cock inside me he kissed me back as he stroked my dripping cock. As our tongues danced together it took about fifteen minutes for him to work about half his big cock inside me which caused him to release a big load in my ass.

I broke the kiss and asked "Did you cum, is that all Daddy?"

He replied "No Daddy wants it all in you, now take it!"

He had only released a big load of pre cum and the main event was yet to happen. He took his hand off my cock, grasped my hips tightly and with four hard painful thrusts impaled me balls deep as I moaned with a tear running down my cheek. I almost cried it was like nothing I had ever felt before an intense burning and tingling pain piercing through me.

I felt so full of cock and lust for this man that had always been like a father to me. In moments he was man handling me and lifting me up with his big muscular arms to the point the tip of his cock almost exited my ass then slamming me back down on his cock again and again. The pain lessened as I felt every inch of his huge dick fucking my tight hole. I moaned and begged to be fucked more and for Daddy to cum inside of me.

He began to stroke my cock again as he thrust into me and I leaned back riding it and screamed out "Daddy I am going to cum!"

Before the words had completely escaped my lips I was shooting ropes of hot sticky cum from the tip of my cock into the air. I felt the most amazing feeling ever when Daddy let out a groan and came inside me. My ass got really warm and wet then relaxed to the point I hardly felt Daddy's cock in my hole at all. We kissed and felt my cum that had landed on his chest warm and slippery between our chests.

He began to get soft and pulled out of me so I asked "Daddy can I clean your cock for you?"

He gave me, his boy a big smile and I licked every inch of his wet cum covered cock as it slowly went soft in my mouth. I was exhausted so I stretched out on the living room carpet and quickly fell asleep. I awoke to a note by my head that read:

"Baby boy Daddy needs to go get a few things but I will be back don't you go anywhere."

I wondered what would happen if my best buddy Eric or his Mom Lisa should come home to find me here in this state naked waiting for Mr. H the man of the house to come back and fuck me again or so I hoped. I drifted off to sleep again when I was startled awake by the sound of the back door opening.

"Where's my boy?" I hear Daddy calling to me.

With fearful eyes I ask him "Daddy what if we are discovered?"

He explained to me in his calming voice that Eric was away on business, his wife Lisa was in Vegas for a girl's weekend and he had the assistant manager running the gym so we had the house all to ourselves for most of the next two days. I was greatly relieved to hear this and hoped I could give my new found Daddy a taste of all the man on man pleasures he had never had a chance to experience.

I wanted to fuck him too and wondered if he would let me but even more all I could think about was sucking his magnificent, huge cock and asking him over and over "Fuck me Daddy, please!"
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