Fuck me, Baby.
He was all that was bad for me. Those muscled arms, that barrel chest. These are what I felt imprison me. Such a big man, a golden god, really, with deep blue eyes and honey hair that stood short and straight. His skin shone in the darkness as he revealed himself to me before reaching out for my body. Shaking, I put my pale hand in his outstretched, tanned one. "Come here, baby," his deep voice coaxed me into his iron bands of muscle and though I myself was chiseled and fit, I felt small and even...feminine in his arms.
My erection betrayed me, showing I was ready to be with him too easily. But he did not laugh. Instead he took it as an opportunity to tease me. With skilled fingers he removed my black Lamb of God shirt- a band I'm sure he's never heard of- and threw it to the side. As his lips merged with mine I could taste the sun in his skin, a startling contrast to my darkness. I knew at that moment, as his tongue plunged into the cavern of my mouth, that he was in total control. His sensual spell already had my mind humming and my senses peaked.
By the time his teeth bit into my neck my nipples were erect and aching to feel his tongue, his teeth. His arms caged my body to his, holding me still except for the shudders that could not suppress. I couldn't do anything but let him take his time. If I was a good boy, I thought to myself, maybe he will let me touch him...oh how l ached to touch him. He was going too slowly, my cock jumped to brush my jeans every time he bit or suckled a part of me, and droplets of pre-cum were creating a rubbing wetness to my crotch that was becoming sore.
"Please," I beg through gritted teeth. He knows exactly what I mean. Pushing me backwards, I walk until the backs of my knees come in contact with the frame of his bed and he releases me. I fall on to the mattress and his hands work my belt as he asks, "This is what you want, isn't it? "
In response I moan as his mouth envelops my cock fully, taking the length of my six inches. His mouth is strong, pulling forth my orgasm slowly. My back arches off the mattress and I'm not sure if should grip the sheets, or his hair. So I grab a handful of each and he moans deeply when pull his blonde silk. The sound of his deep voice moaning with my cock in his mouth, and I was lost. Fingertips dug into my thighs and ass as I gave in to the careless thrusting my hips into his mouth that was begging for my cum to be shot into it. He spends heated minutes following the thrust of my hips before his fingers start kneading the flesh around my ass. Spreading my legs farther, he stops sucking my cock to dip his down farther, licking the tender flesh of my anus, lubricating my passage before slides a finger inside me up to his knuckle. His mouth returns to my cock and as he thrusts in again, I scream a name- A saint of something or other- and cum hard into his mouth. He moans as he swallows me thirstily.
He rises from between my legs, his face full of heat and arousal as he slowly licks the corners of his lips to clean away any traces of me. His finger is still inside, and he thrusts inside me again, this time adding a second appendage. My cock jumps involuntarily at the action. "You want me inside you baby?" His voice is deep, so full of need and carnal hunger I almost can't take it.
"Yes," I whisper, a slave to his sexual skill. His fingers slip out of me and he finishes removing my jeans, then his. Reaching into the drawer of his nightstand he pulls out a bottle of lube and oils his cock, all the while staring at my naked body as if he is about to do unspeakable things to me. Gripping my leg, he flips me over and I can feel his eight- inch cock pressing into my back as he moves up to bite into the back of my neck. I moan into the sheets as he positions himself, then halts. Letting the anticipation build painfully before he sunk slowly into me, burying himself inside of my body, letting me adjust to his length and girth before he moved to thrust in and out of me. I beg for more, and he is ready to comply.
He fills me almost painfully and I love how l can feel the tissue of my ass stretch to accommodate him. I try to bite back the screams in my throat but he tells me to let go, that he wants to hear me scream for him; scream his name. I comply like an obedient slave, letting my moans and screams rip from my throat with wonton carelessness and when he asks me to rise up to my knees, I do so without hesitation.
Picking up my belt, he folds it in half and whips it across my ass with one hand while his other holds tightly onto my hip. I grit my teeth against the mixture of pleasure and pain and a bestial growl rips from my throat. "Oh yes," he breathes, "Make that sound again," and proceeds to whip me again, fucking me faster.
I obey, not even thinking of it, just giving into pleasure of being fucked and whipped and loved- if only temporarily. His hips rock faster, filling me over and over as his moans grow as loud as mine and I silently beg him not to cum, not yet. Don't let this ecstasy end. But I know he has as little control over his orgasms as I do, so when he pulls out suddenly and I feel his hot cum shoot up my back, I know this beautiful ride has come to its end.
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