Fucking Perfect

I landed in New Orleans a little after noon on Thursday, April 15th. I was on a quest to buy another hotel for Carkos Global. The hotel limo picked me up curbside and I was surprised to see the driver was female.

"Mr. Carr?" the pretty driver asked while opening the rear door.

"That would be me," I slipped by her and plopped down on the rich leather seat. She grinned and closed the door. I watched her walk around the front of the car and noticed her nice rack and tiny waist under her uniform. Her long dark hair fanned over her shoulders and her orange lip gloss shimmered in the noon day sun.

I knew I was there on business, so even though my cock was stirring in my slacks, I made every effort to control my lust. I opened the brochure for Ponchartrain Towers, the hotel dad wanted me to buy and thumbed through it slowly. The driver got in, lifted her arm to the back of her seat, looked back at me and said, "It's a great hotel with tons of history. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay there. Alex is a great boss. She used to be a model. Vogue, I think." She then started the limo and we were underway.

Two things happened during her brief statement. My cock swelled at the up close sight of her spectacular mouth, and the idea that the person I was to meet was a Vogue model intrigued me. I reached for the business card that came with the invitation to look the property over and pulled if from my wallet. I stared at the proprietors name: Alex Champion. I wrongly assumed that Alex was male and was rather looking forward to beating old Alex during negotiations, something I was fairly good at.

Since this Alex was female, I knew I had to change my tactics. I didn't know a thing about her, although I had gotten the impression that the bombshell driver knew a lot. The sexual tension in the car was evident so I thought I'd start with her.

"What's your name, sugar?" I asked while reaching in my suit pocket for my cigarettes.

Our eyes met in the rear-view mirror when she grinned and replied, "Stormy."

I laughed, "I asked your name...not the weather, hon!" then took out my cigarettes and looked out at the storm clouds I had seen from the plane.

"Jaden. Jaden Storm. My real name. Everyone just calls me Stormy."

"Cool name. Mind if I smoke Jaden?" I preferred Jaden to Stormy. That's when I noticed her jade green eyes. Her parents must have been pretty cool. Hippies, maybe?

"Not at all. In fact, if you could spare one for me, that'd be great," Jaden answered with a seductive smile. Things were looking up. I lit one for her and handed it over the seat. She took it to her orange lips and sucked it hard. I lit one for myself hoping it would get my mind off stuffing my swelling cock in her mouth.

Smoke drifted around her lips as she slowly dragged on the cigarette. Young Jaden was very provocative and I think she knew it. I noticed her eyes glancing down at my crotch as I watched her in the mirror.

We came to a red light, so I decided to have some fun.

I slowly moved my left hand down my sports coat lapel. I wasn't wearing a tie and opted for an open collar with the top button unbuttoned. I watched her response when I unbuttoned the next button. Her lips parted slightly and she nibbled her lower lip, never taking her eyes from my fingers. I felt my cock swelling under my slacks and the outline was becoming very clear. I popped the third button and her sigh was audible. She sucked on her cigarette and smoke poured from her shiny orange mouth. I then slid my hand down to my crotch. She stared and dragged heavily. The smoke now oozed from her lips. I knew I had her full attention.

I ran my thumb slowly up and down the outline of my cock, keeping my eyes on her in the mirror. I wanted to see how far I could go before she said something. My cock was now stiff and the head was fully engorged. I began rubbing the tip on the outside of my slacks.

"You're killing me!" She kinda half shouted and giggled.

I grinned and reached under my balls and tugged them up to give me some freedom. My cock twitched under the fabric.

"Want me to stop?" I asked with my devilish grin.

"No! I want to see it!"

I un-zipped my slacks and pulled my thick cock out and held it straight up. She smiled and licked her lips.

"Oh, God. That's...that's the most beautiful dick I've ever seen!"

My hand gripped it and I began stroking for her. Unfortunately, the traffic behind us began honking.

"Shit. Shit!" She screamed as we sped away.

I smiled at her in the mirror and said, "Damn, you're so beautiful and sexy. Wanna help me out?"

She glanced back at me, "How? I can't pull over, hon."

"Just keep smoking and licking your lips. That's about all you have to do."

She dragged again on her cigarette and asked, "Like this?" with her mouth open. Smoke rolled around in her mouth.

"Yeah, that's very hot. Keep doing that, doll." My hand ran up and down my shaft. I noticed her breathing had changed and her shoulders were slightly slumped. Was she masturbating with her free hand? Her cigarette hand was on the wheel.
I leaned back and squeezed my cock and rubbed the shaft slowly. I noticed we had stopped at another light when she circled her orange lips with her tongue and said, "Faster, baby. I'm so close." She stared at me with half closed eyes. She was close. The sound of her heaving breathing inspired me.

I picked up the pace until my hand became a blur. My cock was loading with cum and I knew I was as close as she was. I saw her shoulders jerking and heard her whimper, "Oh, fuck!"

I looked at her in the mirror and my cock began spurting as she opened her mouth. "Right here, baby. Cum right here! Look in my smoky mouth!" Strings of my cum danced in the air and landed on the back of her seat.

"Yes, baby! More!" She shouted through her smoky lips and reached back over her seat with her hand turned up.

I yanked hard. Rope after rope of my creamy cum flew right in her palm! She licked some from her hand, then put her hand down her pants and finished herself off in style.

"Want a taste?" She asked as she reached her hand over the seat. I took her fingers and sucked the juices from finger at a time. She was delicious.

"Fuck.That was so..."

The honking horns cut her off. But I agreed. This was so decadent and sexy. I couldn't wait to get young Jaden alone somewhere.

We arrived at the hotel on schedule. Jaden got out and walked around the car. I noticed she didn't quite look the same. Her shirt was disheveled, and not fully tucked in, and her face was flushed. She opened my door and I slid out, stood in front of her and tucked her shirt in.

"This isn't over. When can I see you?"

"Tonight. I'll pick you up right here at 9 p.m. okay?" We shook hands slowly and both grinned. I said, "Your hand is sticky." She grinned, "Wonder how that happened?" then walked to her side and got in. I strolled into the hotel lobby as she pulled away.

I'd had limo sex before but never with the driver and never without touching each other. This was one for the books. I just knew the day couldn't get any better.

But, it did.

A stunning blonde, probably early 50's greeted me.

"Garrett Carr?" The diminutive blond asked as she extended her hand.

"Yes. Alexis Champion?" I answered while shaking her hand. The thought of what that hand was doing only minutes ago had my cock stirring.

"That's right. Welcome to Pontchartrain Towers, Mr. Carr." Her hand was small, soft, warm, and I didn't want to let go. I sensed that she didn't either.
"Thanks, but please call me Garrett." Our hands seemed molded together.

The blond grinned, "Only if you call me Alex," then squeezed my hand tighter as she answered.

"Deal. Alex it is. So, what do we do first?" Our warm hands began to feel moist. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Could I get her on the same page? I admit young Jaden had warmed me up and thrown me completely off the reason for my visit, and now couldn't seem to get sex off my mind. Not an unusual occurrence.

"I suppose I could show you to your room. How's that?"

I smiled, "That works. Show me the way."

Alex answered, "Good. Follow me," then dropped my hand and took off for the elevators.

Walking behind her gave me all the information I needed. She was hot, sexy, and she knew it. Every step, every click of her heels on the marble floor was clearly for my eyes and ears. The steps were calculated, causing her hips to sway just right. She was wearing a chocolate pencil skirt with a soft cream colored satin blouse open at the neck. I recognized the shoes as Gucci. I caught her scent that trailed behind her. Definitely 'Obsession'. Confidence was high. I would have her, maybe not now or tonight, but I would have her.

We arrived at the elevators that were along the rear wall. I noticed a few large Vogue covers in silver frames along the wall. Clearly, Alexis Champion was a Vogue model at some point in her life. Granted, her face wasn't as fresh today as it was when those glamour shots were taken, but she still looked damn good.

The doors slid open silently. I liked that. We stepped in and they closed just as they opened. I didn't notice Alex pushing a floor button, but in seconds, we were on the ninth floor. I marveled at how quiet and fast the elevator operated.

"Yes. It's the newest that OTIS offers. I love it, too," she said with a grin as she looked up at me.

I smiled down, "I like fast and I like quiet. Perfect so far." I was hoping she received my subliminal message. Sometimes women don't.

We stepped out onto the thickest red carpet I'd ever seen.

"Is this carpet on all the floors?" I asked.

"No hon. Just the penthouse floor. The others are all marble, similar to the lobby."

She then stepped to the door and slid her key card.

"Come in...tell me what you think," she said as she stepped in and held the door open for me. Another whiff of Obsession assaulted my nostrils as I eased by her slowly. I glanced around at the elaborate furnishings and while I did enjoy the view of Lake Pontchartrain through the floor to ceiling glass wall, I knew she was setting me up. Most guests that can afford this kind of luxury stay at the Ritz-Carltons , Marriotts, or Hyatts. They don't stay at mom and pop joints like this.

"Nice. What does this go for on the weekend?" I knew traditionally, suites like this rent for four times more than their daily rate on weekends. I stared down at her awaiting her response. I could see the wheels spinning in her mind. If her answer was too much, she knew that I'd know this unit was seldom occupied. Too little means it's been used and abused.

But, Alexis Champion was no fool.

"What would you be willing to pay for this suite on a weekend?" She asked.

I knew then that I had met a real business woman. Fairly uncommon for someone with her background. Most ex-models I'd encountered could barely balance their checkbooks.

"No more than six hundred...not when I can grab a suite at the Ritz for less than eight. The Ritz also offers amenities that this hotel doesn't have. Not to mention, Wolfgang Puck is the Head Chef."

Alex smiled, "You've done your homework. I'm impressed Garrett. Really, I am."

"Thanks. Now, if you don't mind, I prefer to stay in one of your less expensive rooms. Perhaps, something on a lower floor and not so grand?"

In the hotel world, the higher floors command the highest dollar. The lower you go, the lower the rate. I wanted to see where Joe the Plumber might stay. Not some celebrity or politician.

"Of course. But, honestly, the rooms are all the same, hon. Well, as far as size and views. The furnishings are the only difference. But, if you prefer one of those, I'm sure we can accommodate you to your liking."

With that, we left the ninth floor and went down to three. Once again, she stepped out, slid her card, and opened the door for me. I stepped in and she was right. The room was similar in layout and the view of the lake was just as spectacular.

"Cool. This works." I said with a grin. "And what is the rate for this on the weekend?"

"Only three fifty, and that includes valet and a real breakfast buffet." She answered while dragging the sheers back to the side. "Look at this view!"

I unlocked the slider and stepped out to the terrace. The one thing I'd learned from traveling around the world was that every city has a distinct flavor. Hollywood has the smell of money. Dallas has the smell of oil. Tokyo smells of seafood, and New Orleans smells erotic. It is a city with a very old, very rich culture, and mixed with the smells of jambalaya and whiskey, smells like no place on earth.

"I love it. Have the bellman bring my stuff here. This is more to my liking, and I can tell it's a smoking room. Gotta have that."

She nodded, "Done and I agree," then stepped to me near the rail. I pulled my cigarettes out and offered her one. I never met a model that didn't smoke.

"Thank you, kind sir," she remarked as she pulled one out. She slipped it between her glossy pink lips and I offered her a light from my Dunhill. Her hand steadied mine as she sucked provocatively. Wisps of smoke escaped her lips when she puffed. Yeah, my cock reacted as usual.

I felt her little finger next to mine on the copper railing. I moved mine on top of hers hoping to get a reaction. I did.

"I won't sleep with you, Garrett. I know your reputation."

My pesky reputation always comes up at the most awkward times. This was one of them. I knew I had to counter with something witty and fast.

"Not ever? Or do you mean... not until the deal is done?" I wanted her to know I was still in the game. But, was she?

She leaned to me, stood on her toes and kissed me softly. Then dropped back down.

"I never mix business with pleasure. If you want this hotel, you can have it for a price. If you want me...and by the look of your slacks..."

I felt my cock pushing hard against my zipper. It pisses me off that women always know when a man's aroused, yet we have no real clue when a woman gets wet. My cock has betrayed me more than once and cost me some very fine pussy. I was determined to not let that happen with Alexis Champion.

"How much?"

She leaned back against the rail, "Seriously? You want to negotiate now?"

I knew I was going to buy the hotel before I ever got on the plane. All I needed was a number.

"Yep. Now. How much?"

Alex dragged heavy on her cigarette, " It's a steal at three four," then exhaled and tossed her cigarette in the wind.

I stared down at her. My dad called it the moment of truth. It's designed to throw your opponent a curve. Dead silence is the key. The first one that talks, loses.

The rule of thumb for buying a hotel was simple. They typically sell for around twenty five grand per unit depending on location and amenities. Her hotel had ninety rooms, plus four penthouses. In my mind, she had overpriced the hotel. It was her move. I stayed silent.

"Okay. two nine and that's as low as I'll go. Take it or leave it."

She dropped a half million without me saying a word. I had to tap her just once.
"Two eight and that's as high as I'll go."

She grinned, "Deal. Now, take me to bed."

I picked her up and kissed her hard all the way to the bed. I laid her down gently. She dragged my coat off like it was on fire. I tore her satin blouse off and she gasped. We went at each other feverishly. I suppose it was the angst from the brief negotiation, but whatever it was powerful.

Her legs were wide open and my full weight was on her in seconds. She gasped when I shoved my cock through her warm wet pussy lips. She moaned as I drove it deeper and deeper.

I felt her heels on my back, her ass lifting off the bed. She was hot and getting hotter. I began pumping hard and fast. This wasn't love making. This was good old fashioned fucking, and we both knew it. I felt her pussy spasm over and over. Her cunt was soaking wet. Every stroke displaced more of her juices. I was close.

"Do it! Cum in me!" She screamed and tossed her head to the side. I took advantage of her neck and bit it hard as her pussy clamped tight making my cock explode deep inside her.

"Oh Fuck!!" she screamed once more. "Bite me! Hurt me!"

I bit down hard and she cried. I bit down again and she sobbed. I knew I was hurting her, but that was what she wanted. Then she said something that surprised me.

"Love me!"

I didn't answer. Instead, I let my cock do the talking. It shot a steady stream of warm cum inside her.

"Yes. Yes, baby. That's what I wanted."

I laid on her and we kissed for the longest time. I loved her mouth. The way it felt on mine. The smell, taste, texture, and the way it fit as we tongue kissed had my cock twitching inside her as her pussy spasms continued. It felt strange for her to continue having tiny orgasms while my throbbing cock lay still inside her, but I loved the sensation.

Afterwards, we shared a cigarette, then showered. We fucked in the shower. I ate her pussy while the warm water dripped from her stiff nipples. She returned the favor and sucked my cock with the shower raining down my chest.

I masturbated with the sexiest female limo driver in New Orleans. I bought a hotel. I had steamy sex with a Vogue model.

It was a great day. Now, let's hope it's a 'Stormy' night.

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