Fucking the bride
I would never actually behave like this to a family member or any other woman. It is an alternative fantasy to my earlier story called 'Screwing my niece'.

My older sister has two daughters. Both of them are pretty but I don't have any sexual feeling about the blonde one. Whereas by the time the brunette left school and went to University there was something about her that bugged me every time I met her. Even though I was always the perfect friendly uncle I secretly wanted to strip her naked and make her squeal with the length and strength of my cock.

Her friends call her Jo but her family always call her Joanna. After leaving university in 2006 she got a good job with a firm in London. I continued to meet her just sometimes on family occasions. I never saw her with a boyfriend but I know she had at least a few and I have no doubt she slept with them. In 2012 she got engaged to a young American who she had met while on holiday in Thailand. They were married in May of this year. Lovely wedding, good looking couple, the bride smiling radiantly. Her short hair had been beautifully styled and she wore an elegant slim-line white gown with bare arms.

In July I was on the phone to my older sister catching up on news since seeing her at the wedding. She happened to mention that Joanna's husband had just gone back to the States for ten days to sort out some stuff. That night I lay in bed sleepless. I had the address of their London apartment and I fancied the idea of going there and fucking her. And what might have been a passing dream, to be dispelled by a vigorous wank, lodged in my brain as a serious intention.

So two days later I travelled to London. At half past eight in the evening I arrived at the door of a third-floor apartment in an attractive modern block in a south-western area of the city. I rang the bell. I knew she might not be there or if she was there she might have company. I was lucky. She was there and she was alone.

She opened the door just a crack at first but as soon as she realised who it was she unfastened the chain and welcomed me in with huge surprise and an affectionate kiss. She was wearing a blue top and tight black jeans. She shut the door and said, 'So what brings you to London?' I could easily have spun out a conversation but I had decided my best chance was full-frontal assault. 'Your mum happened to mention that Sam was in America. And I want to fuck you. Shall we go to the bedroom or can I have you just here on the mat?' There was a green doormat inscribed with the word WELCOME.

I had no intention of raping her. If she had reacted with sheer anger and revulsion and told me to get out I would have gone. But I had always known her as quite an adventurous girl and I was clinging to a crazy hope that explicit naughtiness might win her.

She was naturally shocked. She stared at me with incredulity and said, 'Gosh, you've got a nerve' . I could see her brain whirling. "Do you make a habit of doing this to girls, suddenly turning up and saying you want to fuck them?' I replied, 'Never done it before. Except once with Scarlett Johansson'. That made her smile. She said, 'Oh God, give me time to think. Go outside, wait a couple of minutes and ring the bell again. If I open the door you can come back in but if I don't then please go away and we'll never talk about it again'.

I went outside, counted a hundred and twenty seconds and rang the bell. At least a minute more must have passed. Then the door opened and she stood there in beautiful pink bra and panties and said 'Can I help you?'

We stood together on the welcome mat with the door closed again behind us and she kissed me passionately. I removed her bra and fondled her breasts. I'd finally got my hands on Joanna's sweet melons.

I put my hands down the back of her panties to feel the curves of her slender bottom. She said, 'I know this is very wrong, I'm newly married, I love my husband, you're my uncle, about twice as old as me, I always thought you were nice and you're utterly wicked' Then she unfastened my belt and put her hand down the front of my underpants. My cock wasn't yet rigid but it was alive and springy. She reached down further and felt my balls. She said, 'Have you been lusting after me for a long time?' I said, 'Only about ten years'. She said, 'Oh heck, I like being lusted after'.

She told me she was on the pill so there was no worry about that. In a few more minutes we were both naked. I pulled the mat into the middle of the hallway and she lay down on it, spreadeagled in the shape of an X. When we were both totally ready I fucked her. I supported myself on my elbows and looked deep into her eyes. It felt indescribably delicious.

I quietly asked her, 'What wild fantasies did you used to have when you were lying in bed in the dark, sexy and single?' She thought for a moment while I continued to fuck her. 'Going out jogging. Three guys catching me and holding me in mid air and pulling my shorts off'. Hell, I could imagine them seeing her and wanting her.

When I eventually pulled out she got to her feet and said, 'Hey. come with me'. She took me through the kitchen into a utility room beyond where the washing-machine was coming near the end of its cycle. She bent over the top and held onto it, her slim body juddering with the vibration of the final spin. And I fucked her again.

I hadn't yet jizzed. I lay on my back on the kitchen table and asked her to finish me off by hand. Which she did with the confidence of experience and saying, 'I want to see this'. After the eruption she licked her fingers. Then she said, 'Now I'm going into the bathroom and by the time I come out I want you to have vanished. This never happened.' I said, 'Thankyou for what never happened and I hope you'll be OK'. 'Yes, I'll be OK'. She walked away to the bathroom.

I got dressed as speedily as I could and left the apartment, pausing by the door to pick up the erotic panties which were on the floor beside the mat. I travelled home by a late train with Joanna's panties in my pocket.
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