Fulfilling His Wish part 1
Lori can't wait for tonight! It's Tim's birthday and she knows exactly what she's going to give him. She already has Jen on board with her plan. After all, this won't be the first time they've done this, and if it goes well, won't be the last. But it will be Tim's first time, and Lori can't wait to see the look on his face and his reaction.

Lori and Jen have been best friends ever since assigned to the same room at college, and lovers not long after that. Lori has always been bi-sexual, more attracted to men usually, but every now and then had felt that same kind of longing and desire for a woman. And that is what she felt and continues to feel for Jen to this very day. She is the complete opposite in looks from Lori, with her long, thick, curly chestnut hair, and her warm, milk chocolate colored eyes, that always gleam like she is about to tell you a dirty joke, and most often times she does. She is much more of an extrovert than Lori is, but when the two are together she brings out the naughty sense of humor that Lori rarely shows.

Jen on the other hand has always known that she is a lesbian, and wanted Lori right from the first time they met. She thought her the prettiest woman she had ever laid her eyes on. She loved her long blonde hair that looked like spun gold silk, her beautiful, smiling blue eyes, that always held a glint of mischief. But most of all she loved her soft, kissable looking lips, that were always slick with berry scented lip gloss. Jen desperately wanted to have the taste of Lori on her lips as they passionately kissed.

Neither knew the attraction was mutual. Although Lori started to wonder after a while. It seemed like Jen stood closer than she should, and many times found excuses to touch her, innocently of course, which is what made it so hard to judge. It continued on this way for a while, seemingly innocent touches, looks that seemed to linger longer than normal. But never anything concrete, never anything she could put her finger on to know for sure. Once she even thought she felt Jen's eyes on her while she was changing clothes, but when she quickly looked to see if she was right, Jen wasn't looking at her.

The not knowing was driving Lori INSANE. She wanted Jen so bad, but how could she tell her best friend that, especially not knowing what her response would be? A few days later Lori decided to try something, a test. When it was time for bed, she stripped down to a tank top and her panties. Instead of turning her back as she usually does, she did it in full view. Jen watched her, looking like she didn't care, but as she walked by on her way to the bathroom, her arm brushed against Lori's breast and she left it there a moment pressed against her instead of pulling back immediately. Could it be Lori wondered? Could Jen want her just as much as she wanted her?

Lori couldn't sleep that night; she kept remembering the feel of Jen's arm against her breast, couldn't help thinking how she wanted so much more. Once she heard her best friends breathing deepen and even out signally she was asleep, she slipped her hand under the covers, and played with her breasts the way she wanted Jen to. She caressed them, teasing her nipples into hard diamond points, pinching them in an ever tightening grip, not being able to hold back the moans that this brought out as she pictured in her mind her best friend arousing her to this fevered pitch.

Her hand traveled south, heading to the place that most needed to be touched. She lightly rubbed her sex, moaning again at the intense pleasure she felt as her fingers played across her body. Finding her clit, she lightly stroked against it, getting harder and faster as her body demanded more. She'd never been so aroused in her life, certainly not when playing solo. But thoughts of Jen doing this to her were driving her quickly to her peak. She knew she should be quieter, but couldn't help herself, and as her orgasm hit with her fingers drilling in and out of her pussy, she couldn't help moaning as the pleasure washed over her.

Lori looked over as soon as her spasms had passed and was relieved that Jen was still asleep, she must not have been as loud as she was afraid she had been. Not wanting to risk waking her friend, she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean, thereby avoiding turning on the bathroom light and giving herself away. She quickly drifted off to sleep after that.

The next evening after classes as they both were studying, Jen came up behind Lori and started massaging her shoulders.

She whispered seductively into her ear, "I heard you last night, and I know why you did it. Tell me Lori, have you ever been with a woman?"

"N-n-no," Lori managed to stammer out.

"Don't you think it's about time then? I know you want me as much as I do you."

This being said, Jen turned Lori in her chair and gave her a kiss hot enough to melt ice, her tongue taking the lead, guiding Lori in her first breath taking kiss with a woman. They became lovers that night, finding extreme pleasure in each others arms.

This continued all throughout their college years, each night sleeping in the same bed in their room. Each teaching the other how they most liked to be touched and loved. Jen was surprised to know that Lori had some kinks, quite a shock considering how innocent she looks, but a pleasant one. They were opposite in styles that most excited them. Lori liking things a little rougher, loving to be in the realm of pleasurable pain. Jen on the other hand loved things to be gentle and tender. Each gave the other exactly what they wanted and their sex life only got better the longer they were together.

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