Fun Living At Home
When I was 18 and lived at home. I would tend to be fairly open. I also had super hot body.5'6 115 pounds,34b's with dark and somewhat long nipples that stayed hard all the time.Long blond hair with just a tiny bit of hair that match on my pussy; And most of all had a sexy tight ass that I was really proud of. I sometimes liked to flash some of my guy friends and change clothes with the blinds open. I loved to wear tiny bikinis to the beach, I would always try and buy one a couple of sizes too small, and have to say that I loved the attention that that I got from the guys when i did. At times I even had an interest in going to a nude beach, but didn't feel comfortable asking any of my friends to go with me. It's pretty obvious that I was a bit of an exhibitionist.

The exciting part was I often walked around the house topless, and sometimes naked. And in the warmer months I usually only wear a thong at home after taking a shower at night. I lived with my Mother, Father, and younger brother (who was about 13 at the time). I had no problem being seen in only my thong by anyone in the house, but my brother would get annoyed and says stuff like, "Eww gross! Go get dressed!" He didn't see me topless too often though, because he usually would go to bed before I showered at night. But sometimes I liked to taunt him and busts into his room while topless. I think I found it funny on how he would turn away and get "grossed out."

Now you may ask was it awkward to be topless or naked around my brother or father, But with regards to my brother he's was so immature about it, and my dad, who didn't mind. No one else in the house walked around naked, but I recently saw my dad naked for the first time. I was a little embarrassed for the first time while about it. Here's what happened: I decided to workout at home (we had a gym) late at night before showering. Mom and my brother were sleeping, and dad was doing paperwork in his home office, so I decided to workout naked. I had never done this before, and thought it would be fun, and make the workout seem less boring. After half of my exercises, my dad showed up in shorts and a tee to workout himself. We were both caught off guard, as I didn't expect him to workout that late, and he didn't expect me to be there. Anyway, he decided to workout anyway, and I decided not to get dressed since my dad had seen me naked several times before. Then awhile later, I was doing an exercise and suddenly noticed my dad was just staring at me funny. I stopped and asked what was wrong, to which he said nothing, but that he didn't feel like working out anymore, and was going to finish a few things in his office.So I decided to quit too, and left at the same time he did. I went with him to his office while discussing something, then left to go shower. At this point in the story you may asked what exercise was I doing,Well I was doing what they call "bridges." which is a butt exercise where you lay on your back, knees bent, and "bridge your pelvis up in the air while flexing your butt, then drop down, and repeat." So my dad must have seen all of my pussy and butt hole on wonder he looked at me funny and had to leave,

Ok, so on to the story... After my shower I went back to dad's office because I forgot my cell phone there. Upon opening the door, I saw dad naked and masturbating. He didn't notice and I just watched for a few minutes in shock.he had a pretty good size dick with one of the biggest purple heads I have ever seen, and I have not seen one that big even up to now. I just wanted to get my phone and leave without him seeing me, but there was no way to accomplish that. So I just cleared my throat, and walked in. He got startled and jumped out of his chair facing me."And I saw everything." That was the first time I ever had felt uncomfortable being naked in front of him, and we both just stared at each other for a few seconds. I can't believe I had actually caught him jerking off,and just when I thought it couldn't be worse , "I saw that too." I guess since he got startled and stopped jerking off and jumped out of his chair. And after staring at each other for a few seconds, he just came.shooting his white cream all over the floor in front of us. If I had been a foot closer it would have hit me too And since he had stopped jerking off. I wondered how that happened. So I was like, "I don't understand, he just came?" We were just standing there, maybe only for 5-10 seconds, and he just came without touching himself. So I guess "You know! He was probably at the point of no return when he jumped out of his chair or something."

It was a few weeks before I could go around the house naked again..
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